Nashville, Tennessee

Seems to me the Primerica representatives can't spell and they all appear to be somewhat ignorant. That alone makes me want to put my money and trust elsewhere.

If this company is so fantastic, why are there so many complaints?

Isn't the company promoting buy term and invest the difference? If you buy term and can't afford to invest, it sounds to me that you could end up old without any coverage including your term. Even that gets expensive after...what 35 years. Doubtful they will renew at that point in time.

Don't like a "lose lose" plan all around.

Anyone have a good experience with these folks?

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Baton Rouge you obviously got in to make a quick buck and did not see the value in the company!! There are bad eggs in every walk of life, but the facts remain we must be licsensed by the state, take continuing education,pass an extensive test to get that licsense and be smart enough to know you have to bust your tail and learn to grow.

I have been in the company for years and make a decent living part-time, and the clients I have invested for have no problem with the money I made for them in their investments, investing in the same funds and fund families as any other financial company would.I get constant referalls and repeat buisness with old clients with new money! And my fees are less than most in the industry,and if it isn't right for my client I don't do it. See I used the company to get an education and educate as many others as possible. What you do in Primerica is really up to you!!!

You do not have to recruit if you do not want to, you have the CHOICE and option to use your abilities to go out and just make money on your own pen!!!! And I might add, IF YOU ARE NOT AFRAID TO WORK, AND DO THE RIGHT THINGS FOR YOUR CLIENT,YOU CAN MAKE GREAT MONEY HERE WITHOUT EVER RECRUITING A SINGLE PERSON!!!

So i think your narrow mind and narrow thinking blinded you to the true chance you had!! Nope its not get rich quick, its get rich as quick as you make it happen!!!


They us enasty ways to recruit you, promise you the world, and dont deliver 1st of all its paid on commision, your first sales you see no profit at all. They have primerica die hard dueshbags here trying to convinve you too give them your hard earned dollar!

i went to their seminar with a couple friends, They wanted a check perferably black WTF that was enough to make me say NO! They rent offices to do seminars how low life can you get. My buddy fell into thier trap went to the seminar location what did he get nothing but a sign saying for rent or Lease sign.

These people make you bother your family and friends you are better off working a steady job instead of selling this crud. Dont be fooled by thier recruits Lies they try thier hardest because they get paid from you handing over money


Its wierd how they hire anyone and everyone to work with them. I mean what if the guy is a complete dumb *** and thats the guy your trusting your money with.

I got sucked into there hiring fair thing and they dont pre-screen, interview or anything! Im sure you can make money of of this company but still im sure there are many other rewarding jobs out there that you may have to work towards and work a little harder at but its worth it to do something you love. There only follow up to any question is "we have the freedom to work when we please" but its like a little to mcuh freedom, I mean I would feel usles and likea good for nothing after a while.

Oh and you basicly have to go door to door. I dont know this just isnt for me I guess if its someones dream to work for primerica than go for it its just *** how they try and say primerica works for everyone when its just like any other job, you have to love what you do


Mark that is if they can get 12% per year, yes Primerica has had a good record with investments, but the average has been 10%, not the 12% they make us teach our future clients.

I started off in Primerica and I see now all the weakness in the company, I see how narrow minded they keep us.

When I first started I was the same as everyone else, hire EVERYONE, we don't judge, well what a mistake that is, how in good fate can I hire someone who has no idea what they are doing and selling them this so call dream to.

They get all walks of live because they sell a dream of getting rich.

YOu know why we hire everyone? Because you use their warm market while they are in training and that is how you make your money, who cares if they can't ever pass that exam.

What's the famous saying, when your down recruit someone else?????

I have now learned the truth about all insurance and not narrow minded as selling only ONE company products, I actually work with apprx 15 companies and actually do fine what is best for my client. How is that possible with Primerica when I can only sell one companies Insurance???

I could go on forever. Primerica was a great learning tool for me, it was a foot into the door, but everyone who starts to look outside of the box gets out and becomes a broker and doesn't waste their time getting other people rich.

Primerica doesn't even pay us what we are suppose to get. Selling the same term from another insurance company I get 2x the pay and revolving pay from it.

Wonder where all that money goes in Primerica?? oh yeah the upline needs to get paid.

ranting now so going to leave, good luck to all the Primerica people, start looking outside the box.

and BTW if you think I left Primerica because I made no money not true at all, I leave behind a 6 figure salary and a lot of clients. so did not leave because of no money I left because I knew it wasn't always BEST for my client.


correction: people are not faultless


This is in response to this guy Baton Rouge.

It sounds to me that you had a bad Representative.

You are judging the product instead of judging the person that sold you the services.

Ok, you had a bad experience. But don't judge the company itself. People are flawless. Let's face it some people join companies, jobs, organizations for different reasons and motives. Can the company control the heart state of the these people? No, just like you can not change the motive of a person that works for an employer. So, please don't let your bad experience with this particular rep color how you view the company and everyone that works for the company. or Maybe, your just a unhappy person in general. And I pray things in your life will get better.


why does primerica use those pompilots or blackberry type devices to get all your information down? seriously that's like saying here guy take all my money in my bank account.

ok maybe primerica doesn't do that but the representative who has your information might, and that's exactly what happened to me. People, don't work for ANYONE who takes all your information and contracts in some notebook phone!..

Primerica should change this because some of these representatives are *** and will take your money, it's so simple for them. Seriously don't work for primerica until they exercise something formal when hiring their employees, unless your a *** like i was.


Think of it this way... Either way, one would need life insurance if they had dependents, to protect them from financial loss. Now, lets look at two scenarios. Two men, age 35 both have life insurance with a face value of 500k dollars. Billy has whole life insurance, and pays a premium of about 13.73 dollars per 1k dollars of coverage (rates on premiums are regulated by state laws). That's about an annual premium of $6900. Tom on the other hand, has level term insurance for 30 years. The rate of premium for his policy is about $2 per $1k coverage. His premium would be about $1000. That is a difference of nearly $1,000.

Now, you say what if the person can't afford to invest the rest? Well.... think about it. Even if they couldn't invest the rest.... what is better? Term insurance is still FAR BETTER than whole life, as not only would you be saving annually, but you still get the same coverage. Five thousand dollars saved annually can do a lot. Now I'm not going to do all the calculations but a $5000 annual deposit in a mutual fund with an average annual rate of return at 12% over the course of 30 years is a WHOLE LOT of money. Right off the bat, without investing your money, you just freed up $150,000 that would have otherwise been spent in life insurance. The question is, HOW CAN SOMEONE AFFORD WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE. If one can afford whole life, one can afford term, and even if they don't invest all the difference, a portion of the savings placed in an investment can do a lot.

Now, my question to you is... did you actually sit down with them and do an FNA? Do you understand all, or at least the majority of the aspects of life AND term insurance?

You also ask, has anyone had a good experience with the company.... Ask yourself... would a company with the majority of its clients upset last 32 years? You see, people in today's society is so ready to whine and complain about things to others, but never share good experiences.

And BATON ROUGE.... Had you given them the time to teach you all of that, as that is what happens at Primerica, people get educated, they would answer your questions. Remember, they were trying to recruit you.... so when recruiting, would you explain your lines of products and how they work? Or would you explain your company and see if they are interested?


I wasted my time getting recruited by these idiots today. I wouldn't invest monopoly money with these folks.

When I hand you my money, I want to know three things: When, Where, and How Much to Invest. All I got was some corporate information.