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I've read a lot of these comments on primerica... and i've joined it myself and paid the $99. I found out that in order to make money/ or scam money? i'm not so sure if they are scamming but it sure feels like it... but anyway, all they do is SPIT RHETORIC at you.. they lie and lie and lie, for example : how can they promise you that you will make money fast, when the REP that recruit u has NOT made a Dime yet? how can that be right?

another thing that is fishy, I got hired SO FAST, WOW, that is all i can say WOW, no interview, no nothing, WOW, and guess what else.. i went there with a friend, he is pretty ghetto.. he sagged his pants, had a grill, and wore a BIG and tall White Tee shirt, He could get hire too like that.. first impression.. what do you think about that??? huh, do what do you think, it was actually my fren's fren, so that is how we went together to teh meeting.. because i was not dressed like that..

another thing: teh reps are prety un professional,, when they made the presentation, they were chewing gum like they are naggin on a carrot like a rabbit.. WHOW, how UN professional is that?? that shows that one can easialy get hired,

if it is so good, WHY isn't everyone already in this company making The "PROMISED G' they are to be making.. right??? Come on now, slap some common sense into your head...

another one: they take you money quick STyle and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hard to get it back, i've been calling like A LOOOOOT OF times, and rright now, i'm PRETTTY PISSSSSEEDDDD.. but I still LOVE this website "PISSED"... anyway, they took my $99 within 2 days chargin my credit card, and now i'm trying to get it back because of all the bad things i heard about them, guess what, all they do is say this "i'm going to tallk to the VP, or teh RVP, then the RVP says i'm gona talk to the Bigger manager, then they say,, oo, the biger boss, has to make a call to the regional applicaiton proces unit, then talkin about OOO those reps have to find the aplication, and then the Reps have to confirm it with another REP... do you get what i'm saying.. its a Pyramid SCAM... I AM *** PISSED.. I just want my $99 so i can put some gas in my car and drive to work in my OFFice..

Ok: i don't have to write much any more, because there is SOOOOOOO MUCH bad/negative feedback on Primerica.. ok last one

if primerica was so good, Y do they have so MUCHHHHHHHHH bad feeback, i mean a couple is understandable but they HAVE SOOOO MUCHHHH...

Ok, promise, last one, look at wall street journal, they say Citigroup is going to sell primerica, and gueess what: No one wants to buy it because of the BADDDDD REPUTATION THEY HAVE!!!!!

ok, seriously last one, and i'll stop... PPLEASEE






VTCH789 or whatever the number is.. he has been with them for 3 years.. Read his COMMENT Please.. it is SOOOO true!!!!

i'm pissed, i want my money ba

Monetary Loss: $99.

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To all of you who write about Primerica hiring anyone, you are dumb or whole life agents! Primerica hires no one. Primerica shows people how to start a business of distribution... they don’t just give you a business. You earn it. I don’t think Primerica is easy. It takes WORK (not something for lazy people) It takes discipline, motivation, accountability, etc. How interesting is it that every business owner in the world, adheres to the same concept. Primerica show friends and families 1: Life insurance is needed. 2: people need to start saving for retirement. Not through the means of a cash value policy. Look at the facts

Primerica balance sheet: 2 trillion + (yeah trillion)

Primerica Debt: 0 (yeah ZERO)

Largest Initial Public Offering 2010: PRIMERICA over 200 Million. Yeah investors invest in us because we are BAD! Give me a break.

I am a Primerica Leader, so I’m bias. Don’t take it from me… Just listen to what Dave Ramsey or Suzy Orman has to say... Cash Value is a terrible investment. Low rate of return, the company keeps your money if you die. Who in their right mind would buy something like that? Honestly, If you are in the business for over two years, and still sell whole life insurance you are either A: someone who doesn’t know anything about life insurance B: You’re a Crook! Whole life agents make 5 times what a Primerica Agent makes. People on here still say that Primerica is bad. Think about it.

MLM... YES, SO. We make money. Compensation is incredible. Everyone in the company is excited and makes you feel really good about yourself. How many of you can say that about your JOB?

If you are in the business of helping people with finances, who do you start with? If you care about your family, that a good place to start, don’t you think!

If you open a business, who do you want to work with you? People you know, can work with, and people you want to help get ahead in life

When you start your business how do you get contacts? If you think cold prospecting is good, you might not have a business you are proud of... How do you feel about that? If you can’t share you Opportunity with friends and family who can you talk with?

This is an opportunity to open a business. I have had lots of success in this business. I have made thousands of dollars part time. This is much better than my previous occupation of getting shot at in Afghanistan. Expensive insurance… For some military people our term beats SGLI. Again, don’t listen to negative people on here, see for yourself, shop around… I tell all my clients that!

Primerica is not for everyone. However, how do you know if it’s not right for you? Please don’t take advice from people on this blog. See for yourself... What are you scared of? Saying NO to an opportunity? Really? Go to a meeting with “I’m going to say NO, no matter what” in your head, and if you get to an op meeting that is worth wild, give it a shot. If not for you, quit... If 99 dollars is hard to come up with, then it seems like you JOB is not working for you.

The company bribes you 500 dollars to start. How many jobs are offering that? As a matter of fact how many jobs are hiring right now in this “great” economy.

