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I would like to share a brief experience my husband had with Primerica about three years ago.

My husband had graduated from college 5 months before we received a call from "Tammy". DH had been searching for a job without luck.

Tammy left a message saying that she had gotten his number from a college classmate of DH’s, "Bob". Tammy said she had a job opportunity for DH.

DH called Tammy back. Tammy said this was not a job in his field as DH had hoped, but an "excellent job opportunity!" and he could make "$100,000 a year! Primerica is a division of CitiBank!" She was very friendly and enthusiastic. He was impressed that they were a division of CitiBank. She wanted him to come in for a presentation. He agreed.

Lots of red flags went off for me. I asked:

1) What is the job exactly?

Tammy said, "That will be covered in the presentation". What's the big secret? Why can't they just be upfront about what the job is?

2) She flat-out offered you the job?

Didn't she want to know about your job experience before offering you a six-figure salary? Why didn't she ask you to bring in a resume?

DH researched it online. Turns out it wasn’t for him. DH called Tammy and said, “Actually, I did a little research on Primerica and I don’t think it’s for me”. Tammy hung up without a word. Suddenly, the enthusiastic and friendly woman on the phone wasn’t so friendly anymore.

Take what you will from that. I found it insulting and misleading.

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Primerica should never be offered as a "job". It should only be offered as an "opportunity". That is what Primerica teaches. If you're worried about it being a pyramid scheme or scam, argue the point with the governmental agencies that investigated Primerica,...and declared that it is NOT!

Many in Primerica succeed. Many do not. Many in every "job" in our corporate society succeed,...and many more DO NOT!

Primerica is a "level field" opportunity. If YOU earn something, YOU get it. If you don't earn anything, you don't deserve it, so you don't get it. There are no glass ceilings, no good old boy networks, no false integrity, and no designed program to steal the clients' earning power. It's just a real, honest, OPPORTUNITY!

Unfortunately, too few Americans today are unwilling to put forth the effort to really make a difference. Instead, they make unfounded complaints, and they try to sabotage the opportunity for others. Oh, well!


Primerica is a have to pay to work for ok..i'll give you 1000000 dollars and you can chargeback anything i sell at any given time...but i still have a job...yeah..ok..


I had the interview for Primerica, and was asked to come back for the meeting today.

After a little research, and my eperience with Cutco, I'm not going through with it.

I understand that it isn't a complete take-your-money-and-run scam or antyihg, but it IS manipulative. They keep the dishearting secrets from you till they've raised your expectations. Make it seem almost inspirational, and go after people who obviously are in need of jobs.

So far the process with this company have almost mirrored getting started with Cutco. I have bills to pay, and I can't waste time and money getting started with something like that.

You may be able to make money at some point, but I am also very turned off by anything that uses tactics to manipulate me. That's why I don't watch TV ;)


Thank God for this site! I was actually scheduled for an interview today and decided to look up the company before I went.

After reading all the post, its clear to me why the recruiter wouldn't give me any solid information on the position title, salary, or whether it was full or part time.

This is a "sales" job. So for those that have been lured into thinking this was a solid recruiting or customer service job, its NOT!


In reply to "In regards to not everyone can"

I can not vouch for how everyone does their presentation, but I don’t believe in your case that it would make a difference.

You are upset because someone waited to disclose the cost to get started on a career change, until after they were done presenting what you would be doing.

You would have preferred when you came in or were called that it started out like this:

Hi my name is _____ I want you to give my company $99 to pay for your pre-licensing classes, your background check and state fees for your first license so that you can, after we train you, go out and help people with their finances. And pay a $25 monthly access fee to our company’s web site, proprietary sales tools and communications tools.

I wonder how many people, that have been to our presentations across this country and in 2 other countries, would never have attempted to be more than employees if it had been presented to them this way.

As for the $200 you have to pay to get your license I am not sure what state your in but I will say in my state you have to pay $59 to take the state licensing test and it is reimbursed upon passing the state licensing test.

To simplify this – a new recruit in my state in the first month would pay

$99 for pre-licensing, background check and state fees

$59 for the state licensing test (which is reimbursed upon passing)

The $25 monthly fee is an access fee to a proprietary website that provides you with a number of essential tools to run your business. You don’t have to keep paying for this if you don’t want to but then you can’t be serious about growing and tracking your business either.

