Warren, Michigan
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Ha Ha,how would you know what my car is worth all you know is the make and model of it....and oh, I'm not upside down it's quite the opposite, but thanks for the advice. And I'M curious what the heck are you doing "in the automobile industry" if you're a six figure VP?? That's odd.

Oh, and a towncar isn't a status symbol, no ***. I'm not bragging, it's at the lower end of high end cars to be truthful. And theres nothing wrong with what you do, you could be a very honorable individual and do what you do, but Primerica is a pyramid job!!

My first meeting they sat a piece of paper infront of you ASKING how much you would like to make each week, they gave you 4 options $500 $1,500, or $3,000- $3,500...right from jump, I knew these people were wierdos, they went on to pass out checks to the earners for the week (starter can't make money until they get these licenses, but are told they should attend every weekly meeting untile the are licensed) and they disclosed the amounts in these checks...OUTLOUD!

hmmm...same concept as dangling a porkloin right under a dogs nose, long story short, YOU may be "honorable" but don't deny that theres gimmickry involved in getting these starters in those meetings to stick with it, and If you ARE a vp, and not in the field, then maybe you should check out what's really going on, not just in your office, it's a little different than what you may do day to day.

...go online and look up pyramid scams/jobs that's what primerica is..and they are a SUBSIDY of citigroup, NOT citigroup, so they're telling you what a successful company they are on borrowed numbers so to speak!

Oh, and as for inconsistency, the 98% turnover rate, was a factual number that a manager gave me.....And also, I've seen the business cards, you're a private contractor when you do get the license, you're not actually represented by any firm, and they are not liable for anything you do, they completely sperate themselves from you, you're not actually employed by a brokerage firm or anyone for that matter. (for those of you who are curious)

And oh you, Mr Curious you said you're a vp in one sentence and then said you "Did checked out the company throoughly" that's inconsistent if you ask me..and You're "In the automobile industry" ...sounds like a glorified term for Car Salesman.

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