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I have called my rep recently from Primerica to get a detailed explanation of my "MODIFIED PREMIUM TERM LIFE INSURANCE TO AGE 100" Policy. All he did was give me the run around and not answer any of my questions truthfully.  

 I been paying the premiums for this  "MODIFIED PREMIUM TERM LIFE INSURANCE TO AGE 100" plan  that My ex-wife purchased back in 1988.

I need as much help educating my self about this policy. I hope you can help.

Here are a few questions I had that he would not give written answers to, plus a few more questions I need answers too:


1) Is there any cash value under this plan?


2) If not, Can it be converted to a cash value plan?


3) what range should I expect the premiums to change to, if it can be converted to a cash value plan?


4) Would it be better to suck it up and cancel my plan with Primerica and go to a better life insurance company with much better return for my money. With rep's I can get straight answers from and are willing to explain the best options for me and my family. Rather than what is best for their pocket book!!!


5)  Do you have any recommendations on which are the top insurance companies to switch over to?


your help with this matter is greatly appreciated.


Thank you and have a terrific day,

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I understand this is a very old post but if for some reason you haven't found satisfactory answers to all your questions I can be reached at


Get as far away from this company as you can and as fast as possible. They are involved in criminal activity and civil rights abuses.

See private sector involvement with TIPS/INFRAGARD, ect. (Similar to Stasi).


Apparently you didn't understand life insurance at all when you wrote this. Term and whole life are two separate things.

Primerica doesn't sell "cash value" policies because they are rip offs. Your return on your investment is squat to what you can do with mutual fund or annuity investments. The " cash value" isn't your money. You don't get it back unless you somehow live to be 100 years old where your value is set to be the amount of the policy face value.

When you die, you only get the face value of the policy and the insurance company keeps your cash. Primericas montra is buy term and invest the difference. They were trying to help you, but by your comments you didn't listen to a word they said.

If you don't believe your agent, listen to Dave Ramsey or Suzie Orman. They will tell you the same.


First and foremost, term insurance is where you get the most bang for your buck! If you are looking for a good return on your money (investment), then insurance is not the place to look into, because life insurance is for income protection, not meant to be a good investment!

I would look into a roth IRA and some good funds for the return on your money. I am a client of Primerica and we locked into a 20 year level plan and they offered the best value - maybe not the absolute cheapest term, but they have A+ ratings....and good value!