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I was recently approached by a PFS rep at the store I work in. She told me that the few times she has been in that she was really impressed with my customer service skills.

She told me that she thought I could be a real asset for her company and, if I was interested in a career outside of sales, I should give her a call. Raising three children, I called her and agreed to meet with her to discuss the possibility of a job with better pay and better hours. At this meeting I spoke with an office manager while I waited for the rep. Both basically said the same things.

What I was most excited about was the concept of not supplementing my paycheck with a sales commission, something that BOTH of them ASSURED me I wouldn't be doing. I am supposed to go in tonight to meet with their Vice President. After seeing quite a few of these posts however, I am very afraid. The position I hold now isn't glamorous and the pay is mediocre.

But it is stable and I can count on it every week. I can't afford to leave my job now for something that, so far, seems too good to be true. I am not afraid of hard work and if that's all I need for this job, great! I have visited the BBB website as well as Primerica's site and haven't found anything that would lead me to believe that everything's not on the up and up.

Can anyone please tell me exactly what I would be getting into? I would appreciate very much any (fact based) insight someone might have for me.

Thank you.

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Well, I have to admit I was skeptical as well. In fact, my first Primerica encounter was through my sister in law. Her trainer, or uplink, was the pushy go, go go, type that I read about so often in these on line posts. He turned me off immediately. When we sat down with him (and my sister in law) and he was all about the recruiting. Join now. Do it now. Blah, blah, blah…

Since then my sister in law has seen the light. She is no longer associated with this guy. She is still with Primerica, and making money at it, just with another office.

As for me… I found out that my wife has an uncle who has been associated with Primerica for over thirteen years. He does it full time, with his wife, and runs several offices. He agreed to meet with us.

When we said we had already met with a guy back home, his first reaction was, "not John Smith?" (name changed so I don’t get sued) - "That guy was barred from doing business in (state)"

He came out to our place and reviewed our finances with us, did a Financial Needs Analysis, and sold us… nothing. Said it was not in our best interest. He then went on to explain that if the rep is "doing Primerica" right, then the focus is on helping people, not necessarily selling anything. Imagine that? Well, I was still skeptical.

I asked a lot of questions about it. He never said I'd get rich quick. In fact, he never said I'd get rich. He did say it takes a lot of work, and that you have to be committed to helping people. He said if it's done right, it's about financial education, not sales. He said that I'd get out of it exactly what I put into it. He never suggested that I try it. He said the option is there, but his philosophy was not to recruit anyone, or push it on anyone. He puts the information out there, and if someone thinks it's the right opportunity then they come to him. He said he is always very clear that it is not easy, and it will involve work, and the work is hard work.

I think if more people had an experience like my second experience, and less like my first experience, Primerica would have a better reputation. Unfortunately, a lot of people get sucked in believing it will be easy, and they'll be making a million dollars a year after only a few months, ad not have to do much work to get there. Now, really, is there anything in the world that can deliver on that type of expectation?

Well, I've bitten the bullet. My wife and I are going to do it. With both eyes open, and no unrealistic expectations. I am sure we'll get out of it exactly what we put into it. If we fail, it's not because Primerica is a scam. Too many people succeed with it for it to be a scam.

He explained the fees associated with it. There is an initial sign up fee, but what the nay-sayers don’t tell you is that Primerica reimburses that fee once you pass the insurance license exam. They also cover all the other licensing fees for the additional licenses needed for other product lines (mortgages, loans, securities). They cover the cost of training and study materials. There is a monthly fee for on-line access to Primerica materials on the internet, but it's a small fee.

The people that seem bitter, or have bad things to say, seem to be bitter because they did not meet their unrealistic expectations, or had a bad experience like my first experience.

My suggestion would be this: First, decide if it's something you're willing to do. Second, decide if you're willing to put the effort in to get the results. Also decide if your goal is helping people, or just making as much money as possible. If you're a helping person, it's work better, if you're just in it for the money, prepare for disappointment and failure. Third, if your first exposure is with a guy like the first one I met, keep looking and find one like my uncle-in-law. He's been very successful developing a low pressure Primerica business, with several offices.

