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I am an RN for Kaiser Permanente and I have a Masters degree in Nursing. I have been a client of Primerica since 2005. Last year my Father-in-law past away, who was also a client of Primerica, and his agent came and deliverered his life insurance check to my mother-in-law. I am currently working on my doctorate degree and have found direct links between illness and financial stress. The world bank has strategies to keep many of us in debt including our own GOVERNMENT. Most people go to college, come out in debt and work their whOle life as an employee enslaved to the banks; paying interest for years. I've done

extensive research on Primerica and have sat down with recruiters. God gave

me two ears and one mouth, which means listen more than talk. Without open-mindedness, self-control and listening skills, it's easy to be brainwashed by false

witnesses. The Primerica agents who lead from the root of their mission statement become successful, but the ones that chase the money end up rottening and leaving clients with toxic fumes. Art Williams, the founder of Primerica built Primerica on the foundation of righteousness and justice. They help prevent houses from being taken away from widows like my mother-in-law, they teach you the rule 72, they teach and help you get out of debt, they have legal services to help set up a will/trust so that children end up NOT in courts or foster homes if their parents died, they are like the anti-banks that keep us oppressed. Consider it a blessing to be offered a job, it takes special people to do it right. Don't be turned off with the word "recruit." Jesus Christ recruited 12 of the best and built the largest hierarchy known to man, I know it's still around after 2,000 years.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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A doctoral candidate that doesn't know the difference between passed and past?