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I went on what I thought was a job interview / consulting planning interview and instead was recruited to sell Primerica financial services.

I then went to a Thursday night Ra-Ra meeting to see what was going on. This wasn't a sell are products sales motivation meeting, this was a HOW DO WE RECRUIT MORE SUCKERS meeting.

OK. I'm naive and ***. But this is a pyrmaid scheme. Pure and simple. Recruit 10 contacts. Get them to recruit 10 contacts. And so on and so on. Get a cut of their business. You make millions.

Ya. Right.

Everyone under you pyramid is recruiting and selling. Right? Wait a minute. There are no products. All Primerica has done, is setup business alliances with other companies that actually provide car, home insurance, mortgages, re-finances, loans, investment advice, annuities, etc.

Not one of these products is provided by LieMerica. Oops a slip.

Of course if this whole setup was so great and wonderful the LieMerica product line would sell itself. But no. $99 to get started. $25 a month to stay. What a bunch of pissaint ***. YOU can make $1000's a month but we need your $25 a month.

This would be like if every company hired it's employees and then charged them a fee to access the company web site or charged them a monthly fee for their company id cards they wear around their neck.

Its companies like LieMerica that give hardworking honest sales people, brokers, etc. that really are selling and providing badly needed financial services to mainstream America that either don't have the time of the knowledge to plan for themselves.

And finally do you want to know where a companies phone list, your subdivisions phone list, you neighborhoods phone list ends up?

You guessed it.

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Hahaha 99 to go on a university course and become legally liscened to sell insurance. 25 is to maintain you Web page.


This is in response to: massrep.

If this company was so great- why is Citigroup trying to SELL it?!? No primerica rep has been able to answer this for me.


wow.. "Illegal business"?

I'm fairly certain that is liable, and that, my friend, is illegal. Primerica is a subsidiary of one of the top corporations in the world. What they do for their clients is more a service than it is a sale.

Primerica helps middle and lower income families get out of debt, pay off their mortgage faster, and help them plan for their retirement and college funds. did you help anyone today?


I see what the poster was getting at.

at the rara meetings its based on recruiting to make money. Its the only way to make money in Primerica.

I also understand what he means about products. They are citigroup products, Life insurance is the product in Primerica name.

I worked for primerica for a couple years and did well, but can do much better as a broker and actually have products that are good for clients, and lower term products then what Primerica sells.

As a broker I can look into many many many companies to get them the best deal, not just one companies products.



As a competiter why don't you compete in the market place? Instead you take a cowards path & blog nonsense that you can't be held responible for!


Pyramid my ***. You don't get paid if you recruit people, you have to actually work to get paid.

You are dumb and please do us a favor and keep your mouth shut especially if you haven't actually tried the business. And that's bull *** if you think phone lists end up at Primerica so they can call other people.


These are typical responses from Primerica's opposition. They think they know something about the company, but in their own words, they condemn themselves. For instance, he says Primerica has no products to sell. Agents can sell Primerica Life Insurance regulated by each states Department of Insurance. Agents can sell mutual funds and variable annuities, set up IRA's and 401K's regulated by the FINRA (formerly NASD). Agents can sell Loans regulated through either state real estate departments or Department of Corporations. In fact, they may only sell if properly licensed and thus are no different than Prudential, Met Life, New York Life and so on.

Agents are paid if they sell a product. no agent receives commissions from recruiting. The $99 and $25/mo go directly to the home office and never to the agents. With the $99, Primerica pays for the licensing. In California, that is all the recruit pays for. Not bad since in Calif. getting an insurance license, FINRA registration and a Real Estate license would run about $1,500. $99 is a good price, don't ya think? And, the insurance license and FINRA registration is portable. It's not a company license.

You two sound like you are in the same company and are sales people. So, you know how sales is. Like a general insurance agent, one of his agents sells a policy, the agents splits the commissions with the General Agent. And, if the General Agent has a large agency, there will be a manager in the middle. So, when an agent sells a policy, he/she splits the commissions with the manager and general agent. Three levels. The same is true with Real Estate whether selling houses or loans. The agents split commissions with the managers and brokers. Nothing different. Same with Investment Brokers. The more sales people a Broker has, the more money they make right up to the CEO. An agent in Timbucktoo sells a mutual fund in Morgan Stanley, the commissions are split all the way up to Jamie Diamond, the CEO. All big businesses run this way. McDonalds does too.

You might want to take a look at Ripoff and read the article that the Editor wrote as he did a 6 month study on Primerica and then reported on it. He basically said you guys with this kind of complain are baseless and that Primerica is a great business to be involved in.


I was expecting what you were. I had an inkling that this might be for sales- and I asked her - TWICE - if this was for a sales job and she flat out denied it.

Was their office located in a strip mall that was falling apart? At least you didn't go on a Saturday morning.

I wonder how I get them to refund my gas money. Wish I could burn the place down.