Hampton, Virginia

I have a policy that they told me that would last me until age 90 now it has ended after 20 years they took $102,288.00 of my money for 20 years now they want to triple that for 10 more years and the policy was only for $50.000 what the h is going on.I call them on several accounts to make sure what the termed were they need to be put out of business. I want my money back, forty two dollars and sixty two cents for twenty years. this is criminal punish them and send them to Jail

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you only had 42.62 x 12=511.44 for a year time 20yrs=10,228.00 a 50,000.00 policy. you really belive you were going to get out more than put. (Wake up, You Are dreaming )


How long have you had your car insurance? And how much of your premiums have they given you back.

How long have you had you home owners insurance? And his much of the premium were you given back. My point is you pay for insurance that insures if you die while the policy is in force they will pay the full face amount. Imagine this, a person takes out a Primerica policy for 300,000 and the next month they die.

The company will pay the family 300,000 even though they only made one payment. Our philosophy is buy term (it's cheaper) then invest the difference. After 20 years of investing you should have enough money and at that time you would be self insured.

Suzie Ormon says, insurance is meant to protect ones ability to bring in income for those that depend on it because of death. Not to last for a lifetime.


$42.62 a month for 12 months for 20 years is only a little over $10 thousand..


First off, after reading your message. Insurance companies are all about helping you.

It's your job to keep CLOSE tabs and ask MULTIPLE questions as the years go by. Meaning: you should of been adding up your monthly payments and then ask yourself if it's costing me???a monthly rate for 20 years,. Dummy up! Why wait 20 years, how much actually would I be receiving?.

Why didn't you ask them questions all these years? Don't then blame Prime America. Where have you been in 20 years? and what have you been doing in 20 years.

Come on! if you are paying out that kind of money for 20 years and then asking questions now. That is NOT Prime Americas problem. It's your problem.

Be SMART! and STOP asking questions later.

Dry up! and get over it!!

@Samantha Green

My parents tried doing the right thing by getting the insurance and the investment. I just yesterday told off a rep because they were misinformed.

I could have taken that money and made an investment for then that resulted in a payout...it is unfortunate that they are trusting. Do now as my father prepares for his retirement, that $15k is no where to be found...The agent had asked if they wanted to try to do it again...I thank GOD for covering my mouth at that moment.


Lets first analyze this claim before we attack the nonsensical arguments of it. This person claims that 102,288.00 cents was his money that was taken from him over 20 years.

If we calculate the cost per year and then the monthly premium then he is claiming that he paid $426.20 for 50,000 worth of coverage. Even someone not in the insurance industry knows that is *** Next he claims that his insurance ended at 20 years what he forgot to mention is that when he got the policy it was told to him that it was a term policy for an INITIAL TERM of 20 years and renewable to the age of 90. He mentions that he paid $42.62 for his insurance however instead of writing the numbers to make it obvious that his calculations were incorrect he decides to write out the amount in words instead of numbers. This poster is obvious trying to inflame people against Primerica not "Prime-America" but in his stupidity he tells on himself and shows how absolutely insane he or she really is.

Wow and people actually believe this ***. I hope there are some intelligent people that will actually read this for what it is worth.

A load of garbage used to discredit the number one ranked life insurance company in America by findthebest.com.


This is not true! This person is lieing. Term life insurance will never cost you more than the face amount


People need to watch and listen and ask many questions before purchasing. As the saying go's, "you know not, cause you ask not".

So true! In today's WORLD we need to ALL be more careful and choose companies wisely. Like with may companies we need to do the research. I was once going to have Prime America but after examining other's experiences about the business, "I say, NO WAY"!!

The best advice I tell Other's is to work on paying off ALL your debts. Then use your money as a tool for yourself, not for someone else to invest for you. Remember: no one will look after your assets, you got to do it yourself. So don't blame other's for your bad choices, but just learn by your bad choices.

God bless YOU!!