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I just wanted to say....thanks!

I guess this very nice well spoken young lady met my wife and told her she had a great job for her, and that she would get in touch with her in a few days...

Well it seems maybe a month went by and finally she contacted my wife again. My wife went to the primerica office and talked to this young women. After my wife listened to the speech she was convinced it was not for her, but she thought this would be the perfect job for me. You see I am a salesman, and love stocks and things like that.

I met up with the wife and kids later that day and she gave primerica's number... I spoke with Michelle and she was very nice. We had a great conversation and so forth. When I heard the word citigroup i thought wow perhaps this would be a good place to work. (little voice in head saying wait for the hook) I finally asked...OK, how much will i have to pay to work. (sounds like a silly concept) and then here came the $199 thing. I manage most of the state's salesmen for my employer, so I do a lot of phone script training, including alternate proposals and such and was actually laughing when I started to hear the similar things in her conversation. (see people, in almost all jobs, its the person who wants the job that should be doing the convincing not the 'employer') But she was a great conversationalist, I would interview her for a position anytime, anyways...So when she somewhat stumbled through the appointment setting stage (finally making a set time after her Husband helped from the background) she asked where we should meet.

She did offer to come to my house, why?, hummmm but I said,'no, your office will be better, I want to see exactly what I am getting into', She said great...background noise, and then no, because the office is also shared with another broker who is doing training with his people on that day.(Strange that we share office space with a broker). I then said my office would be fine Saturday at 1000 am. It was not until about an hour later that it hit me

1. what employer would convince me to work for them , on a Saturday, in another mans office, with his wife, for $199.

I can tell you who....a real good salesperson, or a desperate salesperson, but not a great employer.

I came home researched until I found your site and read, and read, and read. Have you ever heard the term if you tell a lie loud enough and long enough it will become the truth?

What made me finally decide to keep my $199 bucks, skip the meeting was when I read comments from the happy primerica reps. The comments written were almost verbatim with quotes from the rep I talked to today, it was funny really. So, I called the rep back, and left this message...

'hello, this is me, I have decided that I will not be at our appointment tomorrow, instead I am going fishing if the weather permits....I did some searching around and found enough data to not meet with you tomorrow, however if you and your husband would still like to meet with me, you can come to my office on Monday when I will be having my production meeting with about 9 of my top salesmen and lets see if you are able to convince them that this is really a great deal.'

I wonder if they will show up... If they do I will enter in all that takes place, should be funny.

Thank you for this web site, I am sorry for those that suffered, and if it helps at all, your comments helped me save my weekend, my pride, and my $199 bucks!

Monetary Loss: $199.

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You seem very educated and able to make your own decisions. I'm surprised someone like you would rely on the comments here to make a decision about your own life?!

Especially to come to a site so obviously biased. Hope she does show up so you can learn as much as possible and make your own decision!


Please take the time to read my post "12yrs experience with Primerica" just in case she shows up.

I have no doubt that the young lady who you & your wife spoke to was very nice!!! For the most part people in Primerica are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, but their lack of knowledge and limited financial education is their down fall. Most Primerica people truly believe they are doing what's best for their clients, but they just do not know any better.

First off the concept of a "job" is a lie. Primerica makes it VERY clear not to tell people they are looking at a job, but the hierarchies never listen. There was a person in SC that drove 1.5 hours each way for a "job" interview. Once he found out it was a MLM not a job he complained and the home office (Primerica) had to get involved. It is sad, but all of us with Primerica have used this tactic before.

To respond to Monday Morning

You are exactly right most people do not have a clue when it comes to insurance & investments. So Primerica can utilize their recruits to tap this market and sell them over priced life insurance & very poor mortgages. As for the $199 it is still available, but most PFS reps are pushing to $99 + $25 per month (for "POL").

Once you get some experience you will realize that you are selling out your family & friends for a very little cash and some BS recognition. (plaques, trips, or "the wet board") You family & friends can get the same insurance for a fraction of the insurance cost. Just remember when your RVP is up there "selling the dream" it is made on the backs of your family & friends who work hard everyday just to pay for expensive products you sold them.

If you say that you replaced "cash value", then good for you; but wouldn't the right thing to do is show your family & friends how to save as much money as possible on their life insurance then show them how to use that for their Roth IRA you set up!

My example is my family was paying $130 per month for $500k on each of us + a $10,000 child rider. (25yr term level)

We ended up getting $1.75 mil on each of us (still 25yr level term) and the $10k child rider for $142 a month.

Where is my family better off? If I keep the $500k then my cost would have been under $60 per month!

That is what we do to our family & friends!

Back to the OP.

Congrats on standing your ground. The reason the young lady wanted to come to your house is so she could sell you the idea of her doing an FNA (financial needs analysis) of course they claim it is a financial plan or road map, but it is actually nothing more than a sales tool. If you don't believe me look at the first sentence of the FNA's disclosure page. "THIS IS NOT A FINANCIAL PLAN"

If Primerica reps would stop lying I will stop posting, but I can not and will not allow these lies to continue!


She has noting to lose and everything to gain. Considering most people have no clue about insurance and investments (Who has the time) she would have to be crazy not to show up and at least pitch her products.

$199.00 isn't an issue.

One client and she will probably get a sale and some referrals if not a few recruits. She would have to be crazy not to show up.