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Ok, I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Most of us that come to this website are fairly knowledgeable about Primerica because have all experienced it in one form or another. We've been there, know exactly how the game is played, and come here merely to explain to the newer agents that the carrot is not worth chasing.

There's truly no debate on products. Primerica is not competitive in either price or product features and/or availability. So, what is the attraction to stay in and defend Primerica?

There are a few things that seem to be the center of focus anytime one of the newbies come on this and other sites.

The first is the "good guy" company theory. For some reason, they're taught that EVERY other company preys upon middle America to buy the "evil" cash value policies. Primerica teaches their downlines to believe that they always do what's right, 100% of the time. It's a great theory, but most people in our industry always do the right thing. Primerica's "rescue the debt-laden middle American" mantra by offering significantly overpriced products is underhanded, at best.

The next theory is "Well, I've already invested time and money, I may as well see this through". My RVP tells me "only losers quit". He's not a loser, he's a big "RVP", and he must be right. After all, this guy came into this industry without any formal training and became an RVP, so why can't I? The unfortunate part is most RVPs still don't know anything about the business other than what was "taught" by his unknowledgable upline. Has anyone EVER met a Primerica rep/RVP that was a member of NAIFA? The reason you won't is because Primerica intentionally keeps their force in a cocoon. They don't want them to know any other way.

Another one of the theories the newbies like to employ is that we're all people who couldn't make it in Primerica. I was doing very well in Primerica and noticed relatively early how awful the product selection and price was. I decided I didn't want to "pretend" to do what's right 100% of the time, I wanted to DO what's right, 100% of the time. Bashing cash value policies so people could invest the difference sounded great. Then, I realized how much MORE they could invest if I wasn't ripping them off for premium. I also realized there are several reasons why cash value may be the only option to achieve certain goals, much of which are way beyond the scope of simple Primerica education. I know there have been plenty of others on this site who are obviously still in the business, so it wasn't a matter of "making it" with Primerica.

So why exactly do these people continue with the company, even when they're proven wrong? Is the "dream" they've been sold? Can a fry-guy really become a RVP in a few short months? Does the agent even question the fact that they are giving financial advice based upon a sales tool disguised as a financial plan, when they know *** well that they really know a lot more than the client but VERY LITTLE in comparison to real finance professionals? Is that similar to taking advantage of the less fortunate?


Monetary Loss: $1.

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I assume your in PFS, but are playing the role of an outsider.

The issue most of us have with PFS is not the "business" side of the home office. It is an amazing & profitable company for PFS. Our issue is with the misleading, lack of training, and even brainwashing you see in the local Primerica baseshops.

All any of us are suggesting is that anyone who is interested in becoming a client of PFS is that they shop around. Get a couple different quotes. If you are looking at mortgage with PFS ($MART) then we tell people to go compare it to a 20yr conventional fixed loan. That is all we are doing.

NONE of us are making any money on this advice!!! We are not the ones who are getting the life sales or the mortgages! All we are doing is trying to help the clients & unknowing PFS reps.

Why don't you go out & hire 3 people, then help those 3 people hire 3 people, then get all the top 25s and you will be an RVP before you know it! (That is sarcasm!)

Just a little warning -- If you are a PFS rep I would suggest you get off of these sites before your world crumbles in on you! The truth is once you know that Primerica is not what your RVP & John Addison try to make it out to be, you will leave. You can not knowingly ripoff people when you know there are much better options for them.


When they're in PFS. They have to pretend they're not, but it would "be ok to be in it" LOL

No one, that's right NO ONE outside PFS, in the financial services field has ANY respect for PFS. They ALL know-nothing part timers who preach the PFS scripture, usually without verifying a word.

"I'm not in PFS! Not that I wouldn't like to be. It's a great company. "


It's sad to see all this happening to PFS and it's ex-reps/mgrs and rvp's. It really is!

I'm not in PFS! Not that I wouldn't like to be. It's a great company. But I've made a commitment elsewhere for now. But I've watched PFS emerge from A.L. Williams in the early days. It's not been an easy transition. The hate, the lies, the bended truths, the emotions and perceptions of people through the years have been vicious, false and ever slandering and relentlessly without number.

In all I've ever read and that's been inumerable amounts of literature both for and against it has never ceased to amaze me how little critcle thinking has taken place. I learned decades ago that all media input is nothing more than someone's own opinion, nothing more, based on their own experiences and nothing more. And because one percieves it one way doesn't mean that there's not another side of a story. Or what I happily refer to the 3 sides of truth. His side. Their side! and then the real truth as truth based on facts. Which are also dangerous because facts are opinions too, based on someone's own evaluation of what they believe is true.

No business nor its people are without flaw or imperfection.

PFS is a business!!! It never claims to be the cheapest! nor the least expensive! such things do not exist! a company could not afford to stay in business or meet its obligations that way. Not even PFS.

Like every business, if you like it and they are doing the best with what is available to them and your making progress stay with them. It must mean its working for you. If not get out! the misery of being unhappy in your employment isn't worth the money you make no matter how much you're making.

If you've already quit but not left, you really need to quit! Now!

