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In Primerica we make very good money if we want it, Q. If you work harder than your team mate, you get a higher check $$ than him/her?

Nooo!! Way!! In Primerica you put the zeros to the right on your pay check. The most you work, the high income you see.

Your job writes your check with no limit $$$ What? you heard is pyramid? Well, your job has an owner, manager, supervisor, employees in every department right that coming from the top to the bottom? Q.

How do you call that? Dahhhh Q.Is your dream to be the top? Yes of course everyone with high ambitious and goals wants it!! Q.

In your job is that possible?, Q. can you be the CEO or President or just the owner ? Only you have the answer. Primerica offers that, and more, be your own boss having and building your own business..

In Primerica you need a team to make the business strong as any other business around the world ...the system is exactly as any other companies in the whole world. Q.Can you start a business without customers? , and/or at least 1 employee?? No right !!

Q. Can you sell something if you dont know nothing about the product you're selling? Of course not you'd be fired next day or.. Q.what?

Getting trained to know your job! Yessss know you can have an idea what Primerica does is exactly as any other business nothing hidden. But people preferred to assume and make negative stories just to politely shut the door in our faces ! This is exactly what we explain to people in our appointments thats why we need it to be "face to face" that's why we appreciate any minute of your time.

We dont ask any money, we just want to help each other. Q. HOW? Even though you dont buy or get into Primerica we thank u a lot cuz' we WON the experience from each of the people that hear our presentation.

And YOU could get an extra income without leaving your current job!! Is that not amazing?? ... easy to judge but not even hear what we are going to say ...

We only ask few minutes that can change your lige style ..Q. Is that wrong??

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