Dayton, Ohio

Primerica Shareholder representatives would not stop withdrawal of funds from my personal account before the withdrawal was to happen. They had over 2 days notice but would not stop withdrawal even after cancellation of my account.

The withdrawal will be made regardless and I am still going to have to pay a sales service charge. If I request my financial institution not to honor the withdrawal, I will be subject to a $30.00 charge. I, then, must call again in 11 days to have the money that was withdrawn, stupidly, returned to me.

Reps were totally unreceptive and did not even try to stop the transaction.

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If you gave them permission to withdraw the money for you in the first place, why are you whining when they did exactly what you asked them to do in the first place when you sat up your account? Also, I know for a fact that it requires a minimum of THREE business days to halt an electronic transfer so YOU were to blame for the fund withdrawal, not them. Quit your whining and man up...if you don't want an automatic savings plan, DON'T SIGN UP FOR ONE.


Regena Wood an email..She has her address in the board header.. I think she's in the Legal council office..


Unfortunately when you give someone your account information, it's like welcoming a gang of deviants to rape you. Most people I know end up having to close their accounts and open new ones in order to stop any company from withdrawing money. I know it's more work to do so, but it may be the only way to get them to stop.