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My mother was a client of Prime America. Why, I have no idea. She was terminally ill and in her will she stated that I receive an inheritance. The "agent" liquidated some of my mom's bank accounts and gave me basically half of my inheritance. My sister told me that even though I'd received half of my inheritance from the life insurance company, I could keep the full amount rather than give back the difference. the "agent" was the witness.

I was going to invest with Prime America because another family members savings which I believe is with Prime America is doing well. But i found out that they can only do business with people who live in the U.S. Because I still got bank statements to go to my sister's address in America, they claimed that I could still do business with them. In the end, I refused because I live in England and the bank statements are in my maiden name (haven't had time to change it). And when I told the "agent" that I won't be doing business with their company, they told me to return the "difference" to my sister even though she said I could keep it.

The so called office I went to was almost a boiler room set up - people sitting at fold up tables which is quite shady and plus the "agent"s e-mail address what not a business one, but personal.

My recommendation - run from them.

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My dad has had prime America for years over 25 or more he was accidentally killed while working. March 2013.

:( The life insurance policy would pay my mother double yet the defined her claim totally! I don't understand!

They faithfully took their money yet refuse to stand by their policy! So where does the money go?

@***ed daughter

There is no double or triple indemnity in our policies. EVER


I would like to respond to your situation as the thing I hate most is people taking advantage of other people, especially when they are in situations that are new to them. 1st off they have no authority to tell you how the inheritance is to be divide nor are they certified to tell you how the inheritance is to be spent.

2nd they have no authority to liquid your mothers assets or bank accounts. Unless your mother signed a power of attorney form which is shady for a finacial planner to take control over a clients estate. 3rd It has no relevance where you live or what your last name is to an investment. If there was not a power attorney signed I would file charges against the agent.

I would also file a complaint with the securities board and let them know how your agent was mis handling your mother funds. I am also very sorry for your loss of your mother.