Kokomo, Indiana

I'm upset with people that post inaccurate information about SMART loans & Primerica. We have been clients for years.

We own a SMART loan which I got through my Primerica rep.

We have saved $56,000 & the program works exactly how it is explained. We did run all the numbers and are extremely grateful our representative spent the time to educate us. We hope people will talk to their Primerica rep and make a wise educated decision & not listen to people who work for banks. Our mortgage company never showed us how to get ahead like our Primerica rep.

We highly recommend Primerica!

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I need a job real bad Primerica says i got a job with them...They want me to sign some paperwork today they say i will make a good living and will obtain some licenses that will help me succeed...They want some money upfront and they say they can get me the first license before the end of Feb. but i am broke and may have to pawn some things to sign up i don't want 2 rip anyone off and i don't want 2 B ripped off myself I just have no other means of employment right now...could anyone send me an e-mail who has experienced what it is like to work 4 this company...because they talk about helping people but if they ripped u off then they will rip me off 2...Peace!!!


You wrote this under "complaint". Why are you defending a massive ripoff? You LOVE BEING BLED WHITE AND LAUGHED AT BY EVIL RVPS AND DLS???! Same old lies by a Primerica apologist afraid of the public finding out. That means he has less chance of obtaining recruits, recruits, recruits.

There's also the inescapable FACT of so MANY testimonials of Primerica deliberately bearing false witness to recruits and clients!

Thanks: -consult the Rock


A true scam - SMART loans don't help out at all - the savings are not true - a SMART loan does not have an escrow account for Insurnace and Taxes - Many clients have refinanced - due to falling behind on their taxes and insurance.

Why did I push them - simple $$$$$$ for me


Warm milk and Wheaties :grin



You work for a multi-level (pyramid scheme) that's justified by selling something; in this case, insurance. The reason you don't sell permanent products is the top dogs at Primerica KNOW that because of who they "hire" to do their dirtywork, less than 5% would be able to pass their securities exams.

Simply put, the workforce at Primerica are primarily buffoons.

Why is there practically no push to get securities licensed? They know most will fail.


i've been reading your coments, and it's seems to me that you are one of the guy who never believed into something good.... maybe the $MART did not work for you beacuse you are not smart at all in handling your money...

get it? See, when a good deal comes infront of you, open you eyes and your mind. Your such a cry baby complain about Primerica system.... In anything that you do in life, if you are persistent enough you will get what you want...

but if all you do is complaint, get out!

go to MARS... maybe it is easier to live there....


Take it from someone who has **studied*** the SMART loan for days, it's a horrible choice.


my daughter is in primerica, they couldn't help me even tho I had a brand new house and my credit was bad. seems to me someone would like to get your bills paid off etc.

if they were for real. I don't help her promote it...when she can get me a SMART loan, I'll be glad to help them out.

AND you don't have to 'join' to get the loans. you can refuse to recruit


1st of all you are an agent for Primerica. (Do you want to be the type of person that lies to get people to like your product ..

it is people who lie and mislead at Primerica that makes people upset)

2nd I have a Smart Loan (because I use to be an agent) ...

I am not happy with it or the prepayment penalty at all... even a rep at CitiMortgage stated the loan doesn't make sense.


If you still think we believe you're not the same agent, you're mistaken. The SMART loan is a smoke and mirrors product. It's been proven time and time again.