Edmonton, Alberta

Come on negative people do your homework!!!! Primerica Canada does not have ONE piece of bad business on record.

What does that mean? NO LAWSUITS!!! Nothing was ever of merit. All the other companies have lawsuits!

Think about that. I did my research. Primerica was the only company to payout at 9/11 for crying out loud! And in Canada the only company to survive market crashes b/c they invest safely.

Get a life. Or Karma will get you. Seriously, whats the whole truth people? That you did not follow through on your end?

Cause you have to be responsible for your own finances! Maybe you had an experience with a bad agent..well get a different one! Its like therapists or cops, etc. Not all are great.

Dont bash until you have concrete proof.

And if the highest courts dont have it, why the *** would you?

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They were the only ones that paid voluntary and did not have to be taken to court.


the only company eh? really? http://www.nytimes.com/2001/09/20/business/nation-challenged-insurance-life-insurers-promise-speed-payment-claims.html


i banks give 20 millions dollars pay roll to there cos ? answer thats one


The issue with this is that most ppl who sign up think its a pester ppl into stuff and get rich, which they fail and give PFS a bad name. Also i've read a lot about the agents being dumb and overly pushy....that isn't the companies doing....but the person who is doing it.

I went to 2 meetings so far and was immensly impressed with the support the entire group gave one another. No "i can do better than you" ***. Very professional instructors. Also the people who succeeded in the business always offer a helping hand to newcomers in the field.

I for one understand the point behind primerica and know that its finacial services are amazing. destroys al the banks.

and can benefit you greatly...but yes, there are those *** who join and don't know what they are doing. which is unfortunate.....and every company has a pile of them.


everyone on the internet is Bashing Primerica's Networking and not the product?

I'm asking now... is the Investments side any good? can they get me out of debt. and make me money.

I know a got a Great Business plan for free... and even if I didn't go with them I could keep it and follow it to the letter... so is that bad?

also, I'm looking into the life insurance part 30 year. can you extend or renew? I'll get back to ya on this... havn't seen it in writing yet.

also, I'm going to invest our RSP's from work into it, and pay off my house faster then 30 people paying for it... that to me is worth something to look at...


as far as networking... I may after a year of trying it out and seeing how well my investments went and home payments knocked down a little I may just look into networking for the sake of my friends, family, and others! ;) HERE IS WHY!!!!... after ALL these YEARS of the banks and Insurance companies bending ME and my family and others families over that I know... Come on be honest you know people or yourself!

Try the devil ya don't know!? :)

and again... I'll let ya's know.


wow u got brain washed 9/11 there the only one that paid out who ever told u that they must be a upline or RVP you need to get ur facts straight... be cause i also am a primerica agent


Why would anyone with financial hardship want someone that is not educated in finances to "help" them? If you were sick and needed medical attention would you goto anyone else other than a doctor?

Agents are not qualified to do this kind of work. Like other "structured" payment organizations they tend to play you up with high energy music and high fives.

But good luck to all those who have joined. I hope you all make millions every one of you.


You have clearly never been in a LICENSED industry before, nor were you born with any common sense. Before any agent in Primerica sits with any client/potential client, they have to pass a STATE/FEDERAL exam and get LICENSED.

Plus there are thousands of Doctors who are unlicensed and still practice so your example is not even relevant becuase that is NEVER the case in finance, thats illegal and can definitely put you behind bars!

So why would the largest financial services organization in north america, who is A+ rated and is publically tradsed on Wall Street do something illegal. Read a book!'


May God bless you bumsniffa.

Not all come to make millions , but to leave a legacy for their family after they pass. So my children aren't forced to work a job. But to own an run one instead.


It is funny to see the level of intelligence here. The people that are bashing Primerica, cannot seem to put together any logical arguments other than they hate them.

That is too bad. I mean really, you can have your own opinion of course but why share it if you have nothing solid to use as a backboard for information?


Canada Agents are way better than the American agents as ive stated on prev comments I would buy insurance from them for the most part they are nice and are willing to actually learn the buisness. many of times I would try and teach american agents how to calculate their commissions or read their advance/earns statments but they never got it their only concern was the commissions or how many riders they could add to a clients policy so they may rec what is known as "production credit". with this said it does not mean all the agents in primerica are bad there are some good ones it just means that your chances of finding a good rep in this buissness is very slim


I've since read tons of the posted materials, rebuttals, criticisms and lashes after I experienced the seminar. I did have some red flags.

I won't go into those but I can tell you about a friend who's been in the insurance biz for a while now and if I had any SMARTS I would not get into this for anyone. I'm an associate of another company and this one is solid.

I've had nothing but good experiences from the get-go, even when I was first invited to the seminar. As for Primerica, tttthhhhhhhwwwwwwtttttt!!!!!!


