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Yeah, right, primerica is just to help people, that's a good one! When I was *** enough to go to these meetings, they SPECIFICALLY told us to NOT FIND PEOPLE WHO HAD BAD CREDIT!!!

Basically what they told us was, they wanted us to find people who had a whole bunch of debt, a big house, and awesome credit, WTF??? (and to specifically NOT try to "help" people who had no credit, and didn't own a home!) Normally that's an impossible combo to find, but besides that, these people took my money and when I saw their reps after I decided to not go anymore, these reps would act as if they never even met me! Long story short, if you want to make money with a complete disregard for any integrity these people CAN make you money, but I work in a hotel now doing sales/accounting and when I pull up next to that retarded, personality-less rep in my new Limited edition Lincoln Towncar I'll ask em how great if feels making money being a POS!!

...oh and another thing they DON'T tell you until they think you're gonna get serious; the turnover rate is about 98%, so in other words 98% of the people who go into these meetings come to their senses and realize that's it's just a pyramid scam!....Have fun with that!

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There is definitely still a middle class. And Primerica hasn't been in partnership with CITIbank since 2008.

Just saying. Also, calling people idiots doesn't make you look any smarter.


I have confidence in Primerica and those people that are, as we call it (Low Class) CAN be helped if they learn how to better manage their money.

And those who never had a chance (because they're so-called-drop outs) can have a better chance in Financial Stability.

They ask you for $100 to make sure you're serious enough to become a self motivated business owner and with time, dedication, and hard work, life a better life!!


I have read all of these comments and I am a district leader in new york for primerica. Let me put it like this, if u go to McDonalds and the cashier has an attitude or is too busy texting does that mean that McDonalds franchise is to blame?..No!..

Primerica offers great financial plans for anyone that needs help. the people that say its a "scam" or "pyramid" obviously have no clue about business and /or what it takes to be successful. Do you have any idea what it takes for a company to go "public"and be traded on the New York Stock Exchange??.. Any idea how many Agencies regulate insurance in every state?

We work with some of the most reputable insurance co.'s, mutual fund co.'s, etc...

I would have to think they can afford to do millions of dollars in research before they do business with Primerica.. My suggestion would be to sitdown with someone that can explain what Primerica much better than what you have experienced.


I find the original article very emotional, and not very factual.

FACT: You pay $99 to have a background check done and for Primerica to pay for your: 1. Life Producer license (in your respective state), 2. Series 6, 3. Series 63, 4. Series 26, 5. Mortage Certification (for $.M.A.R.T. loans (30yr, fixed rate)) 6. DebtWatchers Certification, 7. Auto and Home program (39 states require licenses, the other 11, as of Jan. 1, 2010 has a workaround for that) 8. You don't pay office dues, 9. They offer trainings twice per week for free on how to run a business and learn the products they offer, 10. You are an independent agent which means ownership.

IMHO, if all you got out of the $99 was a free professional, state-issued license, some education on finance and owning a business, discounts on your phone bill, and meeting a few new people then you didn't lose too much! Best case, you do what I've done and help people daily, become a Regional Vice President in 6 months, drive a BMW, pay a portion of your parents' bills, and make $20k/mo 14 months into the business, fresh outta college.


P.S. 100% of people who are coachable and are driven to win make it in this business. 100% of people who kinda "try-it out" half-heartedly quit. Here you are a business-owner (1099) not an employee at a J-O-B (W-2).

@What buisness isn't a pyramid?

You make $20k a month? What you failed to disclose was that $20k you supposedly make does not include a dime of your expenses.

After you pay your phone, car, gas, internet, lunches, breakfasts, dinners, trips, travel, office expenses, insurance, supplies, rent, staff, fees, your taxes, etc. you might have $3-$5k left at the end of the month. Those are facts and I left a ton of detailed expenses out. Not to mention your 60-90 hour work weeks.

Add that in you make very little. You don't own your own business. You work independently for another company. When you leave you lose everything.

That is not the same thing. Don't give me the business owners are pyramid speech.

Can you make money yes, but you are not clearing $240k a year. More like $40k.


i recently started up with primerica. yes, you pay $99 down- 30 of which goes to a CORI check.

It's a commitment deposit more than anything. However, I'm in massachusetts, and it costs over $3000 to get the mortgage license and life insurance license alone. So for myself, as I've been wanting to begin a career in financial planning for quite some time, it's really a great bargain. I admit, some of the information they give you is a little misleading in the way they represent it at times, but it's all true.

No one has ever told me to only deal with people with good credit, or anything of that sort. I think it's just tough for many people because they don't give you much time to think about whether or not you want to join the company, so people feel they have to dish out the hundred bucks in order to explore the opportunity.

they don't take the time to talk with people that work there, learn about their experiences and how well they do. Prospecting sucks, but it's necessary to dramatically increase your income.


hmmm, it only cost here $395 to get llqp, not even close to $1000,


hmmm, it only cost here $395 to get llqp, not even close to $1000,


After 3 days, no response to PFS truth



Please break down the "about $1000 worth of licensing"

Because I don't know any one that paid $1000 for their insurance license.

You also fail to mention the $25 a month.

I know software that does more then Call Atlanta and POL that are free.

The $99 does not pay for your security license, you have to jump through more hoops for that.

So again, please break it down for me because I am missing the "about $1000 worth of licensing"


do you even understand that the $100 goes to about $1000 worth of licensing. Primerica loses money to hire and license you.

They don't make a dime off of background checks.

Someone could come to PFS and use them to get free state insurance and securities licenses and then leave. You made some SERIOUSLY uninformed comments.


Primerica is more concerned about taking 100 dollars for a "background check" then helping anyone. I went to these meetings myself.

Bunch a ***. Primerica reps are nothing but dropouts that don't know where to turn. My friend works for Primerica and I quote" WE ARE TRYING TO HELP THE MIDDLE CLASS".

hmmm... there is a recession going on right now.

Explain to me, where is the middle class?... THERE IS NO MIDDLE CLASS YOU IDIOTS.

Primerica is a corporation and is part of citi bank. You idiots who work for primerica are working for one of the biggest corporate pigs.

THEY WANT YOUR 100 dollars!!!


I find the comments made in your posting, don't pass the smell test. There are some inconsistencies with your statements.

I am a Primerica representative and have found the people I work with to be honorable. I currently have a 6 figure Vice President of sales and marketing position. I did check out thouroughly the company and the very least you will leave with is a license to offer Life Insurance and broker securities, what is wrong with that? In a parting shot, I must tell you that a Lincoln Town Car is not a staus symbol.

I am in the auto industry and the Lincoln your so proud of is also prized by every glorified cab company.

Check out how quickly your car has depreciated and oh by the way if you financed the car, your upside down already. Maybe you should have heeded the theories of NO DEBT..