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First, you are an insult for arguing someone's opinion. Second, yes, this place is a scam, total scam.

I got a call, or I should say that my father got a call yesterday from a guy asking for me. My dad says that he hasn't lived here in over 6 years. Then he proceeds to tell me dad he's offering me a job. I call the guy back and said I've been at my job whom I supervise a substantial amount of people.

I haven't been in the job market for years. How did you get my number. BINGO, cold caller, scam, insult. I've read stories of girls being told to sell their sexiness and have bosses hit on her reported about this company.

Even if they are true, why in the blue *** would you even take a stab at this for a job? Primerica is lucky as *** to haven ot gotten slapped with a lawsuit. Any normal company, that would happen. Back to the company...Let me ask you, what normal company would ask you for money in advance to work for them?

Normal you get hired, then insurance, and paycheck. There is no contant paycheck and no benefits! The guy who called me, after I told him that I wasn't interested and I am very well off, continues to push this *** company on me like I'm some sort of fool. So I get bold and ask, then how much am I going to get paid to take me away from what I'm doing?

He couldn't answer that. Also what other company asks you to sit in on meeting to try and steer you to work for them? You are either qualified, or not qualified in most companies. And what company do you get having reps actually checking this site to defend their company if it wasn't a scam?

Come on people! Normal businesses let their name and income speak for themselves and they don't hunt you, you hunt them. So like I said, I have never worked for them so I'm not, oh what did you call someone you spineless coward??? Oh a disgruntled employee.

No I'm a person who was trying to get steer away from my well being into this scam.

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I never said I made $30k, I said NO ONE in your offce makes it either, including yourself. It's obvious you've only been in this business a few months. You don't know anything other than the same *** Primerica taught me before I knew better.


This is Funny... Hey "another Joker"...

what company do you work for?? And stop lying you know people make more than that at Primerica..... & you definitely dont make 30K a month, so stop lyiiiiiin... hahaha...

you're 30K, is it a Salary or commission?? cause the real ballers in this game get paid on commission!

You just go called out playa! Dont get online and start lying.


This guys is ridiculous.. I've heard of Primerica before, the good and bad ends, but are you seriously calling it a scam straight off of a cold call to your dad?

Did you every bother asking your dad where he signed his name, when he answered a survey, or when and signed for something at any point in his LIFE where he didnt READ that his information may be shared among affiliate companies? Oh my goodness, do you guys just look for anything to complain about to make your life seem more worth while or fulfillled?


My company pays for all of our licenses, including securities. They pay a SALARY, while the new agents study for the exams. There are health, dental and vision benefits as well.

"Primerica is the strongest financial service industry in North America"

I didn't know Primerica is a financial services industry.

"try looking up info from the Better Business Bureau, if you even know who they are, and then ran"

The BBB is an advertising outlet. Trust me, I've been a member, paid the fees and even won awards. It's a SCAM.

"By the way I make 30k a month"

I BET your entire OFFICE doesn't make $30k in a month. I've been in Primerica, in one of the busiest offices in the nation, and no one made that kind of money there.

Get a clue! You have to pay for an online service to check your production...don't you understand you're a pawn in that company. They make you pay for EVERYTHING, it's not like that at all in other companies. They use the "build your own business" line to goad naive idiots to buy into their dream. YOU OWN NOTHING, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS.


:grin "Normal you get hired, then insurance, and paycheck." Are you trying to say that NORMAL businesses pay for your license after you get hired? The money paid in advance is for your license which normally costs you a hefty sum, that of which is not paid fro by ANY company.

At least Primerica pays for the majority of yours. And for your information Primerica is the strongest financial service industry in North America. "let their name and income speak for themselves" enough said. Do a little research outside of myspace buddy, try looking up info from the Better Business Bureau, if you even know who they are, and then rant.

By the way I make 30k a month, how much is your JOB paying you? God I love MY business!