Bellevue, Washington

I went to one of those meeting at pico Rivera in California . The women at that office are looking for sugar daddies to help them get their own business ...

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I did not have a complaint on primemerica. I was reviewing the page an made a mistake and clicked "had same issue" I thought it would lead to a listing of more complaints.

I had a friend whose mom had it and when she passed they took care of him. That was a while ago, just wanted to see if the company was in good standing.

The complaint I see here is not about company practices, but some sales ladies trying to sell policies. Did anyone have problems with the company itself.


Google A.M. Best to see what Primerica's rating is.

A.M. Best is a company that rates insurance companies.


I'm am not a Sales person I have been studying Multi level marketing and different forms of networking companies I have been to their meetings and you may speak negative about them if so you are really doing all you know a serious injustice and I will pray for you but while you are putting them down and working for some one else and getting nowhere they are enjoying their lives and making money by caring about people and helping them good luck to you and I hope happiness comes to you some how


you must be the CEO


Check out 4Life Research, one of the best network marketing companies.


I have yet to see a MLM that was an actual good deal for the people at the bottom.