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I am quitting Primerica Today. My RVP is a *** who is making my life miserable by telling me lies and not transfering me to another RVP.

Since she can't make profits off me she don't want anyone too! Very immature lady. Also, I have tried to contact her superiors and they won't even talk to me. I am licensed with the state and I will just take my expertise elsewhere.

The company preaches a lot of concepts but the Shreveport Puckett office don't follow through with what they preach. They don't listen to anyone they just talk over you.

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In this economy who has $199 in the bank to freely give to a company...any company that cannot guarantee a return? So, many people are living check to check with zero savings why do this? Seems foolish.


Primerica is not seen in the financial world as credible. The business opportunity has a massive failure rate but is good for the company, %99.999 of people come bring Primerica clients and because of the low commission rates leave and the company has new clients.

Their products are over priced, just shop around on the internet and compare. Commissions are low as the commissions are paid over 12 people.

If you are with Primerica look up on your competition score board and see the money the people make in your office I was shocked how low it was!! There was only 2800 people making over 36,000 in the whole company and they have recruited over 450,000 in the last 2 years imagine how many have been recruited in 30 plus years 5 million? 10 million?

Look in the book that is in your office and see all the big earners, then look on the competition score board, all their income are way way down, used to be 200,000 agents now around 90,000, they recruit 200,000 a year and the agents are getting lower, great for their distribution not so good for the people at the bottom. Go independent so much different, I shop everything around for my clients they always pay the least they can. After 1 year full time my passive income with trails and pacs was 1500 a month. Do an 80 dollar a month 10 year term policy and get paid almost a $1000 dollars. Spend time learning personal finance not watching cheesy videos. Why are you paying money to levels and levels of people above you who bring no value to your business except cheesy speeches. Why not own your clients from day one that you can sell to anyone and you and that person decide the price and terms not someone at head office?

@Used to be there

do you still have access to the scoreboard? I would like to have an updated view how what people really earn

@Used to be there

I have a family member dealing with Primerica she is losing a lot of money but will not quit is there someone I can speak to or see


Anyone who says that Primerica is a scam doesn't know anything about the company. In looking at Primerica you should consider the source of the information you are reading.

As an example if you have ever watched the first auditions of American Idol you know there are a lot of delusional people out there. Also people who would rather make up some way to blame a company for their failures. I see that every day. I have a friend in Primerica.

I have seen their business practices, I have been their customer and my insurance is amazing, my investments are growing even in low markets. Their lives and mine have been changed by Primerica. I am now joining the Primerica business opportunity which is not for those who don't want to work. It is not a get rich quick scam.

It is an amazing business opportunity. I say to those who have bad things to say about Primerica. Take responsibility for your own failure. Primerica works but only if you work.

The system has been proven for over 30 years and growing bigger every day. I did my research from honest truthful sources.

Primerica Rocks !!!!! :)

@Truth Seeker


@Truth Seeker

I totally believe in the concepts Primerica teaches the consumer. Yes, I have been a client for 15 years.

Living those concepts for a number of years totally saved us financially. 99 percent of the time the comany does everything right, but there are dishonest people in the world. With the checks and balances the company has in

Place a person cannot work in Primerica and be dishonest with people. It is a very regulated environment.

Yes, I have believed in the concepts so thoroughly, as of last year I am working with them. Take it from a woman who has done every kind of job to support my kids, this company gives you a chance to show your"real" worth.

It is the greatest thing since sliced bread.Do not believe people who say it is not legit, they do not know what they are saying, research how many billions and billions the company has in its coffer and it will open your eyes. They are willing to help anyone and are everyday real people, the fireman and grocery clerk are both given a chance!

@Truth Seeker

Well said. It is only for people who want to work.

No-one is not holding you by the hand and telling you how to run your own business as with all businesses. If you are the owner ans and leader, you have to lead. It is your business and in most cases, everyone else helps you along the way. It may not be like that in all baseshops but mine is awesome.

So when I decided to join, I knew what I was getting myself into and that was not a get rich overnight deal but I must but my but like sll business owners do in the beginning until you get some good people under you and then you can fo more teaching and training than working. Makes sense to me but most people that get into Primerica are not ready to be leaders and should continue living by someone else's rules and making someone else rich. You can really give your all at Primerica for 10 years and do the same at your job, I know you will be better off at Primerica. Also the business works smoother in 2013 compared to previous years as they only made it easier and reps make more money now.

