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My husband and I purchased life insurance with them, but then we decided to cancel the policy. I sent a cancellation request to them via email on 2/28/18, and this still has not been resolved.

The rep that sold us the policy has not offered any assistance whatsoever. Once I told her that we no longer we interested in the policy, she stopped all communications with me. All we want is the initial premium, and we don't want to ever have to deal with this company again.

In addition, my husband signed up to be an agent, but decided that the opportunity was not going to work for him with his full time job. Primerica has yet to refund the $124 that he paid and then I found out today that they have charged $25 to our credit card as a monthly fee.

My husband sent an email to the address given by the Primerica rep, and never received a response. This company is bogus! Stay far away.

If anyone can provide any assistance, that would be greatly appreciated. Our rep who is based out of Auburn Hills, MI refuses to assist and never returned any phone calls or text messages.

Product or Service Mentioned: Primerica Life Insurance.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $243.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Primerica Cons: Broken promises, Rude and arrogant accusatory representatitve.

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contact your Department of Insurance and file a complaint, have the regulatory entity review their actions. if there is any violation of any rule or law.

they will enforce correction. the local DOI is an advocate for consumers.


This exact thing has happen to me and my husband . We call and is a recording system that told you that you need to send a letter...

looking back in the policy papers, don’t say nothing of that... ok We send the cancellation letter 15 days ago and still not answer from them ..

my husband send 3 emails today .. will see if the contact us ....


Dear SoupyHuman-I'm sorry to hear that you have had difficulty contacting our Company, and that you want to cancel your policy. The terms of the policy state that we must receive a written request from the policy owner.

If the owner has submitted a written request to cancel, we must confirm that any payment made has cleared the bank before a refund can be issued. Please call our Client Services line at 1.800.257.4725 during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.

to 5:00 p.m., eastern daylight time, Monday through Friday. The line is closed during the lunch hour.

A representative will be happy to update the status of the request. Sincerely, Regena Wood Primerica Life Duluth, GA


I am trying to cancel and have not received the correspondence with my policy number but your operating system doesn't allow me to speak with an actual person. What can I do?


Anonymous-Please call our client services line at 1.800.257.4725. When prompted, select "0" and you will be connected to a client services representative.

The client services representative will ask for certain information to identify your policy in our records, and assist you with your needs. Regena Wood, Primerica Life, Duluth, GA


Should I get a refund if I cancel my policy


Dear Anonymous-I'm sorry to hear you are considering canceling your Primerica Life policy. You may be entitled to a refund of unearned premiums, which are premiums paid beyond the effective cancelation date.

For further assistance regarding a Primerica Life policy, please contact Client Services at 1.800.257.4725. Regena Wood, Primerica Life


This exact thing .... exact the fee the licensing and the failure to cancel has happen to me


Get a lawyer


There life insurance goes up after a certain age. If this is napping to a lot of there clients we should get a lawyer

@Donna Arambula

Hi, Donna-my name is Regena and I am a home office employee. Primerica Life only offers term life insurance.

At the end of the policy's term, or first premium-paying period, the Company notifies the policy owner and provides options for consideration, without evidence of insurability, provided the coverage is for the same amount of the original policy. If an increase in coverage or another plan is requested that does not qualify for conversion, evidence of insurability may be required.

I regret any misunderstanding you may have had regarding the policy that you purchased, and hope that the information provided is helpful to you. If you have further questions, please contact Primerica Life's client services line at 1.800.257.4725.


I'm going through the Same thing they are cooked people. Lincoln heritage I decided to go through


Hi, Laura-I'm sorry to hear that your experience with our Company was not as you expected. We regret your decision to cancel your policy.

Please understand that a life insurance policy is a contract and only the policy owner can make changes or cancel a policy. The policy does specify that cancelation requests must be submitted in writing. To provide assistance, the policy owner may call Client Services at 1.800.257.4725 during normal work hours and obtain instructions to expedite processing.

If your daughter has questions or concerns about her affiliation as a representative of Primerica Life, she should contact home office by email at us_marketingadvisory@primerica.com. Best regards, Regena Wood, Primerica Life


I am experiencing the same thing right now. I signed up for life insurance last Spring because my daughter was "roped" into becoming an associate with Primerica thru a "friend".

I signed up thru the "friend". I had gotten a new job at the end of Summer and no longer needed two policies so I contacted my agent and we made an appointment to cancel my policy (he said it had to be done in person). A week later he canceled and didn't return my calls, texts, or email for months. I would get the runaround from other agents claiming that I had to go thru my agent to cancel.

He actually just texted me back today! It has been a full year of zero contact from him. He asked why I wanted to cancel. I reminded him of our last conversation explaining why I was canceling and all I am getting is him trying to convince me why it would be in my best interest not to cancel even though I have another policy with my employer.

"What happens when you don't work there anymore"? I understand that they are told to do this but this is my money and my decision and shouldn't be treated as a "sale".


From my Primerica Life Insurance policy packet it says to either tell you rep or mail letter to the company and I had the same issue with having my rep cancel my policy she would always say everything else but, "Yes, I will cancel it." Very annoying. Here is the letter I had drafted with the address listed on the cancellation directions on the policy packet.NameAddressCity, State, Zip CodeDatePrimerica Life Insurance Co.Policy Owner Services1 Primerica ParkwayDuluth, GA 30099-4000Dear Primerica Life Insurance Co.:Please cancel my life insurance policy at the end of this month’s billing period.

My policy number is .

I have signed up with another company for my life insurance coverage and will no longer be need the Primerica Life Insurance policy. Please confirm the cancellation of my policy by return mail or email.Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.Sincerely,Policy No.:Email:


Thank you Lola. I am copying and pasting as we speak!


Hi, Lola-Thank you for sharing the cancelation letter you drafted. Please note that the request must be signed by the policy owner.

If submitted by email, the signed letter should be scanned and emailed to plic@primerica.com. The signed and dated letter may also be faxed to 470l564.6454.

While we regret your decision to cancel your valuable Primerica Life policy, please do not cancel your policy until your new policy has been issued and delivered to ensure continuous coverage. Best regards, Regena Wood Primerica Life


Call 18002574725 to cancel. They will give you instructions


You're a life saver!