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On November15th, I received a call from Ira McSweeny from the Prime America office at 42 Lyon Pl in White Plains New York. Mr. McSweeny told me he had gotten my name from a mutual friend who I had a lot of respect for. Using my friends credentials, Mr McSweeny explained that he had a job for me at his major financial company as a trainer in Englewood New Jersey and that I would not need a license Initially because my job would be to train new people. I explained what I was making at my old company with medical and he said "Mr. Barnes, your'e thinking to low. You will be meeting with my Vice President. With high hopes I made an appointment to meet with him in the office in white plains. When I arrived and saw the sign, I knew I had been "lied to". I was being guided to a large room for a "cattle call" where they hired anyone that walked in the door. I said to Mr McSweeney:

So there's no salary. answer, why would you want to be limited to a salary?

So I wouldn't be making money immediately? Answer, no, six months to a year.

So you lied to me, you didn't even tell me the name of the company. Answer, you didn't ask.

And you wouldn't consider giving me $20 for my gas and tolls to come here. Answer, no

A I turned to leave saying "thank you for nothing and wasting my time". Answer, have a great day and get home safe.

As I came outside I had misread the signs and there was a parking ticket on my dash.

Thank you Mr. McSweeny, I don't wish the same for you.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: Have Mr. Sweeney stop being embarrassed about telling potential sales Reps the name of his company.

I didn't like: Being lied to.

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Should of punched him square in the nose.

to Anonymous Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #1051706

Came very close two. In seven times in my life when I lost my temper, once I made it better, six times I made it "a lot" worse.

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