The system works if you learn how to work the system.

Good luck.! Financial Freedom here I come :grin


I understand the whold bad supervisor thing but this whole chain is a joke. Everytime I tried to get help nobody was there.

I went to several 'ranks' above my RVP and nobody even got back with me. I was making the appointments, in fact, for three weeks in a row I made more appointments than anyone in the office!

I honestly think she was jealous of me which don't make sense because I was under her. I was also recruiting quite well. I still have insurance with the company, not sure why.

I agree withe their products but this office and line is obviously corrupt!!!!! DO NOT DEAL WITH THE PUCKETT HIERARCHY IN SHREVEPORT, LA, YOU WILL GET A LOT OF PROMISES WITH NO FOLLOW UP.


To ANYONE interested in the Primerica MLM:

Cut your losses NOW and NEVER go back. Unless you can hassle them for a refund (and they'll still keep some of the money for "processing fees"), the money you lost is lost forever. Consider it a lesson learned.

The Primerica system is designed to award recruiters, not salespersons. You will NOT advance in Primerica simply by being licensed and selling their products. You MUST recruit, recruit, recruit. You will be expected to bring in fresh blood (and their fresh list of contacts) on a very regular basis (your list of contacts was eaten up by your RVP right after you joined, so they're out the window), using whatever methods are available to you. You will be taught that EVERYONE is a potential sale, and that EVERYONE is a potential recruit, even those who aren't suitable in the slightest. Only then can you advance in title and actually make even a small commission from sales.

If you did get licensed, don't expect to be able to sell products elsewhere, either, because that contract you signed when you paid $99 probably has a TWO-YEAR no-compete clause. They own every bit of business you have brought in, and you have to work that business under their rules and you are subject to the whims of your RVP, however immature, unethical, or shady they may be.


AR323, explain why Primerica isn't a good thing to get involved with? I got involved years ago because I needed more money.

I was making $15,000 a year with 2 kids and one on the way. I got my license and began spare time earning anywhere from $500 to $1,500 a month. Made a huge difference at the time. I've never been great at recruiting or setting appointments.

But, in 26 years part time (full time as a teacher)I've earned over $600,000.

Tell me where I can do that working one night a week??? It's a great place to work part time or full time.


I'm confused a bit on your complaint. Why can't your RVP make money off of you?

Is it that you don't go on any appointments? Is your life miserable because you aren't making money because you don't set up appointments so you can make money? RVP's want you to make money. Why would they not and why would they make your miserable?

Perhaps you don't like them calling or texting you to get your butt out the door and do some work? Just asking.

And, there are some RVPs that will ask you to sit out 9 months and re-enter and there are some that won't. It's up to them.

But, for you to say you are going to take your poor attitude to another company and say you have expertise is quite amusing.

You obviousely have no expertise or you would be able to do it inspite of your differences with your RVP. I did it.


Primerica is legally not a scam however it is not a good thing to be involved in. If you are easily manipulated and gullable you will be just fine there.


Primerica is legally not a scam however it is not a good thing to be involved in. If you are easily manipulated and gullable you will be just fine there.


Like in all business, there are bad supervisors. How many times have you said that your own boss is a ***?

Does that mean that the whole company is bad. Amazing how easily people can blame others for their own problems. Example no motivation to produce anything of value. Ask any sales professional how quickly they are motivated when their only income is based on sales commissions.

Primerica will not fire you. They only give you the motivation to accomplish something for yourself. You are your own agent, who's income is purely based on your production.

Steven Covey, Zig Ziggler and Anthony Robbins, for example are paid a fortune to motivate people. I know someone personally that paid $1000, to attend one of these seminars.

These guys motivate people in the same way that Primerica does.

Only Primerica does it at no cost to their agents. All you have to do is get there.


Just keep in mind that Primerica Corporate has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.. Granted there are pages, and pages, and pages, of BBB complaints with affiliates and warnings on nearly each report that state "this business is not BBB accredited" underneath the corporate rating. But that corporate rating has its A+....Hmmmm, makes me wonder how much money one needs to have an A+ BBB rating.


you might wanna quit for obvious reasons way before you had issues with your rvp. lol.