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Primerica is a company that has clearly received a lot of attention on this and other sites on line. If you are considering working with Primerica and you have half a brain then do your research about the company from independent sources like the Better Business web site, www.bbb.org instead of blogs filled with insurance agents out to smear their competition.

I own a Primerica life insurance policy, a mutual fund investment from Primerica, and a financial plan and I am more than a satisfied customer- I am delighted with the service and products.

Claims that suggest you can receive cheaper insurance have no basis since no one can say that without taking a medical exam and telling you your health status and cost of insurance.

Regarding the business structure, it operates like any other business which has a CEO on top, Vice Presidents below, Managers below them, and staff below them. So would anyone call Microsoft a pyramid? As a matter of fact if you check the definition of a pyramid in the dictionary or Wikipedia, you'll see that it is an illegal entity where people get paid to receruit people. No one gets paid to recruit in Primerica. One only benefits if a recruit does business, just like any Manager in any company who only benefits if his employees are working.

In terms of claims of being a scam, ask yourself this question: why would companies like MetLife, Oppenheimer Funds, Genwirth, and countless others agree to do business with Primerica and allow the company to market its products (like MetLife Variable Annuities) and risk their image with a company that scammed people? The answer is that this is yet another baseless accusation by insurance agents attempting to smear the company as a competitor, since Primerica replaces more competing companies' insurance policies than anyone else. Do you think primerica's competitors would think highly of the company given this fact?

The bottom line is that this is a legitimate company where people who are willing to work hard to recruit and do business and remain coachable (instead of thinking like they know it all) do earn major amounts of money.

This is a get rich slow opportunity, not a get rich quick one.


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Stay away from Primerica!Not too long ago, I invested $10,000 with Primerica.

My investment went down to $3,500.I took my money out and invested with a more reputable firm and now my account is back over $8,000 in no time and still rising.

to Experience Annandale, Virginia, United States #662242

Well thats a dumb mistake in your part..obviously the market wasn't doing well at the time so if you would have left your money I guarantee you it be higher than what you have right now.

to Jeff #1127470

Thats dumb you would say that.

to Experience North Charleston, South Carolina, United States #670893

Hello, how are you. What company did you go with? I was about to go in business with Primerica, but changed my mind when I saw the comments on here.

to Experience Venice, Florida, United States #671596

You are an ***.You do realize that the market has to do with how your money does right?

your money would have gone back up with Primerica also.

You just happened to check at the wrong time.Good job dip**** :grin


I LOve this company, not only because of the money but the family environment and encouragement. It has shape and changed my life to the better but not only that my spiritual life and my self disipline and for that I'm very thankful. Primerica a company of DESTINY :zzz


check the bbs score for primerica its A+

to check the bbbs score Connecticut, United States #879809

yes with over hundreds of complaints and no real resolutions on BBB.Now a question for the REPS.

How does my elderly friend get his money back and stop monthly $25 withdrawal. He already cancel with the bank. The rep he used was a *** and does not want to deal with him. maybe i can get an honest answer from one of you soul suckers that pry off the weak.

We are going to make another complain on BBB and see if this issue can be resolved.

Get a soul and stop prying off victims.

and my friend is a 65 year old and just retired.SAD


I work for Primerica and let me tell you this is the best company ever.You are your own boss and no one tells you what do do, what time to go to work or leave.

I can work when I want and how I want. Oh yeah and I make 4 times what I made at my old company. Do the math.

Work half the time for 4 times the money.No brainer.

to John #797273

You are not your own boss.You are a apart of a team that immediately needs you to build a body count to make your upline more profitable.

They immediately put me on a timetable to produce x, y, and z by a certain time so my upline could qualify for a special "vacation".

They also heavily suggest you make EVERY meeting which are repeats of prior meetings where no work is getting done you're are just rewarding and preaching the gospel of how to get mansions and 6 figures a year.I'm my own boss in my own side ventures and have more freedom with my 9-5 job and 10x's the pay.

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