Lastly, do some research. Securities are regulated, so is insurance. How many complaints do you find about Primerica? Very few. Most of the complaints are on internet blogs from people that tried it and it didn’t work for them. The business is sound, the products and services are sound. But don't take my word for it. Check into it yourself. Do some research on the business, do some research on the products and services, and check "official" complaints with regulating authorities. There aren’t many. And I'm not saying this as someone who has been indoctrinated into a "cult". I did my research, and made an informed decision.

Easy? From everything I've seen, no it isn’t easy. But few things in life really are. It can be done, if you're willing to put the work and effort into it. Obviously, when done right, it works.


If it matters, here's my experience with Primerica. I have been a rep now for about 4 years.

I have from day 1 considered Primerica as a part time way to supplement my income. I have never had any intention of being a full time, give it your all, gung-ho type. For the last 4 years I have made enough money being part time to fully fund both my wife's and my Roth IRA. There's no way I would have been able to fund these any other way.

I'm now 44 years old and have over $40k in these IRA's. I figure by the time I retire there will be about half a million of tax free money sitting there. Now keep in mind this does not include the residual income I will be earning from 12b(1) fees on my assets under management. I'm calculating that I will be earning about 4 to 5 thousand a month from trails from all of the IRA I helped people set up by being part time in this wonderful business.

So in 23 years when I retire, you tell me if it was worth it. I think I'll say it was worth it.


I started with Primerica only after going to several Thursday night trainings and a couple of other "seminars" or whatever you would call them. I am probably one of the most sceptical people on the planet.

I always look for the "scam" in everything. I am not easily convinced or "brainwashed" as referred to earlier. I have four kids and I am a single mom. I was waiting tables until last year when I became certified as a pharmacy technician and have worked doing that while going to Vanderbilt's Nurse Practioner Program full time.

I was spending absolutely no time with my kids and was not getting any sleep trying to work and go to school. I was referred to Primerica by a very satisfied client because he knew I had no life insurance and no retirement in place. I had my kitchen table appointment with a couple that has worked with Primerica for 11 years and have become like a second family to me since I started with the company. They got my life insurance in place (but did not suggest doing any retirement planning until I graduated....they could have easily made this sale since that was the primary business done with my uncle who referred me to them....but they advised against it given my debt to income ratio at the time) they did "offer" me the opportunity, but like I said earlier I am hesitant, to say the least, any time I am approached by someone for something that I did not ask I declined the offer at the time.

After another month of sleepless nights doing care plans because there was no way to get homework done while working so much and having four little girls to take care of, I called them back. I went to numerous meetings and was a little set back by the recruiting process, but went to a "seminar" and heard from one of their $4million dollar a year earners that "if we were just considering Primerica because we were seeing dollar signs then they didn't want us...Primerica was founded to help families" and they didn't want their name associated with reps that sell, sell, sell....just to make commission, when the product isn't in a family's best interest. Well, I had to admit, that was exactly how it played out for me at my appointment...there was a product I was interested in, but advised not to purchase because it wasn't best for me at the time....and now that philosophy was being reiterated by a leader in the company. So, I decided I would give it a does cost $99 to start do pay for your life exam fees yourself, but then you are reimbursed once you pass...this was a risk I was willing to take even though at the time it was just about all the money I had to my name.....but, I figured that it would be a small loss if it was all a bunch of *** and a small investment if I was able to support my girls without being away from them so much.

Well, three months later, I am licensed to sell Life insurance, refinance mortgages and do debt consolidation loans, and will soon have my securities licence fees paid for by the company (or maybe just reimbursed once I pass the exams......sorry I'm not 100% sure about that one........but either way I won't lose anything) I have helpped all of my friends and family (well those who have sat down with me anyway) get on a written plan to get out of debt, get the income protection needed to support thier family if something happened to them, and set up college funds for thier kids, and retirement plans for very first training appointment we were able to show my sister how to better apply her money and be out of debt including her house in 2023 instead of 2037 and have over a million dollars at retirement ........all without spending a dime more than she already was each month......just showing her how to better manage and apply that same money. It can be alot of work at first, but once you have helpped a few people they give you referrals and your appointments are easier to set up than when you are trying to get friends and family that know you just started and assume you have falled for some, it wasn't easy. but the short term sacrifice is worth the end result if you stick with it. So many reps quit when they get a couple "no's" from sceptical people or ill informed people, and miss out on a great opportunity.

