Columbus, Ohio

My daughter entered a local thrift store to apply for a position. The position the lady "Rocky" was hiring for was insurance agent/financial planner. She was a good sales person and offered training. She told her that all she needed to get her started was her bank account number and routing number. My unsuspecting daughter gave it to her. She had not been exposed to such a crook before so she trusted her to do the right thing. She was told that she had 30 days to change her mind.

Cassie called her back when she got home and told her that she had changed her mind. The lady said ok.

Soon after, she began getting overdraft notices and decided to look into it only to find out that this company was taking money from her account. They cleaned out her checking account and began working on her savings account. When the lady was questioned, she remembered that Cassie had called her but that it was too late. She did not tell Cassie that. Bottome line. She cant get her money back.

Monetary Loss: $124.

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Someone responed to a job i applyed for online, told me i will get my money up front blah blah blah, they were gonna wire me money, then next thing you know i havent heard from them,i didnt give them a account number before i caught on to the scam was the email, they wanted to know if i was a female or male and was i single what does that have to do with a job, theres creeps in this world


Seeing as how you do not know that Primerica and Prime America are two different companies, I can see you as well as your daughter did not do the proper research before posting your comment to this website. If either of you had a clue you would be in Primerica making serious money. But as an agent that makes well over $600,000 a year, I will appolize for the person that recruited you, they were obviously in the "wrong market"!


someone I know just got "hired" there but found out that this was a scam so they are not going in but since they have his ss# can they ask for the application back so they dont have that info?


Your Daughter wasn't scammed. She gave up the info!

When she changed her mind she had to request a refund which takes time to process. If the company is Primerica you are talking about, they will refund the money no problem.


:( Didnt you teach your daughter not too give out personal information and too always ask questions when applying for a job.



To those being demeaning and nasty...

Just because a young girl was overly trusting and made a mistake is NO reason to demeaning and nasty. At least she is trying to be a decent person...a skill you seem to lack.


If your daughter was sitting with a PRIMERICA rep then the one time fee of $99.00 would have been required for your daughters back ground check. A $25.00 monthly fee for a Primerica online subscription would NOT be required if your duaghter didnt want to have access to it. Your daugter has 120 days to request for a refund -$30 for processing.

**** There would NO way for Primerica to draft from a savings account unless it was given to the company.

NOW if it was Prim America then your daughter was most likely scamed.


You guys are very rude.


:grin y the heck would any adult give their personal info out to a stranger?????


HEllo Miss....

You daughter was treated very unfairly..

I work for a Legal company that is on the NYSE and has been serving people with needs such as yours for the past 38 years...

please contact me.

I look forward to helping you and your daughter get her money back.


Your daughter may have had to endure this to understand the importance of not giving out personal information and that there are crazy people in the world that care about nothing but themselves. Your daughter learned a valuable lesson which will help her in the future. The scam artist will get hers, THERE IS A GOD.


Contacting Primerica directly will help you get to the bottom of this. They can look into helping recover funds, but most likely they will be helping you file fraud charges with the police.

This may also be a different company altogether called, Prime America. They are also an insurance company, but on a much lower level and with a different product mix. They also charge alot more, and alot more often, for anything to do with them. Primerica does not.

Either your daughter was caught by a true scam, or by one of Prime America's disreputable reps. Either way she screwed up by not reading whatever it was she was signing.


Your daughter would have had to give authorization for the bank to allow such a draft. AND unless she provided her accounts info for both accounts, there is no way that they could "clean" out both accounts.

Sounds like your daughter signed a contract and didn't understand the terms or, lke the previous posters said, she gave the info to someone who was not actually with Primerica or she is lying to you. And of course when you give bank info to someone there is a reason for it.

If you weren't permitting someone to draft your account why on earth would you give your bank info? That's just plain dumb.


How do you know the person who said they were Prime America was with them and not just scamming. Did you contact the company and what did they say.



A FIFTH GRADER IS SMARTER THAN YOUR DAUGHTER IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset


Either your daughter spent that money herself and is too scared to admit it to you or she is so *** to give her personnal info. I bet if someone told your daughter they were selling her a bridge in brooklyn she would buy it.