If you need someone to tell you what to do day end and out, have a time to show up to work, when you can take vacation, how much money you can make, what to wear, when do go to lunch, etc.… Then Primerica may not be for you. For the person who always thought about opening a profitable business, work when you want, and have the potential to earn an unlimited amount of money then give it a shot. What do you have to lose, 99 dollars? Whoa, how can I afford that…? That’s like a month of Starbucks!

If you’re not strong enough to run a business then keep your job… I won’t fight you!

Last note, to all your Whole Life, Trash Value insurance agents… Your days of screwing people are numbered! Get a new occupation or start doing what right!


What gives ANY of the people in this discussion the feeling they can call themselves a "financial advisor"? I sure hope you Primericans are not representing yourselves as such. If you don't know why, you should look into it.


So... let me get this straight. You paid money to start your own business, quit because of something you read on here, and now have to wait while they pull your money out of the system? And you think that's abnormal?

Also, talking about unprofessional, have you actually read your little rant? Here's the reason they offer opportunities to anyone, you never know what a person's potential is until you put it to the test. The Primerica rep that I'm talking to is a friend of mine. He's the former bassist for Bella Morte, a local goth-rock band. He has tattoos and a somewhat silly demeanor. I never would have pegged him for his job. He's not only fantastic at it, but he loves it.

Maybe your preconceived image of a financial advisor is a middle-aged white guy in a suit, but do you think everyone in the world wiould feel comfortable talking to him? One of the guys in my Thursday meeting could barely read the Powerpoint presentation, my first impression was not very good. However, he has a good rapport with the guy he brought in. They were the stereotypical thug gangsta demeanor and he was able to communicate with his prospective recruit.

The point is, after people campaigning for so long to fight being judged by how they look, it seems you hold it against them they they don't judge you based on how you look, write or speak.

You're given the opportunity to make money, to earn what you are worth. If you're earning nothing, then you seem to think that you're worth nothing. The only one who can determine that is yourself, and it looks like you made your decision.


I have to say I can see why some of the people who are whining on this site are doing so...they joined Primerica and nobody just handed them a million bucks. They are so used to getting handouts from the government or various agencies that they seem to think that is what companies should do for them.

Half of the idiots posting in here couldn't compose a coherent sentence if their life depended on it. I think those buffoons should go back to washing cars and carrying the blue plate special to tables, because they have no business working for a serious company.

Finally, to the *** who was complaining abouit having to pay $99 to go to work at a "job" thinking that was outrageous, consider this:

Primerica isn't a "job". It is a business opportunity, you ***, and to open a business you have to invest money in most cases...unless you think of your crack-dealing as a legit business.

Even many jobs require you to spend money to get the job, such as security guards (nearly $2,000 up front for uniforms and weapon training), construction (tools, proper attire, etc). What planet are some of you imbeciles from?



DUH, you have to WORK to GET MONEY... what, were you born Yesterday or something?? you dont have to teach me common sense..

Primerica is funny, ALL they talk about is the money they make... maybe they can make that much, but whats the percentage rate of sucess??

look at how bad the economy is.. who wants to do that??


thanks Vtch, i didn't give them the SSN, and i dont have a solution number for some reason? so i just asked them about it..


To: t645858

I've never worked ANYWHERE that required that I PAY money to get my paycheck. Not to mention, the only way to get paid is to *** friends and family members to attend the open house or get their financial analysis done; either that or beg and annoy the heck out of complete strangers while they are shopping.


my country algeria

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wait, I know you mean well but in my state it cost less than $99 to get your Life/Health License.

Plus, after you probably haven't taken your test yet because after you still have to pay for your test after you pay the $99. So what does paying the $99 really get you .. think about it.


t645858, you are funny ...

You said:

"I would never let someone in the company who doesn't have a good work ethic"

That is hilarious ... you actually think you decide who can work for Primerica ... lol ... :)

Primerica will "hire" anyone that has $99 .... because if you don't put your name on the IBA ... there will be thousands of other Primericans that would run to sign the IBA so they can win the next contest.

Even funnier you think you own a company ... lmao ... :grin

Check your IBA .. you don't OWN anything .... not your clients, not your recruits, not your held back commission, not your security trails .... NOTHING!!!

Keep the jokes coming.


The Life/Health license is a valuable license. If they are going to help you get it for $99.00 get it.

Then you can quit. People pay more than $99.00 for shoes or a cell phone bill.

That license can give you the opportunity to ran thousands.

you can take it to another company if you so choose. Sit back and consider all your options.


What a crybaby. If you work you get paid.

Obviously you did nothing but whine about the company instead of going to work. If you didn't work at your job you wouldn't get paid right? That is how it is in the real world. Talking about professional - you can't even talk right let alone write - they should have never let you sign up in the first place.

I would never let someone in the company who doesn't have a good work ethic. My time to train people is way to valuable to be wasted on people like you who have no idea what working hard to get ahead means.


You can get a refund back if you email:


Give them your Name, Social Security Number, State and Solution Number (if you have it)

That should get your money back


This is how you get you money back



to get your money back .... Give them your name, Social Security Number, State and Solution Code.... and you should get your money back.

Hope that helps