Monroe, Louisiana

I have no complaints about Primerica. I'm in the Minneapolis branch and maybe ours is superior to others. I'm a new agent.

I've made over $3,000 in a 2 week period helping 2 families get out of debt faster than they were on track for and with less money. The 2nd family I sat down with will be completely debt free 13 years 4 months sooner and will have saved over $91,000 in interest payments between mortgage and credit cards.

The worst thing that can happen to you if you become an agent or even look at the company is you become bullet proof against the insurance and banking scams out there. You can't lose money because everything is a tax write-off and when you're a new agent, you have a regional leader help you build your business and it costs you nothing.

The problem with the business is that you have to get off your butt and work, money doesn't fall into your lap. We offer the best service out there and free financial advice to anyone who asks for it with no obligation. If you get a financial needs analysis from any other company they charge you from a few hundred to a few thousand. OURS IS FREE and is superior because it also deals in the area of debt.

Also, our branch doesn't do the whole religion thing, we are business only, equal oportunity, and highly motivated to help the consumer. I love it and if you're thinking about coming on board, do it. You won't regret it.

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I also don't cherge a penny for a fna, all my services are free also, and I never say.

" what we do instead of charging you hundreds of dollars, we ask for 5 to 10 referals"

I don't need to ask any of my clients for new clients, they send people to me. I NEVER ask for clients. I do my job over 100% for families and by doing that they send family and friends to me.


:eek I came to this board to find information about prime-america since being approached by recruiters. It sounds like primerica is a good place to start, but I am dissapointed by the rude comments.

How can you say someone will never know more than you, thats a bit egotistic.

I am doing my homework and may not join, but don't critize those whe are just doing their best. You weren't born knowing everything, no one is.


"If you get a financial needs analysis from any other company they charge you from a few hundred to a few thousand. OURS IS FREE and is superior because it also deals in the area of debt."

I charge nothing for my service. We ALSO touch on Disability Income insurance, Long Term Care, College Savings, Estate Planning. I've presented a Primerica FNA---it's child's play compared to what I do now.

Until you've actually seen ANYTHING outside of Primerica, do yourself a favor and don't open your mouth. You're just embarrassing yourself.


Wow ... The person below this comment said it perfectly.

We can tell you are new because you are saying all the things you are told to say and haven't researched yourself.

I have NEVER charged for a FNA and I deal with debt.

We have tried Primerica and know alot more about Primerica then you do and know more about the industry then you ever will.

Again I will warn you like I warn every new person ... read your IBA with a LAWYER .... you will regret not doing it.


Have you ever heard of winflex? Do you know many carriers offer free brochures?

Sell your products, but don't start comparing companies or contracts. You may find out it's better to not know some things.

Think of it this way. You see the business and the opportunity at primerica, but what have you compared it to? Please don't try to give tax advice. Also don't believe or even think your the only company who does an FNA for free.

If you want to be big in Primerica, just sell the products and recruit. Stay away from message boards, because people will challenge you. I'm not talking about 'cash value agents", i'm talking about agents who have been where you are. Yes even former RVP's..Just so you know up front, it's not a case of someone being lazy or not being able to cut it at PFS.