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Last year I met a very friendly couple in the dog park. We began chatting a bit and before I knew it they had so much to "offer" me.

A way out of the service industry (I was a waitress) and all the support I need to make sooo much money with this new career they promised. Well, whats the harm in talking with them more about this? That's where things started getting fishy.

When someone approaches you about a job, take a hint.

Nothing good in life comes easy! Primerica is a pyramid scheme and going to their little meetings reminded me of some sort of cult. They only make money by recruiting other people to do the same.

Not saying this company is awful but the people that work for it are only out for their own gains, so before you quit your job to sell life insurance, just remember that they do NOT have your interests at hand....

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Primerica Credentials:

- Listed on the New York Stock Exchange under symbol PRI (Warburg Pincus one of the biggest investors, among many many others, what research do YOU think you can do that these guys didn't?). Stock keeps going up since 2010, when it started.

- Certified member of IMSA (Insurance Marketplace Standards Association [might've changed the name])

- AM Best "A+" rating (best rating you can get with them, they rate financial strength of a company)

- Better Business Bureau [] A+ rating (best you can get)

- DALBAR Award winner 13 years straight (regarding Primerica mutual fund investments) - customer rating 4.7/5 as of today - Nasdaq released this article recently (November 4th, 2014 - As for "Buy term and invest the difference", Primerica is the only life insurance company in North America to sell ONLY term life insurance. Ask a financial professional (including Suzie Orman, Dave Ramsey [FOX Business]) what type of life insurance you should buy..... Legitimate? Yes.

It's a VEHICLE to be paid what you're worth, if you put the energy in. Simple? Yes Easy? No.

But then again, nothing worth attaining is. But keep listening to these folks on here. No office is the same, and not everyone is top notch in terms of quality of training, professionalism, etc. Financial independence: You can either get it saving for the future and protecting yourself now, or opening a business.

Primerica is a business opportunity, not a job.

And they'll show you how you can reach financial independence, either with your own workings, or with their business. Stay classy, folks.


Look here's the deal no one can ever offer you an opportunity if you are unwilling to work the proven system. Primerica gives you an OPPORTUNITY to make a good living.

The outcome is up to YOU.


Who wrote this article? WHY NOT SHOW YOUR NAME AND LAST NAME WITH A PICTURE OF YOU? why you write by anonymous , bc If you did write your name and show your picture, they can sue you


Last 2 years over 400,000 recruited and a total of only 2800 make over 36,000 a year. Imagine the amount of people that have been recruited in 33 years and still only a total of 2800 make over 36,000 a year.

Very low commissions as the money is spread up to 12 people.

@Used to be there

So what does that mean? The people who made less than 36,000 a year did not benefit from working with the company?

All of them would have learned financial concepts that are PRICELESS and something they probably would have never learned. What other research did you do? Did you find out how many of them made $1,000 and were able to pay off some bills? Did you research how many of them are making an extra $500 a month and educating their family and friends on different concepts?

Did you research how many of them were able to make or save a few thousand dollars by taking advantage of the services as they learned? Because I'm POSITIVE some of them made a couple thousand dollars, and some of them made a couple hundred. So what about that? Everyone walked away with understanding financial concepts, learning about how distribution business works, and made a couple hundred to a couple thousand.

So what's so wrong with that? SMH

@Used to be there

You are suppose to build your own business. The company supplies all you need to build your own business.

If you do not use the resources and actually put in the time and effort to build your own business, who fault is it? Yours or the company? People come in sit around and wait for money to fall in their lap. It does not work like that.

Nothing works like that! Working for McDonalds doesn't work like that! If, you don't put in the work, you don't get paid. Simple.

Only difference is you are the boss and you are the one doing all the hiring. Beside the money you do get is money you didn't have before. Whether it is $3,600 a year or $36,000 a year, it is more than what you paid to start your business.

At the end of the day, it is all profit. Step your game up and stop complaining.


People who say Primerica is a pyramid really don't understand the concept of a pyramid. If they have a job, they are in a pyramid structure business. All companies are structure as a pyramid, whether its a small business or a large corporation. There's always one or two people at top and then there's vice presidents, regional managers, district managers, and finally the employees.

So is Primerica a pyramid? The answer is no. Primerica is a multi-level marketing company in which products are market directly to the consumer by direct selling or through referrals. Agents in the company acts as distributors and each distributor can build their own organization by building an active consumer base and/or by recruiting a downline of independent distributors (who also can build a consumer base, increasing the size of the organization). Distributors earn commissions base on the sales efforts of the organization. Primerica is probably the one of few legal MLM companies that doesn't exaggerate what people make or force agents to buy products before they can sell it. And the products offered by Primerica truly benefit the consumer.

Despite what people say about MLMs, Primerica system works because there are over 1000 people making 6 figures and over 50 people making 7 figures. There is no other company that has more successful business leaders than Primerica. Primerica has a goal of paying $1 billion in compensation in 2010. I believe the company is on track to doing that. I think this year, the company will be paying about $800 million in commissions to the sales force.

