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I started training at Primerica in 2006. My trainer said that if anyone I set up an appointment with took out a mortgage loan, I would recieve a small commission.

Well, I sat up three appointments and one of them went very well. It was my own Mom.

My Mom took out a new mortgage loan through Primerica and I think part of the reason was that she trusted me.

Too bad I trusted the wrong company. I quit because my husband got transferred to another state. I told them to mail my commission check.

So far - NO Check! 04-23-2008

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America is a scam. Like the saying goes if you can't beat'em shown'em.


Don't be dumb you can't get paid for morgage loan with out a licence either We help you get that too


You can't get paid for investments without a licence either The Life and investments licence can make you tons of money we sponser you for these licences and we help you use these licences.


Check out my video for primerica


The rules

6 life cases

6 recruits

2 non life products


Then get licenced and teach this to your team and you will get paid on 30 life cases. Any more questions call me 347-628-5719 I am a licence agent this company is the real deal.


You can't get paid for life insurence with out a licence duh! They have a bonus system you help your trainer get paid for 6 life cases, you help your trainer build his and your business you buy two non life products and then you make $1100 in bonuses your trainer gets paid for the cases because he is licenced you just get the bonus money. Learn the rules before complaining about the largest financial services company in the world.


they make you take that 6 training so your upline ( trainer) can take your commissions and your warm market.

The company I work at now leaves all commissions for the agent. NEVER does the trainer get the commission that was suppose to go to the agent.


get your own clients and STOP stealing them from your downline!



you do get paid on smart without license, and PPL its only products you get paid on before license.

I am in Canada and its how its works here


The agent that was training you probably placed the commission in his name.

My story and training.

I had my upline who was teaching me, wrote the exam 6 times before passing, got me to make a list of all my friends and family.

Then came to my house to book in the meetings, she could not book any, then I asked if I could book my own meetings, first 6 people I called I booked in.

First meeting we went to:

She did her presentation and gathered all the peoples information and when asked questions she beat around the bush.

went back to that client 2 days later with the FNA done. ( btw anyone can do this even my 8 year old son)

They decided that they didn't want any products and where happy with what they wanted. She became really cold to the people, and when we left started cutting them up.

First warning sign.

2nd meeting

she did a $60,000 rrsp loan

did a $250,000 smart

and a $500,000 30 year term.

Now these people did it because they trusted me and thought where helping me out. Guess how much commission I got.

yup you got it ZERO

When I first started also she told me I should be my first client, and so I did the FNA and I did rsp loan and got insurance and a smart loan, guess who got paid,

yup you got it NOT ME!!

When I got my license 2 weeks after I signed up, I stop all training with her especially when she said to a client " you know if you don't get this product and you die your kids will hate you forever"

It took me 6 months to get all my clients transfered to me. WHich should have been done right away.

When I started training people I did in a different way. I held out on the signing of all contracts until the agent got license.

THE ONLY thing I did sign right away was if the client had ZERO insurance and I didn't feel right leaving with no insurance on the family.

I was always in the best interest of the new recruit and not my own pocket.

It is why they say, when your down hire someone else, and you will get back up. hmmmm because you steal the commission from those poor people.

SO to answer your question you probably will not get a commission as your uopline probably took it!!!


I believe this was all a result of miscommunication... YOU DO NOT RECEIVE COMMISSION UNTIL YOU ARE LICENSED.

Being that you said your "trainer" said you would receive commission, you were still in the prelicensed/training phase. If your trainer really told you that, he was wrong. However, as stated, had you paid any attention during your meetings and seminars, or maybe had you attended, this would have been made clear. This is even stated in the whole interview/orientation meeting with your RVP or other upper level representative.

Now if you WERE already licensed, that was a personal unethical issue dealing with your uplines. It doesnt say you actually spoke to them about it, just mentioned you told them to mail it to you.


i rolled over my ira last month and i havent got paid yet either...i know my rvp got paid already though... and jmj i didnt realize that if you didnt have your life license you wouldnt get paid.....they really hit your hard at first so you dont realize what the *** hit you and you dont know what questions to ask and you dont know what you dont know......


Ditto!! i just joined the company and clearly you didn't pay much attention in your trainning cuz if you would have done so, you would know that your first Kt appointments are solely for practice. Once you have received your license thennnnn you can collect commission.


did you really deserve it if you quit? if you you quit your saying you don't wanna woork for the company anymore then why get the check? YOU wasted your time.


Well I guess those Smartloans were no so smart? Wall Sreet Journal may 6 2008 Vikram Pandit your BOSS calls PFS a peripheral WOW!

in will be sold in the next few Months.

Man can you see the writing on that wall ..... :p


she said she went on 3 appts can't you read ....


first of all the lady that quit key word quit how many appts did you go on?


I have been to one seminar. I believe the training segmant of things is just part of the legwork you do while training BEFORE you are licensed.

once you have your papers THEN you collect comission. Am I wrong?

Thats what I was told.


WRONG...the company is NOT the largest in the world you dork, and yes...Primerica is RESPONSIBLE for any upline as well so if you aren't getting paid for something then Primerica should look into it.


hey dude, or dudette

i have been with the company for as long as you have oct. 06

if you were not paid, and are feeling cutt-off in any small form, you go directly to the company, because remember man, it's not Primerica thats sdrewing you, it's yer upline thats not following proper conduct. so if you have an kind of self-respect, you'll do exacally as ive said. i have done 23 smart loans averaging 250,000 i am a happy rep. cause ive been paid for all twenty-three man. enjoy, and good luck.

this company works, it's the people that do or don't. and besides, citi/primerica doesn't need to keep your commisions, the company is the largest in the world man. cheers