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A few years ago, we had an investment that had been enough to pay for most of our daughter's college education. When the market started to fall, and my investment dropped $1000.00, I phoned my agent and asked him to do something to protect my investment.

He told me that the market fluctuates, I shouldn't worry, and that there is "NOTHING WE CAN DO"! I watched that investment fall to less than half of what it was, barely enough to cover two years tuition.

I know now that all he had to do was slide the money to "cash". My brother and I had the same amount at the same time. HE knew that there was a "cash" option.

His investment is now worth $150,000.

Mine is down to low $40K, just about what we initially invested in '98.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I believe every word. Primerica is very deceitful and desperately wicked.

help yourself has no shame. She probably lost tons also but is in the cult, defending blindly all the way to walking into ***, as all cult members do.


I see people every day sit back and cry boo hoo. Get up and take a stand or you will always be a door mat.

The market always goes up and down but you have to take a risk in order to make money, it will go back up dont freek out. Primerica is a great company and they help lots of people


Why didn't you do the same thing your brother did? How come he knew and you didn't?

Don't you talk to each other? Now, which one of you would be writing on this site if the markets had not gone down? You may have been with the one that is high and your brother would be the mistake one. That is called market risk.

But, it sounds to me that you should have done something on your own back then. Listen to your brother next time.

Now, if the agent did say there is nothing you can do, then follow up on this. As an agent, I look at what they are in and give them options. So do others in our office.

I hear the same thing about agents in other companies that did the same thing. It's not just a Primerica thing.


So, why didn't you listen and do what your brother did? It sounds to me that you decided to tough it out thinking the market was going to go back up soon.

Now you are blaming the agent and most likely making up stories about the conversation you had. I bet you and your brother had the same agent.

Now, why did your brother make the move and you didn't? People just don't like to take responsibilities for their own decisions anymore.


Is there anyway you can look at your contract or anything in the fine print to see if that was offered as an option, and use that to sue the *** out of that ***?