Flagstaff, Arizona

I am a Regional Marketing Director with Capital Choice Financial Services. Similar to the RVP position in PFS.

I have read a number of comments about Primerica Financial Services, both negative and positive. I have to summize that Primerica Financial Services really is a great company.

I highly respect PFS because they have taken a very strong position in the financial industry. To do what's right for the consumer 1,000% of the time. They don't waiver from their position on what's right for the consumer. Taking a stand nowadays is not popular or convenient. But if you've proven yourself to be right morally, ethically, etc. then it doesn't really matter what people say or do to defame or slander you. It's still right!

The conspiracy against PFS is unfair and just plain wrong. But that's okay! Because those who are the conspirators have no values, ethics, and so on. Because they have to blame others for there own failures, morals, etc.. If they would admit that they just want to succeed bad enough, they just can't get their egos out of the way! Their pride is the cause of their failures and their inability to get ahead.

If you're in PFS that's great! Just keep your eyes open and looking forward. Keep your head up! And learn all you can about the company, understand who and what you represent. Their products are not the cheapest, their commissions are not the best, and their everything is not going to be the best of everything! But that's okay! Too! No one compnay can be everything to everybody. Be happy! Work hard! Find a great example to follow! And never be ashamed of who you are and what you do! What you're doing is right! Give all you got and you'll win big! Remember! Art Williams said; God! Family and then Business! Keep your priorities straight. Even if you don't get rich over night. It will come! Save! Save! Save!

And just remember! People are people and imperfect! Including clients, agents, and your leaders. But that doesn't matter! You can control your own destiny! Just be the best you can be! That's all you can control! So, take control of your business and your life!

This my input from an outsider in the industry. I call it as I see it!!!!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Friday we can get back to eating the Primerica agents lunch...


Primerica IS a great company. The guys at the top laugh at the idiots at the bottom as they struggle, trying to live the Primerican Dream.

Truth be told, MOST of them make NOTHING.