I am now using Primerica as my sole source of income and I get to spend ALOT of much deserved, quality time with my kids. You will need some kind of support system in place for child care at odd hours.....most appointments you set are goin to be in the evening.......but once you've done it a while you can easily afford to pay someone to watch them......even if at first you're having to beg a friend or family member to babysit, you can "pay them back" by helping get their finances straight and make sure they are protected. my email is sudsgirl at (but use the "at" symbol of course....if I put it in my email address here it deletes it from the I spelled it out...and no spaces...) if you have any other questions you can email me at that address. I don't mind a bit........I hope that whatever decision you make it is the best one for you.

And if you're still sceptical, go to a couple of the functions they have going on and don't pay attention to any of the folks that are hard core trying to recruit you.

just keep an open mind and know that no matter where you go there are going to be people like that....they are either just fired up about the difference it made for them and want to share that with you but don't know how to do it without looking like a vulture.....or they suck at what they do and are desperate for a recruit and showing it. When you truly believe in what you do.......make a sincere effort ........and are doing it all for the right will be successful


To the individual who posted on July 13th at 09:17 -

Again, this shows how much misconception there is about this company. I qualified for "ownership" with Primerica many years ago. I'm sorry to say I went through a divorce years ago so I know what I own. The company assisted me in placing a monetary value on my business that it would sell for and half of that has to be paid to my ex. It's actually a monthly pay-out over a fifteen year period which is one of the options a buyer or the company has if I decided to sell.

I'm not completely ***, thank you. If all I had was a 1099, independent contractor's agreement with no equity, I would not be making those payments. So, once again, someone probably read your post and believed it, even though you were ill-informed.

My tax situation is no different than any other self employed individual.

Just like an owner of a major franchise, who really does buy in, I receive support from corporate (ie: my marketing materials are incredibly cheap because of the massive volume the company does.) If I were on my own and decided to print 500 copies of the book, How Money Works, do you really think I could get them done for a buck? That's just one example.

There is nothing wrong with you having a job and an employer. In fact, I'll be the first to admit that's a much easier route but it seemed to give me a false sense of security mixed with politics and limitations others put on me. It just wasn't for me.

I have enjoyed the "freedom" and the financial rewards have paid off becuase I've stayed the course, just like I would need to do in the corporate world if I had decided to stay there.

But why do people like you get so upset when others wish to venture out on there on? You actually seem angry at my prior post and you are definitely mis-informed.

Good luck with your career and lets all chill.


I dont know what kind of experiences some of you have had in the past, but here is my story and I hope it helps. My mom approached me about three years ago and wanted me to go to this meeting she had went to the previous week, and I told her I would.

I spent an hour in a fairly large room listening to numerous people telling numerous people about how money works and how people are getting screwed with their mortgages and insurance, and how Primerica is the answere to those problems. Then I listened to another hour about how you make money in the business and the first thing that came to my mind was a scam. Well I did not get into it, my mom and I both said screw it and went about out business. April 2008, my mom is approached by my uncle about comming over to her house and talking to her about Primerica, my mom knows all about it, but lets him come over anyways.

She purchased life insurance, applied for the SMART loan and joined on with the company that day! Then, she calls me and ofcourse I am hesitant to let anybody try to talk to me about some scam! I joined on with the company in May 2008!! At the time I had a full time job, taking 18 hours in college, running a karate studio in the evenings, and a full time husband.

I still have a full time job and the studio, but I have just graduated with my psychology degree. In three months I have made around $1,000 and have just recently recieved a promotion with the company. Its not thousands a month like many belive this business will bring in just one month, but every $500 here and there sure does help and the money gets better with time and effort. Has it been easy, *** no!!

