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Oh it's definitely a "cult" , it's like a revival meeting where the weak people have to hold onto something to believe in. I know a person who just retired from a transportation company and now he claims to be this big shot primerica agent.

Hey John us a favor and drink the kool aid !I went to one of the cult meetings and it reminds me of a set up for a pyramid scheme. How can people be so gulible .

it is really awazing that there are so many gullible people around. wake up and smell the coffee.

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you are ignorant. plain.

out. ignorant. you are also lazy and have no ambition and desire to better yourself, do you? you obviously do not know what a pyramid scheme is Mr smarty.

Primerica isnt for babies who want to make a quick buck. you need to grow up too, "it's a pyramid scheme, wah wah wah." you, sir, are then smarter than every regulatory agency in the world cuz u figured us out, u got us, *** u r good. pyramids r illegal Mr.

smarty. lol, gg


Congrats! You've managed to find something big and scary and give it a nice comfortable label. But maybe if you actually learned something about it you'd be better equipped to assess the legitimacy of it. And to the above, please in the future make sure to read what you're signing. Don't supply your info and authorize a bank draft if you don't want to pay it.

Also, it isn't a job.


IT HAPPENED TO ME! do not work for this company.

they took out 99 and then took out 25 after i said i didnt want the job. whatever you do DO NOT even talk to this company!!!