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Once a company is associated with MLM (Multi level Marketing) don't join it's just that simple. MLM's "legally arent pyramid schemes but they certainly resemble pyramid schemes. In Primerica you can only get a promotion if you recruit people into your business so right there you have two jobs instead of one. Life Insurance agents have a hard enough time finding clients Primerica not only wants you to find clients but find people to work for you. Another thing imagine having someone over you for your entire life. because the person who recruits you will be making money off you forever.

Back in the day Primerica used to have the lowest prices for term life insurance but thats no longer the case reason being everyones gotta get paid meaning the insurance agent that sold the life insurance and his or hers entire upline which i think is like 5 levels. The only words that keep primerica alive is the idea that you "could be rich" if you join Primerica. What that does is plays into peoples personal greed. Ofcourse the good people of Primerica have to throw in a "cause" like oh your helping families get out of debt. but come on every financial service company gives that message.

Primerica in reality is CitiBanks bottom feeders Primerica's only lender is Citibank LoL I mean come on are you serious. Joining Primerica makes A person is a supposed independent agent but that person only has one lender. Brokers/Agents are supposed to have access to a wide variety of lenders if you only have access to one lender i'm only going to hear one side of the story that sounds ignorant to me honestly the whole idea of Primerica sounds ignorant. Another thing when you recruit people to your primerica business you are responsible for those peoples success do you know how hard thats going to be motivating people and at the same time getting business for yourself where's the freedom in that, that sounds more stressful to me. Most agents or brokers only have to worry about themselves they get promotions based on performance not based on how many people they recruit. Primerica is laughable.

It's the type of business that uses people for leads by promising false riches. Almost all the stories i hear about with people that got rich from Primerica took at least 10 years and usually took 20 years to get rich. If it takes that long why would i waste my time with primerica 20 years means that if you start when your 20 years old you'll be rich by your 40 and thats not guaranteed. They promote freedom but your not Free everywhere you go someones a potential recruit when someone sees you they'll be like hey look it's that "primerica guy/gal " LoL hilarious joining Primerica also means you most likely will have only Primerica friends. Cult Watch. I don't want to hang out with someone trying to recruit everyone he see's which brings me to another point.

Primerica will do an IBA for almost anyone. There's nothing wrong with that but it makes your job sound Cheap. For $199 anyone can join no educational requirements matter a fact the dummer you are the better. Primerica specialises in brainwashing. Primericans will tell you that every job is a pyramid scheme yea sure at my job I do not walk around recruiting people so that i can get a promotion. MLM's in my opinion will always be suspect I would never trust a person who is a member of an MLM they want you under them. Once your under them any business you do they get paid for it. It's Humans Lazy Nature to sit back and get paid while others do all the leg work. What MLMs do is make it so that any dumb fool can bank from this method. imagine me working for a Brainwashed fool I think Not!.

To be fair not everyone thinks like me some people like getting *** and working extra hard for a false cause. Really think about FNA for a second who do you think is going to benefit from the FNA Oh sir/madam i see you have some extra money why dont you turn it over to me i'll know just what to do with it. Funny Primerica stat taken from their website "More than 25,000 licensed mutual fund representatives — the largest sales force in North America" yet they don't have the largest Mutual Fund Portfolio LoL

either the people their licensing don't know how to sell or their mutual fund products suck or even i'll be nice and say they're mutual funds are to expensive to manage kinda like their term life insurance, hmmm I thought Primerica wanted to help families save money!.

Primerica Debt Crusaders Ha I think not all it is, is a business idea brought to you by The Billionaire Art Williams, who knows a fool is born everyday. In case you didnt know Art Williams fought hard against Permenent Life Insurance products which alot of people still need anyway. Primerica can only help insure people until their 65 because they don't do permement Life Insurance "let the old people suffer we have a crusade to do". My recommendation only buy Primerica products if you plan on joining their "Crusade" everything they do is "one size fits all" and is geared around the idea that when your rich you won't need us(primerica) anymore, unless your certain your going to be rich through Primerica I don't see any reason for any of their products to be honest. Everything they offer is offered somewhere else possibly cheaper and with more options. Especially term insurance my personal belief a company that doesnt offer permenent life insurance at all is company to stay away from. If Permenent insurance was so bad it would be banned Primericas outlook on insurance is ignorant and is a ploy to get people to join one of the worst financial service companies ever built.

Being that primerica is an MLM the more it grows the more expensive it's products will get theres too many heads to feed. Also at anytime if any big Insurance company feels threatened by Primerica they'll simply make an ad exploiting MLM's. Primerica doesnt advertise and is very vulnerable to attack a simple T.V, radio , or billboard could set primerica back for years. Now if you have a huge downline (lol) your entire business will be finished can you say "Charge Backs" ( a charge back is what happens when somebody cancels something you sold them. example term life insurance) Now reading around the internet Primerica doesnt have alot of friends our society frowns on Pyramid scams although MLM's arent legally pyramid schemes they look and sound like pyramid schemes.