I dont think I was ever told it was easy, sure a recruiter is going to tell you great things, but every single job out there leaves the headaches out of the job interview, *** even the army sounds effortless until your standing at boot camp. As far as stuff I hear about the reps being uneducated and inexperienced, well thats frustrating! I have studied harder in three months than I ever did in college, and I passed my life insurance exam, but it was not anywhere close to easy. I know more about mortgages and percentage rates than I ever cared to konw.

I can tear an insurance policy apart with my knowledge I have now and I did not know anything about insurance three months ago, nor did I care! To whomever it concerns, make up your own decision, Primerica is going to make money and help people regardless. The people in Primerica are going to make money with or without you. Just think about these facts before you make your final decision.

Every Primerica agent becomes licensed before they can get paid, or they dont make it very long. Every Primerica agent sees and sales to their closest friends and family first. (There would be a lot of pissed off friends and family if it was a scam). Almost EVERY Primerica agent has either a Life policy through Primerica, the SMART loan through Primerica or Investments through Primerica, because they believe in their own products.

Thats more than you can say about most insurance companies who sale Whole Life but personally have Term Insurance on themselves and their loved ones. I personaly believe that what I do directly helps families achieve certain goals. NOTHING out there is perfect. I have personaly had to tell families that our solution is not in there best interest, even though I would have made a *** of a commission and I could have easily "talked" them into to it.

What kind of company puts the consumers best interest first, Primerica does. Well, like I said, make up your own mind and say what you want to say, I just wish I would have gotten into the business three years ago when I was first approached.


The only reason you "own your own business" is because you're a 1099 worker. That means in addition to having to pay for your employer's marketing materials, websites to check your production, schooling and licensing, you also owe another 7% in taxes at the end of the year.

You don't own anything-- your book, or should I say "post-it note" of business, your own way of doing things or anything.

All you own is your destiny. It's Primerica's way of saying "thanks for the buy-in money, good luck, you're on your own."


I wrote the post two below yours. I\'ve never posted like this before, but thought I\'d give it a try.

I\'m not going to attack you but would like to address your comments. Primerica\'s business is direct marketing. As such, it\'s very difficult in that the first step in direct marketing is being able to set appointments. You have to overcome some deep seated pre-conceived ideas the general public has about direct marketing sales people.

Regardless of how much I believed in my products and services, I knew my prospects didn\'t have the slightest idea and would first be concerned that I simply wanted to sell them another product and just get a commission. It was my belief in my product/services that allowed me to overcome that, increase the number of people I approached, and gain more experience. That experience then generated more success per appointment because I knew \"how\" to reduce to layman’s terms what the majority think of as very confusing financial products. I am considered successful today.I did not wish to work for somebody else.

This business was difficult, especially during the first two years, but I have always appreciated the freedom of deciding the hours I\'ll work, the vacation time I\'ll take, when I\'ll play golf, etc. I\'m also unafraid of being laid off becuase of a corporate merger or down economy. With this freedom there truly is a huge responsibility, requiring one to be disciplined and take care of business.The salary is okay for some, perhaps most, but a few of us are willing to pay the price to run and own our own business and enjoy the freedom that comes with it. I understand you don\'t see that and that\'s okay.

We\'re not all the same.It ain\'t easy (oh my, \"ain\'t\" - I must be totally uneducated), but it\'s been worth it for me. Unfortunately, with 100,000 reps, if 1 or 2% do things wrong (1,000 to 2,000), that makes the news even when 98 or 99% do it right.Try not to stereotype too much.Good luck with your career.


My son and I thinking about "joining" Primerica. He has Cerepal Palsy and is going for his Masters; this would help pay for his schooling.

I really need to get a part tim job at least to help him.

I am already working 42.50 hours at my current job.

I keep vasilating (sp?) Should we do it or shoud we not.

Any advise? :x



Six months ago my next door neighbor came over to tell me about primerica. I had heard about it before and was quite familiar with MLM, pyramid schemes, however her approach was much different than most.

She was a single mother of four, worked full time as a secretary for some office building, and she had been doing primerica for 5 years. She had finally reached the point where she could support her family from just primerica and had just quit her job.

