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ok first off i am not a primerica rep or vp or rvp or any of that but i do have close friends that work for the company and guess what i found out primerica is NOT a scam,or a freakin pyramid mlm and you dont get pressured into selling anything its just like when you hear and see that slogan about "an equal business opportunity" just think about that and what it means to you. now this comment is for all those primerica bashers and crybabies out there who obviously dont know squat about business or owning one for that matter you must not have anything else to do with your miserable little lives than to log onto numerous fecalmatic sites (like this one) and *** on something you clearly know nothing about.

now i went to one of those so called "cult meetings" and it was anything but ok and i dont need to go into detail about what happened because i know ill have some cult posterchild trying to e-mail me about all this *** i need to know about the company please spare me the details! my suggestion for anyone that wants to get involved with the company do your own research and determine for yourself weather its for you or not because people make a business not the other way around i mean consider this if you had your own business and people were not representing it the right way what do you think is going to happen? of course its gonna get a bad name because of the people within the business.

the only people that dwell on these types of sites are incompetent jerkoffs who needed an extra nipple to suck on since mommies isnt available anymore so i urge you please stay away from *** like this because its really a waste of your to the bozo that said citi is about to sell primerica please give me the article page or site where you got it from because i looked it up at wall street and guess what they didnt have it to display so please respond to this (like i know you will) and give it to me in real detail and dont worry ILL WAIT!

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That's your problem:

Good for you


You think we're here to "derail" you. Instead, take a step back and see if just **one** of us might have left Primerica because we saw through the BS, not because we didn't want to work hard.

I spend 50-60 hours a week helping people.

I make more money and offer more products and a much more competitive price point than I would at Primerica. Also, I don't have to annoy people trying to give them a false sense of business ownership.


Robert, Don't waste your time. This guy is just going to cut and paste the same old stuff he always says regarding Primerica in response to your posting.

He obviously has an axe to grind when it comes to Primerica. Robert, go out there and be productive and just let this guy waste his own time but don't let him waste yours, he's not worth it. He gets off on trying to derail you and take you away from what you should be doing but don't let him. He shows himself for what he is every time he writes anything anyway.

I showed this site to one of my non-Primerica friends last night and he just laughed at the guy. He's ridiculous.


Sounds to me that the person who wrote this article. Was NOT successful in Primerica.

Primerica works and is a great company.

If you truly know how business works its a numbers game. You fortunately for Primerica are one the ones who quit and couldn't take the pressure of building a business.


In other words, you can find NOTHING baseless in what I said and you are angry.

Angry because it is all true and I am letting your potential recruits and clients find this information out BEFORE they sign an IBA or Primerica Life Insurance. So they can make an educated decision.

To me this is fun because:

1. Primericans get SO MAD when repeating the rah rah stuff they learned on Saturday training doesn’t work (it normally results in name calling from the Primerican agent).

2. I get paid no matter what I do because I have a bunch of independent agents working for me.

3. I get to educate people because in the words of Art Williams “it’s not about the money … Educate the family … Let the family decide what’s better”

“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”


vtch, you just can't stop can you? You're pathetic. go and get a job.


Please tell me what is a “baseless accusation” about what I say:

1. The IBA is a legal binding contract.

2. Primerica has chargebacks.

3. An agent does not OWN their business, the SVP (not even an RVP) does.

4. Primerica is priced higher than a lot of other term policies (check

5. Primerica policies are not different than term policies from other companies.

6. Primerica is NOT the largest seller of term life insurance.

7. People who leave Primerica are not quitters or couldn’t make it at Primerica … people making six figures have left Primerica for better opportunities…. and helping a lot of people … you just don’t know those other companies exist. Because they don’t have clients and reps complaining about those companies online.

8. Primerica agents are captive agents

9. Primerica agents have to give up a “leg” (your MOST productive team) to become an RVP

10. You HAVE to recruit to move up in Primerica

11. Primerica agents have to be full time to become RVP

12. You can be “Rolled Back” which means lose the promotions that you have received and the commission levels at your RVPs discretion.

These are all facts … not “baseless accusations” …

And I think I know a little about Primerica … I worked there for 3 years. … and left on good terms

Telling the truth is NOT bashing ….. it is telling the truth.

I have NEVER said:

1. Primerica is a pyramid scheme.

2. Primericans are just getting paid to recruit

3. Any of Primerica’s practices or products are illegal

4. Cash Value is better than term (I have said Term is better 95% of the time and that I have never sold Cash Value in my career)

So again I invite you tell me that the first 12 are NOT FACTS. …. Don’t believe me … read your IBA.



Ever wonder why they tell you to tell the new idiots "We're a division of Citigroup, you know that big bank and credit card company"? It's to lend credibility to a multi-level pyramid scam. It was the only reason I ever joined, until I realized what a complete sham it was. Once the ability to sound credible at all disappears, so does your recruitment force and chances of doing business. Don't you think for a second that people might not price shop their insurance because it's through that big bank company? What happens when they do start shopping and find out you're over 50% more than other companies?

Overpriced insurance, smoke n mirrors mortgages, heavily loaded funds sold by people who were making minimum wage just 2 months earlier. What a great company. LOL


(that's not a contract level, those are my initials)


Very well said! Thank you.

The persons who dwell on this site (one in particular - Vtch, you know who you are) constantly trying to make baseless accusations on things that they know nothing about are just sad. You have to wonder how they hold down a real job, IF they do at all. If they would spend just half the time they waste on this site they might actually build a life instead of the obviously pathetic existence they call a life now. Is Citi going to sell Primerica - probably, that's the chatter anyway.

For BILLIONS! Will there be some changes?

Probably. But it will not affect Primerica's ability to operate in any way.


Let's see if you stand up and say you were mistaken or not fully informed. I think the "Bozo's" should get an apology.



Wow ... you got 3 links right away ... for someone who wants people to research, looks like you don't try very hard to research information yourself.

They found what you could not in minutes.