Virginia Beach, Virginia

In 2003 I joined Primerica in order to get lisence in insurance and Health insurance. As you see you need a sponsor to help sponsor you as a liscense agent.

I was eventually paid $199 for the license fees and books. I did attend a training course and was send some test material. I join the Norfolk, Virginia office and they never fully put my paperwork through and the six months elapsed. I was able to pass the required test.The money I put for the license did not bother me the thing that bother me the most is that I put all that time studying and take the test and get nothing for it.

It seems to me the manager and the personal was more busy with me getting recruits then actually learning the business.

The conduct in the office was unprofessional. It felt more like I was going to a Sunday church serom then actually maintaining a professional manner. I am not opposed to anybody being religious but in this case I think it is not professional to use this style of meetings.

This is a business not a church.

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Lady just gave me a card and asked me if she could call me about this company. After reading this.

I will past. Sounds like a money pit.


You said why did you pay $199 and take six months to pass your exam for no money??? Because you are an independent agent.

You get paid commissions when you sell something. And why complain about not getting paid for learning a new career. Heck, people go to College for years, paying for their college and not receiving one dime from the college. I did my student teaching at a junior highschool for a semester.

No one ever paid me for it! It was part of my education. You were in training and were going through the educational part. However, why didn't you sell a SMART loan while you were getting licensed?

You could have gotten paid if you really wanted to. You just had to open your mouth and tell people you could consolidate their debts and pay off their house early saving them tens of thousands of dollars. But, no! You kept silent.

Never made a list of people you know. Never set any appointments. Nothing. You expected someone else to do that and you knew going in that wasn't the way it is.

As far as the Church thing. There are some in the company that even still have prayers before their meetings. I personally don't think it's right in a business meeting where you have people from different religions or no religions.

But, that isn't a reason to quit Primerica. There are lots of Primerica offices that you could have gone to.


VTCH, come on. A new person pays $99.

Where do you get it that they have to pay again? That is not true. That is a lie. See you at the top gave you the break down.

Also, if you proceed to the next level, in three months, Primerica will pay for your FINRA security registration. Also, we go through the Department of Corporations to market loans. Agents don't pay anything for that either.

If you add those things in, you are looking at about $1,500 to get licensed on your own. $99 doesn't seem to bad anymore.


vtch786 aka PFS "Truth"

Once AGAIN, you are incorrect! When person signs on with Primerica the $99.00 goes to pay for a persons background check and processing. They are not required to pay an additional fee to obtain their license. Please try and get your facts straight and stop lying and misleading others.

You requested a breakdown of fees that the company does spend on behalf of it's new agents so here goes:

California mandated (required) pre-licensing education fee: $238.00 (A.D. Banker Education, an independent licensing education provider, for example) - State Examination Fee: $119.00 - FBI Finger Printing Fee: $60.95 - Misc. Application for Exam fee: $61.00. If you add those up it looks to be a lot more than the less than $100.00 you state. As a matter of fact it looks to be a lot like $478.95 which I believe would qualify as hundreds of dollars.

I am not repeating what an "RVP" told me and say "it cost hundreds of dollars to get licensed", I came to Primerica after having previously obtained my education and licenses myself so I paid those fees out of my pocket! I speak from experience.

I really could not care less where you are from or if education in the insurance field is required where you are. Just an observation though - IT IS VERY OBVIOUS THAT IT'S NOT REQUIRED! It is however required here in California. Thank goodness for myself and my clients that those requirements are in place here to safeguard against just "anybody" going out and getting licensed. I guess there is something to the sayings "you get what you pay for" and "if it's cheezy - it's sleazy".

By the way Einstein, "Mandated Education" is insurance industry lingo, not just Primerica terminology. Also, I never said "People That Won't Work Here Are Losers and remember You're One Recruit Away From a Surge!" Those were your words. I work hard and the only person responsible for a surge in my business is myself!


See You At The Top!:

Exactly how was Primerica "good enough to invest" in the license for the new person?

The new person PAYS $99 to join and then PAYS AGAIN to get the state license.

Where is the point that Primerica invest?

Before you repeat what your RVP told you and say "it cost hundreds of dollars to get license" .... Please break down the ACTUAL cost to get licensed. You will find it is no more than $100 (which the new person is paying TWICE).

By the way, Licensing Class is not mandated in MOST states.

So again I ask what did Primerica invest?

Because it looks like all they did was LOCK the new person in to a IBA Contract.

Good Luck being a parrot for your RVP (See You At The Top, Mandated Education, Corporate America, People That Won't Work Here Are Losers and remember You're One Recruit Away From a Surge!)


Nice. You passed?

Amazing!!! Jeez, what color Crayola do you use to fill out your forms?!!! You don't need a "sponser" you need a dictionary!.

If you don't like the office conduct - take the license that Primerica was good enough to invest in on your behalf and in addition pay for your mandated education and go and work somewhere else - the license is yours! Get a job in Corporate America - that seems to be working out so well for so many people!