She never once told me that I would be rich from doing this right away, that I should pick a speed i'm comfortable with, so on and so forth. I thought I would give it a try. I went to meetings every thursday night and training on saturdays for one month, then took a 20 hour class and took my test. All of this cost me $99 dollars, Primerica picked up all of the other expences. Six months ago I was running a small restaurant making $12/hour, 40 hours/week.

I just bought the restaurant and hired a manager to run it, and I am still only doing primerica stuff three nights a week. It took me six months to make things happen with primerica, and it took her five years. The point is it worked both ways, and either you do it in five years or six months, if you accually do it it will work.

I would like to add I have met many of the "won't leave it alone vice presidents, and rvp's", they are out there always pushing you to do more, but if you are great with selective hearing you will be most successful with what ever speed you choose.




let me start out by saying that i am not a represenative of primeamerica however i did think about it and like the statement above indicates it takes time and work even part time. you have to be willing to invest the time in getting licensed and knocking on doors to earn a living something that at that time i was not willing to do.

its a good company been around for quite sometime, its all in what you want to invest as far as time and work, you have heard the saying you get out what you put in?

wish you sucess



If you're one of the 2-3% that actually make money there, you'll be happy there. Otherwise, you'll take the chance of alientating all of your friends and family and wasting a HUGE amount of time that would be much better spent with your family.

If you have the skills required to come close to making it there, you could easily get hired by a company that pays you a SALARY that pays you more than most people EVER make at Primerica, all while being PAID to pass your required exams. You'll also be able to offer a much wider array of products, much less expensive than what Primerica offers. Also, be advised that you'll become a professional recruiter, trained to say the exact same thing the person that came into your store and said to you. I bet the person NEVER saw you before, didn't buy anything while at the store during the visit, but miraculously was "impressed" by your customer service skills. They would've said the same thing to the person at work that you think is horrible with the customers. That's just one of their "scripts"; ingenious but disingenuous.

Don't waste your time, the risk is not worth the reward. Shortly, I'll be attacked by the very same people that tried to recruit you. Notice their lack of spelling, grammar, and general demeanor. Ask yourself if you want to be associated with that group.


What the person below me just commented is exactly what they say at the presentation. They will severely brainwash you from the moment you enter the presentation and will HASSLE you once the presentation is over.

A fair warning, be prepared to have reps and managers approach you once the presentation is over. They will start to say how awesome the company has been, what a change this company has made in their life, etc. After they finish telling you their BS, their main question is "So what do you think? You want to join?" and if you show any signs of doubt, or any signs that you don't want to join, they will flat out say "Why wouldn't you want join? Give me real reasons, etc."

If they still can't get you to change your mind, then the next higher up will come to you (just when you thought the pressure was finally off) and repeat the same BS on how it changed their life, then finally the same pressuring questions.

Read all the reports for yourself and you decide, and just for kicks, go to one of their presentations and just see what it's like. You'll most likely can't wait to get out of there.....alive!

The feeling you get while you are in there, is that you are joining a cult. There's no better way to describe it.


If you go back to the office and meet with them, they'll offer you a part time position with their organization. You'll be expected to invest in your own insurance license and pass a state exam before you can start getting paid from that product line.

You may be able to be loan certified more quickly and may or may not need to be licensed (depends on the state) with the state although you'll need to be certified through the company. Later, you can become securities licensed but need to understand that requires a much larger license fee to be paid and a lot more study in order to pass the seires 6 and 63 exam.

If you decide to do this, you are going into business for yourself on a part time basis. Although it can be lucrative it is also a very difficult business.

It involves a lot of evening hours when your clients are at home or weekend hours. It will be very difficult if you are raising three kids. It is outside sales. It is not quick.

If you are willing to spend the next couple of years applying yourself, it could turn into a very nice career, but understand it will take time.

I did it. I have a nice six figure income. I have applied myself to research the securities business and learn my stuff!

It is not easy but it can be very rewarding. It's not for everyone. I gave it a shot over twenty years ago, part time, and a career developed. If you can afford the start of cost of the license and the recruiters are being up front with everything, you may want to give it a shot.

If you are a single parent with three kids, I don't know how you can do it though. Good luck.