If you're unhappy because you don't know enough! Learn it! You're not a victim! There are none. You can make the time to learn it and get really good or you can just stay where you are and muttle through it. And hope for the best! It's your choice!! You're not a puppet or brainwashed! Your just not thinking clearly. See things as they really are to you, that's all you can go by. Its your perception of your reality. And your reality is what you believe it is or can be! Its your choice.

Don't listen to these people who have nothing to say but things are demeaning, pitiful, or caught up with their own confusions and choas. Their looking for sympathy and support to validate their decisions. Be you own person!!!!!!!!!!!! Make up your own mind!!! And whatever you decide that's great! At least you made a decision! Now you can move forward with your life and put all this behind you.

Have a great life! Its the only one you have!!!!!!!!!

James :)


Thanks..I remember back in the day when all there were was a few sites with Ken Young's being the major one. Back in those days PFS would try to have them shut down..But those online battles used to be classic..Today I can see the need for a name change.


Finally free post the cult link. That's a major issue with some who reach hig incomes.

they can't leave. They could, but they don't want to start over again. That noncompete is there for a reason. From day one agents are up against theat two year window.

How can anyone be told not to contact agnets and/or policy holders when in many instances they are family members or friends? Especially when you as the agents do all the leg work and time to recruit, train and sell...Hire greenies..


You are so right. When I was a newbie I would go on Ken Young's website and defend PFS to the end. When I became a RVP I totally avoided all websites about PFS and instructed my downline to the same.

When a friend opened my eyes a over a year ago I was shocked. It took me about 10 months to decide to leave, my wife & I felt some strange loyalty to the company and didn't want to be a quitter. We were as brainwashed as our downlines. When I told my SVP I was leaving he begged me to stay and talk to our OSJ/NSD. I agreed and that next week I walked in to find my SVP, NSD, & SNSD present. At first it was all buddy buddy, but when I told them why I was leaving they got defensive. My SNSD is one of the top SNSD's in the company making over $3 million a year. Yet he spewed the same talking points as a brand new rep. I showed them the numbers & how much we were screwing clients. It was like I was speaking Sanskrit!! I walked out with them threatening me with legal action if I touched 1 client or 1 recruit. I'm telling you Primerica it's self is an ingenious business model (for the company), but once you leave the corporate level it is a cult!!! I felt horrible leaving the company even though I knew it was the right thing to do!! Scary Stuff!!!

I consider myself a guy of average intelligence with way above average work ethic. When I left Primerica I was mentored by another ex-Primerica who saw the light in the mid 1990s. I was shocked what I found out. I was embarrassed I sold this *** to my family & friends.

Why I think Primerica reps are so loyal and allow themselves to be brainwashed is simple. This is what happened with me.

I left the military and started going to college. I was working a full time job and going to college full time. One day a guy told me he saw a lot of potential in me. I was thrilled with the kind words. I went to the meeting & joined immediately. My new buddy, my RVP, spend almost everynight with me & my wife. We were in heaven, this was the answer to our prayers. We got licensed and came out of the gate smoking. We were number one in every category. We got plaques, trips, hugs, high fives, we spoke at conventions & fast start schools. We loved feeling special & important. We kept hearing our RVPs say Quitter never win & winners never quit -- Friend never quit on friends. At Primerica we felt at home our family. Honestly we were crazy loyal. We missed family events, bday parties, weddings, and other things because to be successful in PFS you need to make sacrifices. Until the day -- THE DAY -- we told our SVP that we were quitting we were receiving calls from baseshops in CA & NJ to be the keynote speaker at the next fast start schools. So we weren't in Primerica we were Primerica. How did two educated & stable people fall into this mess. Simple

Someone molded us & sold us a dream. Constantly telling us we were doing the best thing for our family & clients. We were making just shy of $200k a year and nothing was going to stop us. Our SVP, NSD, & SNSD begged me to stop talking to my friend who was an independent agent. Why? they knew sooner or later we find out the truth.

I had lunch with a fellow RVP (who still has a huge baseshop here) and he is so fed up with Primerica. He is scared because of what he saw them do to me & since he has over 25 years in the company his entire life is Primerica. He is afraid of having his world crash in on him. He told me that the new Custom Protection series for Primerica life has cut comp down on RVPs from 95% to as low as 60% in some cases.

Art Williams goal was to create a business where the sales force was king. Now Primerica has gotten fat & greedy off their clients & agents. Paying the agents a fraction of the compensation they deserve while charging the clients (the agents family & friends) insane amounts for their life insurance.

Although I can not solicit my former clients for 2 years I have gotten calls from 3 other agents from who left another local PFS office. I did quotes for them & will be replacing 6 more PFS policies this week.

I wish there was a dedicated site to tell the truth about Primerica & the lies that they tell. I found Primerica on a Cult watch list a few nights ago & I was shocked to see how many families were torn apart by these local cult leaders --aka RVPs.

"Some will, some won't, so what" - Art


See you at the top!


As you say it's the newby's who post. An experienced PFS rep.

can't post because they will be exposed by how much they don't know. There can not ba a debate when one side only knows one side. Many of us who left PFS have learned quite a bit outside of PFS.

We post facts that can be researched. Not something someone has told us..See you at the top.