Kansas City, Missouri
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I had gone and saw and it all seemed great, until I found out that I would have transportation problems. The Vise President told me not to worry that we would work something out for someone to pick me up until I got a vehicle.

They expected me to go to the Thursday night meeting and I had let them know about the transportation, and they then never got back to me. They acted instead of taking care of their own that they pushed me aside and treated me like dirt and then About a week ago I had contacted this company to stop all transactions to go through my credit card account because I just found out I am pregnant and all the money I had to my name, at that time, was the amount on my card. They told me no problem nothing went through. I found out recently when I went to purchase a loaf of bread my card was declined, now I found out that it did go through and It put me over my limit.

I am a full time student on very limited funds.

and now having to pay over the limit fees when they said nothing went through. Do not trust this company they lie!!!!!

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