Additionally, when you get licensed and advance to District Leader and do some work to grow your business then your securities license will be paid for as well.

I understand no amount of my calmly discussing this will change the minds of those who feel they were abused, but I pose these questions.

Did you learn anything in the presentation?

For instance how many of you disgruntled and annoyed people knew of the rule of 72?

Do you use this simple tool to make the most of your money?

Do you listen to people like Suze Orman on The Suze Orman Show on CNBC who also believes what we say TERM insurance is the only kind to have?

How many of you have ever been to a Dave Ramsey class?

And finally have you ever believed in yourself enough to try something different?

I wish everyone here the best of luck in their lives; I hope that you find what it is you are looking for. Life is a journey try to enjoy it.

@Not everyone can stomach commi

So what you're saying is, stay away? That's the vibe I feel..


You sound just like the liars at the presentation. Not only did they wait until the end of the presentation to tell you this, but they also failed to tell you that you have to pay a monthly fee for a website and an 800 number as well as failing to mention the 200+ dollars you have to pay to get licensed!

@In regards to not everyone can

if the 200 can change your life why not we waste our money on so much miscellaneous things for our kids and for our homes why not for yourself. There under paying most of us anyway.

If I can learn bout money make money why not. I want my license.

Ill pay to get it dont have to stay with primamerica if I dont want too. can move on.


Being one of the people that introduces Primerica's opportunity over and over again on a daily basis what I have found is that many people just aren't able to handle the idea of not being paid by way of a W-2.

They need a steady pay-check that is a result of their putting in "x" hours to feel secure in life.

What I present to them is that they can have both... their nice secure steady paycheck (as long as they don't get laid off) and the ability to add extra income to their monthly budget, some flourish in this environment and give up their JOB to work with Primerica full time, while others are content to help 1 family a month take control of their finances, and of course some try and fail miserably but that is the case for ANYTHING out there, try opening a restaurant or a clothing store (especially try doing it with only $99).

What some call fanaticism I call a genuine desire to help others especially the portion of America that gets the least help ... Middle America.

I am sure many who read this will consider me one of these fanatics, your opinion of me is NOT important to me, even if I somehow fail to reach my goals in this enterprise I can say there are 100's of people out there who are happy that I tried, because their lives are better for the education I have given them.

I wish everyone out there who reads this the best in whatever they decide to do, and to never count yourself out just because you aren't a finance major. Even the high priced and unavailable "professional financial planners" started out uneducated and inexperienced.


ok so this may be the first post from me that is not totally pro Primerica.....but dude- yes I'm talking to you Mr. Hard Core PFS Rep $120,000K ......blah blah blah.....even though I absolutely LOVE my career at Primerica ( I am a full time grad student at Vanderbilt University and a single mom of four beautiful girls and needed some kind of income that didn't require a set schedule and specific hours and I work 3 nights a week and make an average of $600-$700 week.........I was trying to work full time and go to school full time and my kids and I never got to see each other .....AND I only brought home about $150/wk after daycare expenses.......I was actually on food stamps and welfare because, despite the hourly rate being decent, the amt applied to the household after daycare was not enough to pay much of anything ........and obviously no support from the ex, although, I didn't mean to turn this into a pep rally, you can judge for yourself which situation was better) WOW now that I got way off subject....what I was trying to say was .......chill out dude......just cause YOU LOVE your company doesn't mean that everybody else will.....some people take the opportunity, some don't and some end up taking it later and wish they had been less sceptical the first time.......I am one of the latter..

and for the critics.....Primerica has never attempted to brainwash me......although given the comment by "hard core" I can see how that could be assumed.........I assure you all that the reps I work with are all honest, hard working folks......they either had a great paying job and saw a chance for some freedom or they were at least qualified for a great paying job but weren't having luck in their field..........and took a is not either Primerica or McDonalds........most of us know that, but in some cases the long hours at the corporate whatever job, just arent worth the dollars made and it is worth the risk to take on a part time job that could turn into a life changing carerr.

