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Run from this multi-marketing *** anyway Citi Group is in the *** not a great time to be selling when there is a credit crisis so basically home loans, re-financing is out securities are out (the market sucks huge ***) and its not worth only selling life insurance. If you want a good business start a commercial cleaning service it's not affected by the recession takes very little capital to get started and you can do it part-time while retaining your full tiime job. Plus you don't have to share your profits with anyone else but you.


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For the record, PRIMERICA is NOT in a financial crisis... just thought you should know!!


If this is such a scam then why didn't you get your money back at the end of the 3 months? You should really do your research before you go around giving a company a bed name... or are you really that *** and think you got duped when You're the one who signed all the paperwork?


Apparently because the business didn't work for you, I understand why You're pissed off... But why would you ruin it for the rest of us??

I saved over $80,000 on my mortgage with them, and $350. on my car insurance...and the NAME may be owned by Citi- (not citigroup)- But We are all 1099's so we are all responsible for making our own money... we're all Independant Business Owners and we have some of the best products.. so apparently you were just LAZY ...

Yeah, they are a little pricey, but that's why Citi was trying to sell us for 8 billion... We have NO DEBT! If you really did your homework, Did you have all your licenses? How much work did(n't) you do?

How long were you with the company????? I've been there almost a year and I'm doing GREAT!!!!!!!


Primerica is in a huge financial crisis. Their products are not of the highest quality (although there are worse products out there).

Citigroup (who owns Primerica) is almost broke and they need a multi-billion dollar gov't. bailout. Variable products are not selling. Mortgages are almost at a standstill.

I could go on but why do I need to, well informed people already know these facts. Email me if you need help out of an insurance or retirement product that is not doing well for you. Also email me if you want a market to sell to and you are a licensed agent in the Las Vegas area.

I have plenty of business for you. csanton@yahoo.com