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Ever since my parents got involved in primerica, they have made it sound like a church. 'We're going to primerica tonite' or 'We talked to whoever about primerica today' (you can replace primerica with church and you will get the idea) is all I hear them talk about.

I can never get a straight answer from my parents or their co-workers about what exctly it is they do, either.

They just start preaching about how good it is and how it changes lives.

If you want to be preached to and bothered by missionary like people, contact your local primerica representative today!

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Those who are hating on Primerica, the only reason why you are bashing the company, is because you can't do what we do....obviously you are not a hard worker, a get rich quick type of person and very bitter, sour person who has nothing better to do...and Citigroup is not selling Primerica, where do you think Citigroup gets their clients from..yeah! from don't be hating, go do something useful..


haha. I remember going to a primerica meeting.

They kept talking about God. They specifically said they were looking for dropouts or pretty much societies rejects.

Obviously they target this group because they are not thinkers or leaders. then they started talking about how if you don't have 100 dollars on you, your poor.


FYI to all you Reps out there Primerica is about to be sold by citi group. I just left the company last week and already there where other Companies touring the corperate office.


please you don't own your business.

If you decide to leave primerica you can't bring your clients, if you want to sell your business you can only sell it to primerica.

If you owned your own business you would be able to advertise the way you want.

and the list goes on forever.

If you want to own your own business then start your own business, this whole build a business within a business is a laugh


Primerica's concepts are great...showing people how to save money is wonderful. No one is bashing that.

What I do get upset about is the outward lies posted about EVERY other insurance carrier besides Primeirca. I get a salary to help my clients.

Like you, I'm looking for referrals. I get disappointed when the Primericans make me out to be a bad guy, just because we offer WL insurance to those that NEED it.


Wow. I'm a Primerica Rep myself, and all I can say

Google Suze Orman or Dan Ramsey and see what THEY say (who obviously have NOTHING to do with Primerica) about finances.

I'm so sick and tired of people who won't sit down and LISTEN to what it is the company actually does, passing judgment upon it from what they heard from a guy who knows a guy who told some other guy with an itchy eye that that company is a scam.

Oh, I've also heard "Primerica agents lie to the client to get the sale. They're only worried about their commission."

Newsflash folks: I've never lied to make a sale, and when I hear things like this I'm very offended! We are TRAINED (just like you are at your every day job that i'm sure you LOOOVE to be at) to do the right thing for people.

And come on, I'm no fool. I'd get my information from my superiors at the office and learn what i needed to learn of course. but then...GASP what else did i do? I bought books on the subject that have nothing to DO with primerica. I talked to agents from other companies. I learned how the industry works to DECIDE FOR MYSELF If Primerica does what is right. Well...I've come to the conclusion.....I'm still representing them aren't i?

But lets face it, not EVERYONE is honest. Those are the people who are eventually found out, and are no longer welcome to represent this company.

Oh, here's ANOTHER newsflash. On the subject of people lying to make sales (which some of the life insurance i've encountered in the field I can't imagine that WE'RE the ones who get accused of lying to clients). But anyway, on lying to make a sale. Well...the way our system is set up, I'm actually making enough money through overrides that I dont have to worry about if the sale goes through or not.

On the business opportunity: people quit and say "that 'thing' is a scam, "it" doesnt work" and all this *** because.......IT'S REAL WORK! Once they find out, oh ***, I have to WORK for my success....they hightail it out of there and dodge you for the next 30 years of their life. It's ridiculous. So, I actually feel sorry for the people who think what I do, and what I offer is a scam.

Anyone with half a brain can see that the WAY to get rich beyond your wildest dreams is to own a business. If you work for someone else, you have a cap on your income and thats it. *** your boss off'll be calling your primerica agent saying "hey are you guys still hiring? cause I just lost my job..."

So lets do this kids...research what you're talking about before you run your mouth.

I agree with Primerican above...

Oh, one last thing. Travelers, Met Life, They're still COMPANIES...independent companies, just as Primerica is....So THEY sell what they want. They make more money on whole life, so thats what they sell...

we sell THROUGH them...only term....invest the difference...makes sense to me and thats the only way i'd handle my own finances.



