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before a presentation with priamerica i was told to fill out a preapplication in the event i wanted to join and for government reasons to *** out criminals my account was charged 3days later it was understood that i wasnt joining anything i received a call fronm the bank telling me that my account had to debited without my approval the rep took it among himself to take funds and sign me up with a company that i knew nothing about and then offered to give me my money back why why why i did not approbe anything.why why why

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I think you had some errors in your data entry. LOL



You must not know how to do research on a business if this is how you do it. You go to web sites specifically designed for bashing companies, and you decide to judge them by that?

*** decision if you ask me. Check the Better Business Bureau or something along those lines. They are much more objective- they are there to inform consumers, not brainwash them. Primerica does great things for people- and they don't charge anything to their clients.

They show them a plan. My friend only had $22,000 in debt between student loans and a few credit cards. The way she was paying it off, it would have taken her over three hundred years to pay it off. I did a finacial needs analysis, and showed her how she can pay off her debt completely in four years, and save over $9 million for retirement using the money she was paying her debt with every month.

She did not pay us a cent, but she was so grateful for the information, and has already implemented her debt stacking plan. She didn't really want life insurance, so I didn't sell it to her. We don't force people to buy things. Young people without families of their own don't realize the financial burden their untimely death would have on their family, but if they don't want it- that's fine.

Primerica can work miracles for many families out there.

We don't sell people things that they don't need. If it ain't broke, we don't fix it.


its the Primerica way, put down others and all have the same defense.

We who don't like primerica or left primerica, or was a client that was not happy are dumb and lazy!



I wouldn't be so quick to point out someones else's spelling when your grammar isn't exactly perfect. I think its a pity people like you are so quick judge others based off of a few lines of text.

I have an appointment today to meet with a rep from Primerica. However, after reading more negative comments about them than good, I've decided not to go. I think my six chapters of homework are more important than having my time wasted.


Why are you guys bashing this guys/girls spelling?? Maybe they were angry and typing fast.

Hey Chris, I wouldn't talk. Re-read your own post. Primerica pushes their agents to get your account numbers. I refused and pay my bill how and when I want to.

He didn't want to leave my house without my account number. :p


I'm a $7/hr cashier. LOL

I have more pending life apps this month than your entire Primerica office.


It is just very very funny how uneducated people go on websites to put down a company that they might have attempted to work with and failed to succeed at....It is a pity that people might get the wrong appearance of this company because of 7 dollar and hour cashiers like you guys...


What are the Primerica agents complaining about?

These are the type of people you recruit.

Whether they can spell or not you want their $99 down and $25 a month and to sign that IBA.


Grammatical nightmare criticizing spelling.

:eek :eek :eek


I would suggest before bashing a company you know nothing about because they have a obviously *** rep, you should learn how to spell correctly.