Primerica took my $125 a month that I was paying for 250K and gave me 450k for $100 a month.Which saved me $25 a month.

Then I put the $25 I was saving a month and put it into their mutual fund. If the mutual fund performs like it has the last 75 yrs., I will have 33k, after the 30 yr. term. It must be a scam, b/c citi backs them and we all know citi got to be that big by scamming people.

I know that it sounds to good to be true, but its not. This is what is available to people, banks and insurance companies just don't reveal their secrets.

They don't want you to be smart, becase they lose money when you figure it out.Good Luck!

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Primerica-The real numbers!Primerica's big earners list is not only cumulative back to 1977, but also cumulative by level (ie: a $1M dollar earner also counts as a $100+k and $50+k earner, etc).

When you factor out this accumulation, here are the true counts as of 12/31/14. (Primerica "Destiny" Book)

$50+k earners-3067 reps

$100+k earners-2845 reps

$1M+ earners-51 reps

$2M+ earners-16 reps

$5M+ earners-1 rep That is a grand total of 5980 reps who surpassed the $50k level, at least once, during their best 12 month rolling window, including any advances, since 1977. Many on the list achieved that level only once. When you consider the number of reps who have worked there since 1977, remembering their rep force in earlier years was in the 240,000+ range, and factor in annual turnover rates (currently in the 30+% range), the percentage of big earners is quite low.

For argument sake, assuming a force of 100,000 reps, it represents a mere 6% who ever achieved "greatness" during at least one best 12 month period, at least once.In reality, its less than half that.


The average yearly income for a Primerica rep is $5,600.

In 2011, Primerica recruited 240,000 new sales reps.

At year end they had only 91,000 reps left on their sales force.

Those numbers are from Primerica's annual reports.

If that sounds like a good opportunity to you, I have some oceanfront property in Nebraska to sell you.


a company with such a good reputation sure finds itself defending against claim scams alot!!! i cant scream loud enough of how many complaints at Consumer Affairs say exactjy the same tricks and scams they use to take what little money you have! They do it 99+ dollars at a time with the fake backrund and licensce fees

Sacramento, California, United States #774078

Well I'm not a proponent of Primerica, but it sounds like you are doing quite well.You almost doubled your coverage for the benefit of your surviving spouse and or family, and you are saving $25.00 a month that you weren't saving before.

Even if you break even, you'll have more than you would have otherwise; since you were effectively paying more for your previous policy. How does one turn a good decision into a bad one? Is it mob mentality? If your not saving the money somewhere, shame on you.

You missed the whole point of what you initially did if you're not saving the $$$, and that's what separates the haves from the have not's; poor financial decisions.

I hope you didn't listen to the nay sayers, unless of course you found an even cheaper policy and your saving all that money too!!!

Bridgeton, New Jersey, United States #697981

So should I buy the insurance or not? Who underwrites the insurance for Primerica?

to Cakelady Queens Village, New York, United States #702363

U should.It's the best thing out here.

my nephew is 21 years old just turned IN fact. And he brung a primerica agent to my house and showed me great things. I couldn't believe the things I learned. And I got they insurance as well.

Don't listen to anyone try it out yourself.

The worst thing that could happen is you become educated on something new.Do it it's not a scam it's legit my my nephew just join n rocking house :grin

to primerican aunt Sacramento, California, United States #1149362

As naive as an american could be.Dont trust Primerica with anything.

It is Scam , pyramidal game. You will loose your money with Primerica. I am one who paid 15 years monthly payments for term life insurance.

I lost everything.Never got back a dime.

to Cakelady Fort Worth, Texas, United States #717492

Primerica underwrites their own life insurance policies.They are not the cheapest or most expensive life insurance policies but they do not have all the exclusions and riders that others charge for too.

Also, it's more than just the life insurance!You must understand to invest and become deby free too!

Stockton, California, United States #631634

So, sounds like everyone is either talking about working for or getting hired by Primerica. What I want to know is if you do get insured by them and actually have to file a claim, how will that end up? Has anyone had any experience with filing a claim and receiving their benifits?

to Neko #651852

The claim filing process is quick and straight forward. My personal interaction with it was as painless as possible and the company paid the entire claim without a hiccup.

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