Russ, I like to comment on several of your comments

Bad Not. Best choice, NOT!: Where is your comparision. The Insurance companies that push you to buy cash value insurance, instead of mutual funds. (Read any book on investing)The Banks that place you in CD's or annuities instead of giving you a decent rate of return. The banks whose job is to keep you in debt. Who charge you a yearly fee to do a bi monthly payment, and then does not even credit it immediately.

PFS does present good theory.

Do you consider Gravity a theory? It is a fact that buying term and investing the difference is good for 98% of the people. Until Primerica was started it, no major corporation did this. And who do they work with the middle american families, the people who do not get helped by anyone.

The PFS portfolio is narrow - one term product. Does one size really fit all?

I am sorry they have several term products. 10 15 20 25 30 35. And if you are talking about return of premium, that is a scam to take more money. The Cost difference between ROp and true Term, if invested conservatively, woudl mean you would get both the money and the insurance if you die. Or more money, if you live longer than the term insurance.

One annuity product - Does one size really fit all?

I am sorry but they do have several annuity products, but it seems your information is flawed.

One LTC product - Does one size really fit all?

Well at least they are going to middle America. But how many companies are doing Long Term Care? and can work in each state. Remember that you need to get approval from each state you work in, and need to be in business. Did you know this?

That is for clients, what about for reps? Must recruit to promote - how does one feel about your success in the hands of your downline and upline?

I think it is up to the people you look for. It reminds me of a statement, Garbage in Garbage out. If they have good people their is no stress on downline. And as for upline, if they are not treating you good and helping you, then they lose. It is in their best interest to keep you happy and helping you. But let us look at the alternative, and JOB or the Just over Broke scenario. You can't chose your boss. ( And a boss spelled backward double sob.), and we all can say that it is not cream that floats to the top. You can't chose your fellow employees, which are usually negative, and looking to step on you to get ahead. and you can't chose your subordinates, since they are hired by others. Primerica gives you many choices.

Commission structure - does your RVP really deserve higher commissions from your sales?

And at work, who gets the lion share of the money, the employee working with the customers, or the Manager in the office, making the employees life miserable? And How many times does the employee gets to be the manager? And how do they get it? In Primerica, it is a level playing feild, as long as you work hard, you will win. That is not a given in the Employee world.

Do you really want the company to own your book of business?

You are definitely uninformed about sales and insurance. In every insuracne company, where you are a captive agent, the clients can't talk to any clients for a certain time frame. In my business it is 2 years. ti is to protect the company from competing companies to steal the book of business from them that they paid for. this is standard practice.

HOw will your presentation change if the Reuters article (Jun 6, 2008) is correct - Citi gets initial bids for Primerica unit: Sources.

Why would CITI sell a part of the company that only costs them money when they make money. IT is not like the a sales force that gets money if it sells or not. It is 100% commission. The same thing came out when they sold the insurance arm to MetLife. They got rid of liability, but kept the sales force. Remember it cost them nothing to keep us if Primerica do not sell, and they make money.

Think about it - Do you really own your own business

No true Saleman owns his business. Most companies require you to sign an agreement that you will not poach customers that you have gotten while working at the company. Allstate, Farmers, State Farms, they all have this agreement. The only difference is that If you join them, you pay for your licenses, before you get the job. You have be at a certain level or you get fired, and then you lose all your book.

You might want to check the information before you post.


Bad, not. Best choice, NOT!

PFS does present good theory. The PFS portfolio is narrow - one term product. Does one size really fit all? One annuity product - Does one size really fit all?

One LTC product - Does one size really fit all? That is for clients, what about for reps? Must recruit to promote - how does one feel about your success in the hands of your downline and upline? Commission structure - does your RVP really deserve higher commissions from your sales?

Do you really want the company to own your book of business? HOw will your presentation change if the Reuters article (Jun 6, 2008) is correct - Citi gets initial bids for Primerica unit: Sources.

Think about it - Do you really own your own business:? rc56atcomcastdotnet


Maybe you should listen to your friend and check it out. Everybody needs life insurance cause if you don't then you shouldn't get car insurance, home insurance or even health insurance.

Insurance are for in case *!*! happens because if they do it's not for you it's for the family you leave behind that will struggle because you were selfish.

@To Ernie

Obvious shill is obvious.


Primerica is a piece of *** My friend got into that *** and now all he wants to do is try to sell me some insurance i dont need.


You make some great points. Primerica the company has never hurt a single client.

If a client has ever been hurt by a Primerica rep, it's the fault of that bad rep, not the company! If I go to Wolfgang Puck's restaurant and the server forgets my order, spills my drink in my lap and spits in my food, that makes the server bad, not the restaurant.


Uckfay you