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I went to a supposed "interview" and get to know the company I was going to check out. I was excited because it was something new to me and I NEED a better job. Well, I find out that there are like 20 other people and it reminded me of those model recruiting things at hotels you can go too.

I got suckered in for it seemed like something wonderful to do for others! Esp. my parents because they are just like the helpless Jones family we learned about. I got to meet with the woman again who called me; I signed, and payed my $99 to get started! I was telling people about this great company I was going to work for now.

The lady and I were suppose to meet again to start training but she was 'too busy' for me and asked if I can reschedule. I said yes and called her the day she wanted me to, to make the time. She never got back to me till 3 DAYS LATER after our planned day.

She called while I had class and wanted to make another day. Claiming to be "so busy" (well why then recruit and meet with me?). I called and left a message and said I cant do it for I work. (She knew and said it was ok I had another job for I'll be able to work around that)

I also told her to call me back for I was free a day she mentioned there is usually training going on. She never called. I still got charged the $99. FOR WHAT?! NOTHING!

I called her AGAIN and told her she either get me trained, and going with this job like I'm suppose to or I want my money back because its not fair. I DO NOT have the $99 to just throw away. I don't make enough and have bills to pay.

Then I find I'm being charged another $25! FOR WHAT! NOTHING! I'm not doing a *** thing. No training, no nothing. I wasnt even told where the headquarter was. Just that our meeting place was at a hotel.

I feel so scammed. And i don't know how I'm going to pay my credit company money I barely have. I only payed because I thought I was going to make good money helping people. I guess its TOO GOOD to be TRUE.

Now I'm going to have to make ANOTHER phone call to her. I want my money back.

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:( I'm really upset. My friend got me in this SCAMMED company, Primerica.

On Saturday morning, I went to Primerica's open house, and I had no idea what that was. On the end, they wanted me to pay 99 dollars, and ask me complete a form that about my family and friends. I did not feel comfortable to bother other. Then, I realized something's not right.

When I got home, I did some search and understand that this is not the job that I am looking for. I called my friend told her IM NOT GONNA DO IT. She never text me back, so I called. She did not pick up the phone either.

*** IT!!!

Then I found her up- line, who also a cheater. Therefore, I went to the Bank closed account, so they wont get my money. Unfortunately, Primerica still charged my 99 dollars for nothing.

I did not receive any service, training.


DO NOT never even trust Primerica.


All I really want is primera to stop taking money out of my checking , I would like my $99 back, I have been trying to contact them about this for 4 months but I could never get the right number in getting my money back that's all I want :?


They have established a new 24 hour hotline to provide for full refunds of anyone who paid agents fees and POL fees, and never got licensed. Within the past 2 years. Call this number for a full refund:



About a couple of months ago, I was recently laid off from my job. An aquaintance of mine approached me and told me about Primerica and how it's supposed to help me be debt free.

He also informed me that it's a great job opportunity cause I get to work on my own time and pace and I get paid according to my performance. Being out of job and needing money, I agreed. So my spouse and I decided to give it a try. We went to two meetings hoping to find more information, and before we knew it, the recruiters are telling us to pay for the IBA and online something.

Long story short, we had some family emergencies and we couldn't pursue primerica anymore at the time. Now, a few months later, I called the Primerica office in hopes of getting a refund and they're telling me it's not possible. They even said that they told us in the beginning that once we pay, the money would be non-refundable. I was shocked because no one told us that in the beginning.

All we were told were the benefits of being in Primerica. I had paid a total of $150 and I want my money back!!!!

Is there anyone that can help me get my mooney back??? Please respond.


same thing happen to me i went for a so call interview but after that i thought that primerica was full of it so i never went back and now in my account it says that primerica has taken out $99 dollars...they are a scam jerks..and whtaver it takes i will get my money back even if i have to take it to court.


If you would contact the home office they will give you your refund if you want to quit. If you look at you will see they are a reputable company and not looking to make proffet of recruits like your self


I suggest you cancel your account and start a new one because they will just keep charging you every month. Just read the other complaints.


I wrote this email and I was helped to FINALLY get my money back. I'm happy for what the lady whom I contacted did to help me. I will never go to Primerica but I'm happy to know that there are some descent workers who do what Primerica is about!


I heard of Primerica, a friend of mine was triying to get me in and I had to pay about 600 dollars just so that I can be a member and sell their life insurance. Whatever!!! I would never pay a company just so that I can get a job...


If you payed the money already. Go ahead and get Life/Health licensed.

That license can be your ticket to bigger and better things.

If you want to quit look at the pluses and minuses. The Life/Health Insurance license is valuable to have.

Just my opinion.


To: Raeiapoc-

Please contact me at Primerica's home office so that I can obtain some additional information from you, and assist you in obtaining your refund. You can reach me thru the email address shown in the company profile, or as indicated below.

Regena Wood

Primerica Financial Services, Inc.

Duluth, GA




Same dirty lies. Primerica is a pyramid and NO company is a pyramid, nor even resembles one.

Nothing said about getting this scam victim her money back. It's the easiest thing in the world to judge dishonesty. Primerica is DISHONEST and it has been documented tens of thousands of times in books, tapes, flyers and websites.

How to get your money back: go to your bank and politely quote Regulation E. Be persistent.

The bank will refund the stealing Primerica did on your credit card. It is stealing. At a real company, you do not pay for training, materials, etc. There are many consumer reports that show what to say.

You need not go to They used to allow exposes of A.L Williams - Primerica.

Now they override the old exposes and do not print new exposes. Profiles in courage.


Hey I am really sorry about what happened to you and your experience with your Primerica agent. I just want you to know that you should really think about going to and just look to see what they are about.

It is really hard to judge a company that is so large by just one encounter with a seemingly untrained leader. I think your judgment should be about the agent, however, not about the company. I happened to run accross the company and they really saved me! I was in a world of hurt and they helped my husband and myself so much that we became a part of the business. Our trainers are amazing and ALWAYS find time for us! But even more importantly this bussiness is about helping people!

What I would suggest is trying to find another base shop where you can speak with one of the reigonal vice presidents about your concerns. Then they could probably get you with a trainer that is more interested in your success like mine has been.

Also... Remember, EVERY company is a PYRAMID... Every company has a CEO and every company has Vice Presidents all the way down to the lowest position. You are either over riding or being over ridden in life! I have participated in a stereotypical "Pyramid Scheme" before and Primerica is nothing like that! They are for real. You just got involved with the wrong leader.

I hope you can find some help! Good luck!