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All you need to do to figure this out is to compare it with a real financial planning institution like Pure Financial Advisors ( Go to both sites, then, on the Pure Financial site, go to the link for the "Take Our Safe Survey". It will show you what a legitimate financial planning company is supposed to look like.

Primerica takes people with no prior experience, trains them in-house in only 45 days, and pays on a pure commission basis. That means that they don't have your best interests in mind, but their own.

I don't work for either of these companies, I recently did find out about primerica because they found my resume online and interviewed me for a potential job. That is when I discovered the multi-level-marketing structure nature of their business. Was very disappointed. They are harming the families that they say they want to help. Very disgusting.

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I think Primericans think that they are the elite and that people are wanting to jump into the business. Wake up and smell the coffee people. There are better companies out there with awesome products to choose from (it's not just one) and higher commission levels not like the one Primerica offers because they say so.

It's really sad to hear a company brag about how many people they are recruiting each month. Do the numbers and you'll find out how much they are robbing recruits because of a pipe dream.

Let's say about 100,000 reps are being recruited each year. They pay $25 of POL (it doesn't take $2.5mil a month to run a so-so website) to run their business over the 12 month period, that equals out to $30mil a year. And that's not counting the so-called $99 for IBA.

There are better MLM out there that would really help out your family even if it's the Monavies (that they always seem to bash), the Am-Ways, the Herbalifes... and at least I have known people make a great home-based business out of it and you don't screw people.

Another thing is that I have never been with a company where the people stop being your friends because you left the business. They only care when they can make money of you. Basically, they really don't care about you. I think they need to do some training on being people-person instead of the rah rah they have at every meeting.


Wow! The misconception of misinformation.

To Nell who said she owns her business. You don't. When you become an RVP or if you are, does it say Nell Financial Services?

To Michael, if it's such a good business which it isn't, why do people have to pay $99 for a so-call background check and processing fee. It doesn't take that much. It's just a way for them to take you money along with $25 POL charges. Do the math, does it take $2.5mil which is what 100,000 agents pay for to run the too confusing, blah blah blah website. It doesn't. If you do the math again, that's $30mil a year they're sucking away from pipe dreamers.

Would you consider Primerica independent or captive? Hmmm! Low compensation, not even closely remote to the market out there. It's okay to be misinformed if you think Primerica is the best which it isn't. There are many companies out there that does what Primerica do for middle-class families, but even better. It's just a matter of doing what's right. People should ask themselve this question when they look into companies like the Primericas.

Would you be loyal to your clients or the company (there's only one answer) if there are better products and more competitive. Would you market Primerica's life insurance and their mutual funds? Would you let families know or just sell them a bad product? Have a conscience and do the right thing.


Really all of these comments sound like they were written by primerica reps (If not the same person alltogether). No one would get that upset over a post about their life insurance company.

And the smart, sarcastic, *** comments are truly a turn off. I had an interview scheduled and I was going to go in, even though I 've heard bad things about it, but after reading what my potential peers attitudes are like I'll pass. Seriously, you all sound like you're in a cult. I don't want to be yet another brainwashed employee, working my *** off and getting false promises only to make the people at the top's wealth grow 10 times faster than mine.

Oh, and commission only! I'm sure there are days, weeks, months where you can't find a sucker to sell to. In my opinion almost all insurances are a waste half the time, yes I am insured but I almost never have to use it and especially car insurance (off subject) but, insurance companies have been getting over on people for years. You spend your whole life paying when you could have just saved that money up on your own and ended up with more money half the time (i.e.

a new car)

Any way, basically primerica will never see me working (especially if it's door to door for them) or a life insurance customer. (I'm sure one of you will say something like good, or they're better off without me so I'll just save you some time so you can get on the phone and beg some more) I'll just stick to staying out of debt and keep my account growning and let that handle my funeral costs whenever I die. You all are ridiculous. Does primerica approve of the way you talk to the posters on this site?

Do you speak to your customers and people who turn you down this same way as if you're better.

I hope not, besides you're the ones going around begging them for money so you can buy groceries, to put your job in a nutshell. I'm disgusted goodbye.


Did your teachers have to "buy-in" to work in your business? Are they w-2 employees or 1099?


Do the homework and take the time to learn what MLM really is and what Primerica really is and you'll see that Primerica is not MLM. They allow their reps to become brokers the same way that realtors can become brokers.

When I started my business (a series of mommy and me classes), one of the first things I did was hired and trained a couple girls to teach the classes for me. They worked under me and they made less money than I was making. Not only that, I franchised out and gave others the option of starting an new series of classes using my business model. So they too technically worked under me and made less money than I did.

Does that make my business MLM??

NOOO!!! Do your homework.


Your comments are so Primerica-canned that I simply don't believe you're not a Primerican.

Without overriding your downline, you can never make any real money at Primerica.


I have seen MLM scams, and I recently had the opportunity to see this company's business model as well. In MLM scams person can never earn more than the person that recruited them...this is not the case with Primerica.

MLM scams also have unlimited tiers...Primerica limits theirs to 6.

$99.00 to sign up pays for the background check, Primerica pays for licensing fees, as most people who are not interested in this quit well before they are licensed this represents a minimal loss for the company, and I am sure that the commission structure represents it.

They have a no pressure philosophy, agents that do such tactics are reprimanded.

Citi is a long standing financial institution and would not back a illegitimate business. :grin


Most of the comments are confounded and have no merrit. People will believe what they want, so let them go...they'll be the one's standing at the doors greeting you at the Walmart or serving your lunch at McDonalds....they are jsut ***...


What you also should consider is some of us are already where you wish to be. A major issue even if things were equal is the noncompete in the agent agreement and ownership. Side by side you yourself with everything else being equal would you go with a company that has a noncompete and qualifications for ownership of your code number or no noncompete and immediate ownership from day one.

Will Primerica Life still be the main product or will Primerica become it's own independent marketing organization?

No matter the products compensation will still be a factor. The downlines will have to be compensated.

Yes it should be interesting how this sale thing unfolds. I want to see if there will be any cash value products added by the owning company..


Well I work with another Company that is non-captive. I and I can shop around Insurance , Mortgage, and Investments give my Clients the best products and really do the right thing for them.

not just products from one company .

So PFSNDA I did get what I hoped for.

I used to work for PFS thank God I kicked that Cow to the side of the Road. :grin


Sure, a door-to-door life insurance company with overpriced term will do just fine selling and recruiting into a MLM format without the Citigroup brand. Good Luck!


It's funny how so many are hopeful that PFS is up for sale. What they don't understand is that it will make us stronger.

Citi is struggling and needs cash. PFS has net after tax profits of over $600 million. Citi knows that if they can sell PFS they will be flush with cash which they need. What you all don't know is that we at PFS would love to be sold.

The idea of being away from a bank and being out from under their regulations means more products and opportunities for us.

Careful out there for what you hope for.


That's because for many years Primerica/A.L Williams didn't have much competition. Well that has changed. They are no longer the king of term. Granted they have the numbers when it comes to agents, but times are changing. PFS isn't doing anything anyone else can't do, but others are doing things PFS agents can't do.

It says something when Citigroup has put them on the market. I just want to see if they stay with the same business model. Captive or allow their agents to sell other products?

Either way it should be interesting.


its funny how very reputable sites say primerica has helped over six million families but questionable sites seem to say its a scam... like sites that have and nude videos as their hot topics!

hmm who should I believe? no brainer huh??