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Being in the shadow for very long time and have been inside Primerica for over 5 years.

I have to complained that when a sheet of paper ASK to change the commission advance (Primerica's way of holding part of the money as an insurance for chargeback - mainly for life insurance) from 75% to 50%. It mean ASAP!

Time is money. Spending an hour and following up next week because some dumb Primerica staff person didn't do their work on the submitted fax is a pain in the butt.

Ask any long timer from Primerica, they can tell you that there something that is a pain in the butt when come to paperworks. LOL.

My bottomline for aLL hourly paid workers at headquarter in Primerica is do your stinkin' jobs and quit wasting the commission paid agents' time!

Primerica is great BUT please don't wreck it because some hourly paid staff at Headquarter are being lazier than people who are paid by commission.

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We all deal with Corporate America (office help). This is just not a Primerica home office issue.

Just the way it is.

Just kind of put those negative thoughts aside, and don't let it impact the good work you are doing for your clients. Just keep thinking of those people you are helping, especially in the day and age in which we live.