and for some folks they give it a shot fall flat on their face and hit the ground running......others may just not have given it enough time or effort and others are just money hungry punks and what goes around comes around...........chargebacks only happen when someone wasn't completely sure at the time of the sale that they wanted the product....which would only happen if they were being pressured into the that may be part of your problem Mr. supposed RVP.....if you don't pressure your client into something they don't really want or need they won't be changing thier mind....if it is truly good for them they will keep maybe you should get with one of your uplines that is really successful and HAPPY....key word being happy....success isn't everything........and go over your strategies with him.....if you're being a little too aggressive or teaching your team to do so ....I'm sure they could point out the flaws....and once you get back in it for the right reasons.....making a living while helping others reach their goals.....not making a living by convincing people they need something they dont .....then you would probably not have so many charge Regional Manager and RVP seldom have any chargebacks at all......nor do I.....JMO


I was contacted by a regional manager from Chris Woods office in Dallas Georgia. I went for an "interview" and orrientation the information provided at both was misleading and in many cases a dam lie.

Luckily as a fully qualified professional I can get another job no problem. Having just returned from a fast start school in dalton georgia (aka propaganda rally) led by probably the most crooked people I have come across Mary and Bob Henriques and their Son Robert Henriques and his buddies Cody Pack and Chris woods.

All that happened was the company insulted anybody who would not work for them or would not buy from them. i do make some money at the company but no where near the $50000 I was told by my regional leader I would be making.


"you met people who are not well train. "


I love what I get do. I love the fact that trainer and I were able to strategic how to get my brother out debt. Before we helped my brother, he didn't know that he has an adjustable mortgage loans and that he has about 4 months before it jump bc he was only paying the min.

I not only want to help people 100% of the time, I want to help 110%. I dont know why some people are dissing on Primerica, you met people who are not well train.

It likes going into a well respected restaurant, you get a nice or mean waitress.

It all takes, not everyone is willing to.


This company is a rip off. I have been doing it for 7 years and I make close to $300k a year, but my wife and I each work 60-80 hours a week and we have about 10k a month in overhead, not to mention CHARGEBACKS and constant strutiny for our unethical practices.

I have recruited over 7,000 people in the business and I less than 10 that actually do anything on any given month. I know the boat is sinking, but I still make 50 cold calls every day!


i went to a presentation & i was really interested. I could tell some people were like "awe man we actually have to work" but i only chose to do this part-time and the joy i get is helping my fellow americans get out of this debt that we are all in.

look at all the foreclosures. Terrible just terrible.


I don't think there is a SINGLE job for everyone, but I just joined my husband in Primerica & we love it. Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of work, but what isn't?

They are about helping people get out of debt. Who doesn't want to listen to that? I sure do and did. "cult behavior???" No they are just compentent in what they do.

If people choose not to listen, then let them be indebt for the rest of their lives. I came across accounts where we helped a man refinance his mortgage and saved him 30,000 grand in interest and instead of having it paid of when he is 94 more like he's 75.

How can you beat that?! AMAZING STORIES!!!


Thanks for your comments, guys.

"The guy giving the presentation talked about how if people don't believe in Primerica then you don't need them in your life."

This is typical cult behavior. I can't imagine why a company would need to tell their employees that. I don't think Primerica is a cult, exactly, but that certainly follows a dangerous pattern.


Corporate America is a cult, these Temp agencies are a cult, I wanna work for me. Its not what you know these days its who you know.

Temp agencies are a joke, Corporate America will eat u alive, The more you put in the more you get out if sales/Insurance are not you then dont get in. There are not enough jobs for everyone.

bottom line. I see opportunity


I got suckered into a Primerica presentation (i didn't research the company before hand and only really agreed to go because the mall was nearby) but yes LOTS of signs that this company is bad. I was the only one who left after the presentation saying "it wasn't for me." I was surprised everyone else stayed.

The guy giving the presentation talked about how if people don't believe in Primerica then you don't need them in your life.

It was clear brainwashing and I'm certain a sort of pyramid scam. Just stay away, if a company claims you can earn huge salaries in a short amount of time and it seems to good to be true- Reality check, it probably is.


you did the right thing these people are jokes. granted there are a few that has made a decent amount of change in the company but trust me its very few i worked in the agent commissions line and I have seen the numbers the average RVP makes around 20,000 in life policies after you factor in there bills like office rent.

Most of these people couldnt have graduated from high school they dont even know how to calculate there own commissions how they sell insurance is beyond me.

I even received a call from a client that stated an agent sold him a pol and told hime the policy has cash value after a year, now granted the customer should have know better but it was the agents duty to tell him. Overall primerica is a joke dont do it unless you want to do Securities or Anuities trade