Richmond, Virginia
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I work with state social services agency, client's mother died, Prime America paid out death benefit. All of a sudden a Prime america Agent wants to train my client the daughter to be an insurance agent.

Gets the beneficiary's information, the husband, father to my client to run a $99 (over charged) criminal history check so my client can be an insurance agent.

Person representing as a trainer now has the bank information. A concerned dad trying to help his daughter get a career has given out his bank info. We call to reach trainer... # not in service.

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You obviously do not know that the 99 covers the whole training for the licences - yes life and securities licenses, background check and fingerprints, and classes. Plus, you can get a 300 dollar bonus within the first 90 days if you do all the requirements for your license.

In the end you have a 201 surplus. Get your story straight.