Reston, Virginia

They suck. The agent was a liar and a cheap.

2Months after my husband passed. I requested info on whole life Ins. What I got and what I wanted were two different stories. Got a letter of conformation for policy, but never received one.

Called and they said it was on file. I wanted a $50,000 whole life, but have been billed for $20,000 for term life. Realized tody went and Ins. reveiwed my Ins.

Then told me, what I been paying for 7yrs and 7 months was term life.

What a shocker!!!!! The lying *** It was Priamerica life Ins

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Why would you want whole life? Have you really looked into that trash?


Term is the way to go, if you listen to your agent, you will be self insured with well over 50,000. Be real, don't put dumb complaints out there.


To Lee, the insurance salesman: You are comparing apples and oranges here. You are trying to say premiums are equal with a 30 year and 20 year level term. They are not. That's the first deception. You made no mention of age either. The 20 year term would have been substantially less with Primerica in any event. Put that all together and investing the difference in mutual funds would wipe your plan out.

Second, the fact is, 90% of whole life policies have loans on the cash values. Oh, you forgot to mention that people take loans out of their whole life insurance policies all the time to buy TV's and many other things. But, then, if your client dies, that loan is subtracted from their death benefit when they need the whole death benefit the most. Bad choice. And, when an insured dies, the cash value is stolen by the insurance company. Did you tell your client that the company keeps her cash values and her family doesn't get the cash values when she dies?

With Term and investing outside the policy, no loans are necessary. And, when the insured dies, the family gets both the full death benefit and the investment, all of it!!!

Trying to scam people into buying whole life simply does one thing, pads the agents bank account, not the clients.


less than 2% of people having a term life policy ever make a claim. most cancel it when renewal time comes and their rates go up to $400+ per month.


*** indian :P i them :(


When comparing some of the "great" term policies by Primerica, you find the cost is similar to a whole life with a term rider attached. But what happens when you invest the difference? I compared a $275,000 term 30 with Primerica and the premium was $54 a month. I then built a $25000 whole life with a $250,000 term 20 rider because she does not need the term forever, for $60 a month. in 20 years with primerica that $6 bucks a month invested for 20 years at 5% was worth $2800, with her WHole Life,the guaranteed cash value was $5800, with dividends it was more like $11,000. So tell me what Primerica would invest you in to return you higher than that.

Why would you need a life policy to help you save money? well for example you deal with your typical middle aged family and they go buy stuff they dont need all the time. How are you helping them get out of debt? People are not going to collapse their life policy to buy a TV however they will tap into their investments to buy a TV. So how much further ahead will they really be by buying Term?

Be interesting how you guys do estate planning with costly term policies to old business owners as well. A well positioned Whole Life or UL early on in life is a god send for estate planning.


You neglect to say what you invested the $6.00 a month in. I know it is not mutual funds because you can not buy into mutual funds with $6.00 a month.

(minimum $25.00 per month per fund position with Primerica options).If you did invest in mutual funds, which one(s). Your math seems a little off to me but again I do not know what you invested in.


What age was that whole life Calculated on... Because I'm age 30 and a 250,000 whole is way more that $60.00, unless you did that calculation on a baby....


My father had a Primerica term life insurance policy. He passed away in 1998, and his representative showed up at my door with a check. I had to fill out one paper. No hassles at all.

My dad had another policy for his wife, but it wasn't a Primerica policy. She went through a bunch of *** collecting on it. They ordered his medical records, questioned the coroner, tried to deny the claim twice. It was ridiculous.

Primerica did try to recruit me. I've seen this marketing method before with Amway and Cutco so I didn't ***, but I did learn so much from the representative, i.e. the rule of 72, compound interest, etc.

A Dean Witter rep. came by with the same information. I invested with both companies. In 2000, I lost ALL of the money that I invested with Dean Witter due to faulty advice by a rep. that was looking for commissions.

I still have some of my money invested with Primerica/Smith Barney funds. They've done nothing but grow since 1998. I took some out in 2008 to make some other investments. Again, no hassles, at all.

I do know that Primerica does NOT sell whole-life policies, or at least they didn't back then. You must have run across a real *** that sure didn't put the company in a good light. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I'd be ticked off if I learned that my policy was something completely different than what I thought I had.

Just wanted to let you know that most of the people that you'll deal with in Primerica are pretty decent.


Well known as a fraud and a scam. Stay away from this MLM fraud at all cost!

@L Ron ScamHammer

I beg to differ with your opinion. Primerica is neither a fraud or a scam.

They sell real products to real people.

As with any company, you can not keep everyone happy. It is easy to say a company is fraudulent or perpetrating a scam but you offer nothing to back it up.

@L Ron ScamHammer

I find it hard to believe you bought a term life policy thinking it was a whole life policy. Primerica does not offer whole life and if you went to them asking for a whole life I am sure you would have been told they do not offer that but do offer term life.

In your own words .... Lying ***


I work for Primerica and I think you're the scammer. No one even knows what whole life insurance is unless they're an agent.

First, Primerica doesn't sell whole life-we only sell term because it's the most economically sound choice. Second, whole life has a savings account attached: why do I need an insurance company to help me save my money? Lastly, why would you only want a $50,000 policy? that's not enough to bury you, let alone take care of your family after you're dead.

I have a policy for $200,000 and I only pay $33. Sounds like you're full of ***.


I'm sorry but never buy a wholelife policy, if you talk to any financial Service or Insurance person they have term insurance on them and their family.