Columbus, Ohio
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I have been contacted on several occasions about employment by primerica in columbus, oh. They don't take "no" for an answer.

Every time I post a resume on internet search engines they call. They not only call you, but all of your references too! I told her in a voice mail that my resume and contacts were off limits, but she continues to call us! She called me this morning and then called my wife.

I wrote her and faxed her an ultimatum and wrote the marketing department a similar letter. We'll see if it is heard! I'll be contacting the state and anyone else I can to see if it is legal to use unsolicited information from resume's to gain employee's.

I've been nice, and I've also been an ***, but they just don't get it!

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I guess Primerica got wise to all of the complaints filed against them and won't give the name of their company over the phone. This company is a more aggressive, deceitful version of the pyramid scheme.

I had to put on a suit and drive thirty minutes to go to a commercial posing as a job interview. It was pretty annoying and humiliating, but nothing compared to the people who have lost careers and cash to this sleazy company.


I have received repeated calls from a mentally challenged Primerica *** named Tal Grossman, claiming to have a "job" for me. This *** is a total loser and failure, with a very bad reputation in the Toronto area.


Dear wont believe this AT ALL. BUt I turned down a job with promerican also.

I know it is "beyond your comprehension", but I don't want to be with a company that has such high turn-over that they have to constantly recruit. They are a multi level marketing orginization and Citibank should shut them down


If these calls are persistent and annoying after you mentioned not having interest, besides the point of stealing your resume-ID on line-you can sue the person who is calling you and the company she/he represents.


Dear Matthew-I am a home office employee and would be happy to assist you with your concerns. Please feel free to contact me at Primerica's home office.

Regena Wood





Primerica maintains an internal do not contact list. If for some reason beyond my comprehension you dont want to be offered an opportunity with the company, contact corporate and ask to be put on this list


Just tell them you already have a job and don't want another one