Now if people say that Primerica is a pyramid scheme, they are wrong. A pyramid scheme involves a new recruit to pay a certain fee and the recruiter earns commissions on that. It may also involves the requirement of the new recruit to purchase products before joining the company. These 2 things does not happen in Primerica. If Primerica was a pyramid scheme, which it isn't, it wouldn't last over 30 years. The FTC, NASD or FINRA, SEC, and individual states would of fined and banned the company from doing business long time ago.


This is simply not true. In order to make a lot of money with this company what is the one thing that has to be done?

My guess is you have to build a team and then you make more money when your team goes out on their own and builds their own team.

In the real business world the CEO of the company makes a lot of money because it was his idea and he or she is the one paying for everything. Employees are not told at APPLE INC.

for example to go out and recruit more people and you will make more money. They make money by selling a product and they get a wage for doing so and it does not matter who they refer or bring into the business.


Try worldwide and Amway. They have more money


the only thing you need to know is that legimate companys actually advertise legitimate products, and the consumers come to them, have you ever seen a commercial or any type of advertising for primerica. there offices hardly even let people know who or what they are.

if there products do as much good for families as they say they do, and they are as good of people as they say they are why wouldnt they want to spread the word on tv and the radio and magazines and flyers, anything. because the truth is they dont have competitive prices. the biggest crime is they get you to sell like an agent and then pay you a fraction of the commision and they never really educate you on anything but ways to bring them more gullable people to dupe on your word.

and when you ask them why they dont put their name out there they will say that what they tell people and sell people is priveledged and only you and your friends and family that they have never met and dont know from adam are good enough people to recieve this information. stay away and dont kid yourself people just because you can pull something off legally doesnt mean that its ok to lie and decieve people and waste honest peoples time who are trying to earn an honest living, and believe me there is nothing honest about any of these people




Primerica is for total losers. Its for people that cant handle going to school. Its for unbelievably annoying people who cant comprehend how annoying they are.


I have a degree and I serve our country. Primerica is the best decision I have ever made.

Yea lets go to school and learn how to work for someone else. Sounds like a slave to me.


Ok, the word pyramid scheme is definately not want primerica is. After all, pyramid schemes are illegal.

I want you to think about it this way, waitressing job, you have your managers, then store manager, and if its not a corporate store the owner. Well, since the owner is making the top amount of money, does that mean you are in a small pyramid scheme. I understand how you are looking at this and would love to explain to you more on how it works.

I dont want to make you join, I am simply on here to help people understand this better.


This all makes sense now. My wife is a waitress and in order for her to really make money at her job, she has to go out and find friends and family members to also become waiters or waitresses and then she moves to the top of the waitress list and she gets part of their tips and then her manager get a small part of those tips.

The way Primerica is ran is nothing like any other normal business. I have never been told that if I recruit more friend and family at my current job that I will make more money.


When you go to the interview, they tell you that they will give you a base salary, but usually its only about $200 a week if you are lucky. They give you a piece of paper and ask you to list 300 names and numbers.

They then take these numbers and give them to other agents to write business & call & bother your friends & family while you sit in an office getting $200 a week and not a cent of commission. Then when the list is up, they ask you to go out and get more numbers and make sure you are writing at least 10 life insurance policies a month. The first time you don't, you get a warning. The second time you don't, you get fired.

When you get fired, they take away your license sponsorship that you paid $400+ to get and you are unable to use any securities license you qualified for after 2 years and paid $700+ for. Those benefits they told you about don't show up until two years after you are with the company and even then, its a few $100 a month to be in the plans. You make sure that when you sell the policies, you sell the one that will get you the highest commission even if it isn't the perfect one for the client as you probably have no clue how to figure out what they need anyway. Everyone gets $500k or whatever will pay the mortgage for YOU that month.

Doesn't this sound more like a scam?

THIS WAS NOT PRIMERICA....THIS IS WHAT OTHER "reliable" insurance companies out there have done to their new agents. As a Primerica rep, I had a client ask me to try a job with his friend in a REAL company with a "good" reputation. The above was my experience and what I found out during my interview and after checking their website. I ran back to Primerica where I would be able to sleep at night and pay for the house to sleep in.

Just because a company has a cute little animal, superheroes, pretty landscape, or anything else on its commercials, doesn't mean that everything is great with them! Do your research where it counts....CNN, Fox News, New York Times, NYSE, BBB, AM Best, and other REAL sources where real people with experience give their opinions!


Primerica paid me $22,000 dollars while I was in afghanistan fighting for our country. Please don't post ignorant stuff on here.

This is the biggest lie about Primerica I have ever seen.

If the company is so bad why has the stock doubled in 3 years? Please be a little smarter with your post.


Primerica is an MLM operation where you are virtually guaranteed to lose money. They will pressure you to give them the phone numbers of your friends and family so they can sell them overpriced *** products.

No one makes any money except the people at the top of the pyramid. MLM operations like Primerica are designed to bring failure to new recruits--only the people at the top make all the money.




Primerica is the worst company. specially Dillesh bhullar and Javed the old man.

they are greedy so dont believe what they say. they want ur money nothing else. its all robbery. primerica no body want their product.

they dont know how to speak.