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Sadly, I was duped into joining this horrible company... this Primerica scam. I was desperate looking for employment when a pushy rep called me to discuss his "opportunity". Not realizing it was a scam I went to check it out. I hate to admit it, but I joined. (When people are deperate they'll often do things they later regret; like this).

After getting signed I hand over a list of family and friends to the RVP and he starts calling people. If you want to screw up your relationships, just join Primerica. To this day I have people who are pissed off at me for inflicting them with this Primerca ***. They were pushed, prodded and harassed daily by this tool. Good people can see through phonys a mile away and this guy had nothing but dollar signs in his eyes.

After all that, we ended making a few small sales none of which paid me a dime. Everyone who bought thought they were helping me out. I don't have the guts to admit to them the truth, it sucks.

My advice to anyone talking to a Primerica liar is to run away as fast as possible. Ignore them totally. Don't return their calls. Don't let them in your house. If you see them in public, walk past them without making any eye contact. They don't deserve your courtesy. If that hurts their feelings, too bad. Again, they don't desrve your courtesy. They shouldn't have commited themselves to this Primerica garbage in the first place. They have been brainwashed and drank the Koolaid by the gallon. Don't let them suck you into their miserable life. Don't believe their lies.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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None of what you stated actually constitutes a scam. The individual you worked with may not have been the most friendly or even honest, but that makes it a negative experience and not a scam.

You also left out material details that probably tell the whole story. For instance, why was he calling your contacts and not you?

If you took care of your family there wouldn't be any room for you to complain. Unfortunately you have not supplied sufficient information to constitute a scam and that information is probably absent to hide the truth.


Ahhhh Fred is well aware that their are fewer and fewer "virgin" prospects out there, so lets try to re recruit previous reps to try a different shop? Pulease! Same ***.....different pile!


You come across a disgruntle "non-agent" who couldn't make it. Life insurance is to help protect peoples lives.

Which obviously didn't sink in for you. Primerica is not a scam. Do your homework before judging. Check them out with the BBB and AM Best.

They are in the NYSE. People who didn't make it in Primerica always want to put the company down. Its a company making a difference. If you decide not to continue you will receive most of your money back.

They give you 4 months to make that choice. They pay for your training and licenses. What company you know invest over 7K in their people?

Lets be realistic.....

you were lazy and didn't commit into putting in the time so see results. Get it together.

You can sell Avon but if you don't put yourself out there you won't make any money. :zzz

@Queen of Queens

You must work for them lol

@Queen of Queens

So is herbalife and some NYSE, nasd companies seized by the mob!

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This is how we learn. Not funny at all, but you will remember how you got scammed for the rest of your life and can tell others to be very careful. Hope you have a good skill and find a decent job.