Things are done with the revival tone to get people to think they are involved in some crusade. The growth days of Primerica are over unless they change. There's just too much competition for agents.

I forsee them amending their agents agreements to lock them up, becuause if not they will lose many agents to other organizations.

As for Primerican, Primerica was aquired for a vehicle to hit the middle income market period. it was all about distribution. There was basically no one else doing what Primerica was doing or attacking the middle market as they were. Well today it's a different story. Primerica isn't the King Of Term anymore.

Times have changed....


Actually, 26k reps, lets' chat about your half info.

For starters, other than they are both owned by citi, Primerica does not offer cards and is not in any other way associated with "citicard"... which is not actually a company name, it's just a website, FYI... Those are all from CitiBANK. Inform the masses with actual information, wouldja?

Next up, Primerica has nothing to do with Travelers, travelers group prior to the citi merger bought Primerica BECAUSE WE ONLY MARKET TERM... a market they could not possibly hope to corner if they were swearing that whole life was the way to go. Changing their motto on the subject would be financial suicide... it's smarter from a corp. money standpoint to just own a company that does the other end, so you can profit from ALL of life insurance, not just one product. Morally I don't agree with it, but sadly, primerica is the only company I've ever come across that got huge by doing the RIGHT thing... and you can only effect change in a machine from within it, not without, so I don't mind that we do competition with our "own sister company". Are you telling me YOU don't have any sisters (or brothers) you don't agree with?

Next up, when you give ANYONE who's willing to try to do something better in their life the chance to become a financial coach, of course not all of them will have the self discipline to learn all the various and sundry mundane laws regarding investments. If they can simply get familiar with the basic concepts and then refer their clients to an ACTUAL licensed agent within their office, why would they bother? It's ALOT of studying to earn your securities series 6 and 63 licenses, and not everyone feels like doing that when they can still get paid in 5 other areas and the client STILL GETS HELP WITH THEIR INVESTMENT ANYWAY. How's that any reflection on the company?

What else?

Oh yeah. PS, NONE OF OUR LOANS ARE THROUGH CITIMORTGAGE. They are originated through Citicorp Trust Bank, FSB, and Primerica has NEVER originated a subprime loan in it's 31 year history.

Anything else you DON'T know anything about that you want to talk about anyway?

Go get a hobby... pick up a book or something. Maybe if you spent more time improving yourself you'd have less time to dissapprove of others.


So Tom, by your own numbers, only 26% of your current sales force has the intelligence to "complete" the training necessary to actually sell 1/3 of the products the company offers? In other words, 74% of the people preaching the gospel don't even have a securities license and eliminate themselves from legally talking about 1/3 of their product line. They're all happy to be a part of Primerica, but don't know or understand the most basic concepts of how people can/should actually invest their money, or the laws governing how it's done.

Furthermore, what does it say about the company that has had MANY more than 100k recruits, and only retains 26k licensed agents? Did some of the people that actually got their licenses "see the light"?

"They help people get out of debt faster, and then get them to save the rest. "

What a concept!! I bet you feel great about working for that company. It's so unlike all the competition.

Reality check!!!:

-Citimortgage is #4 in sub-prime loan origination

-Citicards owns the largest amount of consumer debt in the nation

-Travelers, your sister company writes the "forbidden" whole-life product all day

PRIMERICA, hypocrisy at its finest.


Well Let us see if I get what you are saying.

They say they are going to primerica, and you think it is like going to a church.

Do they go see a movie, and say the same thing? How about after they see a movie, do they say we talked about this or that to so and so.

As for what Primerica, maybe they thought you would check it out, from the source. They ahve 100,000 representatives. The biggest sales force. 26,000 representaives that have federal securities licenses. ANd this is what I got from reading.

They help people get out of debt faster, and then get them to save the rest.

The opportunity is not for everyone, just like losing weight and getting in shape is not for everyone. But if you stay long enough you will learn some concepts that will save you thousands if not millions.

customer_rep defend

So they are going to a building to read a book of rules written by men, worshiping an imaginary character?