Avon, Indiana

For one thing primerica does whats right for the consumer. The only people that worked with primerica that quit to go somewhere else are those who couldnt make it or got fired for doing wrong.

I have seen seen and heard from people like you to many times and Art Williams wasnt forced out of the company. We still do whats right arts legacy will live on buy term invest the difference i know personally it works so dont tell me or others about your lies. Our track record speaks for itself the largest financial service company anywhere. We do whats right for the consumer 100 % of the time.

What does your company do sell whole life trash value?

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I didn't leave primerica because I couldn't cut it, or got fired.

I left because the company couldn't give my clients what they needed.

What can you do if your client gets declined for life insurance?

Or declined for your smart Loan?

You can't help them any further, what do you do for that client????

Atleast as a broker I can keep going until I can get them help, whereas in Primerica you can't go further.

So who is out for the client 100%????


You're joking, right?


If Primerica offered your client the opportunity to maintain a portion of the term product you sell, for as long as they wanted (beyond the length of the term), would you be against it? In other words, after the 30 years was up, they could keep some of the policy in force at the same premium, just in case they wanted to have burial expenses covered etc.

The answer is, of course you wouldn't be against that option. However, for the same price Primerica charges for straight term, I can give my client the same amount of term coverage, with the option to keep some of the policy in force for life. There is also GUARANTEED cash value that can be gotten to if they desire it.

Is this a poor choice? Would this qualify as "trash value"? Would I be doing anything wrong for this client? I DARE you to say that your straight term is better, I DARE you.


What do you mean by doing what's right 100% of the time? Before you answer, tell me this. If you have a client who can not be covered by Primeica Life, what do you do?

Do you do the right thing for the consumer and refer them to someone else?

So what do you mean by you do what's right 100% of the time.