Athens, Georgia
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.i gave an agent an hundred dollars to start selling

Prime america lnsurance, but i haven't recieve anything,and that been 2 months ago.I want to know what is going on. please return my money or mail me my lisence out.

The agent name is Darnell Riely.MY name is sarah Hills from millen Ga,.Septmeber 20th i gave this man the money here it is December 2nd and i haven't recieved anthing.I filled my list that darnell gave me ,hetold methat i would get money for getting people to join, but i didn't recieve.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Hello Ms. Wood.

It seems you monitor many message boards so you see quite a bit of information be it pros vs cons about PFS and their products. I don't know if you have a Life License, but as a consumer knowing what you read and what research you may have done, do you own and refer others to PFS for their financial products?

I'm not talking about you being an employee of Primerica, because as you know that can change.

I'm talking as a consumer.. we all know there are no requirements for agents to purchase PFS products.


Hi, Sarah- I am a home office employee of Primerica and would be happy to assist you with your inquiry. Please feel free to contact me directly.

Regena(dot)Wood(at) 770.564.7955


your screwed