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I agree with Mary H as I was a consumer that invested in mutuals sold to me by this so called per son who said she was my friend etc etc. I invested our whole and complete retirement money only to be advised by the advisor not to do certain ex.

Payoff mortgage s that amount Ed to nearly 800,000.00. Anyways as the story goes I signed an investment application then I asked for a copy of it some months later she told me that she thinks it's documented and shredded. Anyways one of the mortgages was a business loan and decided to pay it off the 2nd mortgage holder kept renewing it annually and putting high administrative fees at it yearly . This was one of mortgages this advisor told me not to pay off lol.

Anyways after I paid it off it depleted the investment . I then found out forgery going on. I was finally able to get copies of the investment application none of the signatures were mine plus the information on it is wrong. I took all this to Primerica and the determination from them was that they agreed the signatures were forged but unable to determine if it was my advisor doing the forgery.

I took it to court the lawyer was looking for security for costs, so they price you out of the market. So run run run when you hear Primerica

Product or Service Mentioned: Primerica Retirement Plan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You mentioned that you contacted Primerica and subsequently retained counsel. If you are dissatisfied, you should contact Primerica, or have your attorney contact them to discuss your concerns. RW-Primerica

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