Ok well in Closing I am just one person but from my perspective Primerica is the wrong choice on so many different levels If a company needs to motivate you every sunday to do their bidding then their products really arent that good to begin with. Also from my heart to yours never join a program just because they're telling you your going to be rich or make alot of money do things that you truly want to do. Being rich is a choice and you don't need primerica to be rich. How many rich people do you hear screaming Primericamade me rich not many. MLM's are built to appeal to the lazy, they won't say it's a get rich quick scheme but they'll make it sound like it is. Peeeeeace!!!

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Hi I have read your post on several occasions. I also joined and stayed in this company for over 10 hard years until I woke up and smelled the coffee.They are good with brainwashing you because your upline will have u believe he or she is your friend and your job is bad for you.

At the end of the day, All they want is your warm market. They will encourage you to spend most of your time over the weekends with Primerica's ''ring wearers'' meaning the wealthy people ( who never have time to call or talk with you one on one, you have to meet them at the next meeting), not your spouse/family and friends.Neither term or whole life insurance is wrong for the client, they are just tools to help people reach their financial goals.Art Williams and the rest of their shady millionaires never told me that. My conclusion, its's a cult and a pyramid scheme.

Please don't waste your time,don't join this company, go to school get a degree, and work for a legit company and earn enough money to support you and your loved ones. You're right we don't need Primerica to teach us how to be rich,we choose to be wealthy or broke every time we get paid


The free enterprise world isn't for the lazy. Most people rather commute to work, spend 40 years making 60k until they retire and have nothing to show for it!

That's a *** joke! The American dream is passive income, and it takes massive action and effort in order to place yourself in that position.

So to say primerica is for lazy people to collect over rides, you don't realize how much work is put in the build a business that gives over rides.Maybe you will becomey financially free there and maybe you won't, but there's a chance. You definitely won't become financial free working a job and if so, what's the point making a 6 figure income at a job when you live at work the entire time?


You're a buffoon.

Last client I replaced...

Primerica (Not Smith Barney like you mentioned )$48/month

My company $23/month

Same coverage. ***AND I know we're not the least expensive carrier.

Loans: Look up "Not so SMART loan" a few pages back and you'll understand how bad they are. Absolutely a horrible decision.

Investments: Heavily loaded funds, not performing as well as others in today's market.


I agree a lot with what u guys have said. The way they are set up, hurts the rep.

But that stops there. I hate the way the company treats there representatives, but with that said, there is no better financial service company out there. "In terms of products". Period.

The first guy to talk about how expensive their life insurance is most not know what he is talking about. Don't look at here say, just look at fact. The fact is, your wrong. They have the best life insurance out there, and the cheapest.

I assume you are someone who tried to work for the company and is just disgruntled. I can see that. I worked for Primerica and made good money at it. But why I stepped away was for the reason you had stated.

I didn't want to sell people that were working with me false hope, about how they were going to be rich. I just couldn't do that. But what I can't do is listen to someone talk about how they have bad products. Smith Barney, the best and cheapest life insurance out there.

Their mortgages are still pretty good also. You can debate all you want about how bad it was to work for the company. Agreed. But you can't debate about how bad their products are.

You then cross over into the.........I don't know what I am talking about category. Especially when you talked about cashvalue life insurance. Go ahead and buy that if you think its better.

I just feel sorry for your family. It should be banned and not even be allowed to be sold.


Your company is shape simular to a cult, real estate doesnt have levels or hierarchies like Primerica does. and Ken MLM's is something I hate but your free to do whatever you want with your life, and Robert lots of companies change families lives for the better and I like your last comment " Oh and for your information, it doesn't take you 20 years to become rich or financially independent " you forgot to add Primerica.

Help families yea right you guys are helping yourselves. Citi Banks Bottom feeders except your title. Go to your foolish seminars and admire the guy that your helping make richer. You can't even sell your Primerica business outside your company. Helping families CitiBank got hit the hardest from the sub prime melt down hmmm all those sub prime loans they were giving out.

Primerica is the evolution of Amway. Stop comparing life insurance to Real Estate why not compare Primerica to other Insurance Companies. Theres *** in your Bucket Primerica. At the same time i'm hurting you Primericans feelings. "overides" lol thats the only reason you guys joined maybe I can get that one superstar under me and then my Primerica business will explode MLM's are just legal pyramid schemes Do what you want with your life but thats how your company will be viewed. Thats how you guys get people to join.

For real how many people want to sell Life Insurance LoL try approaching someone with that line. You guys sell your business only with the idea of Riches read about cults and pyramid schemes they were all built with the same ideas that Primerica and Amway uses. Put a bunch of fools in a room with a speaker and you get you guys. Defending your companies honour. Notice how only yur company has these types of problems in the financial services industry. I'm talking about Primerica "Joe" mentions real estate almost as if he's reading it from a script got anymore companies you can compare Primerica to "Joe" You guys are Robots!!! :roll


How blind are you to see the whole corporate structure is a pyramid, you have a boss, your boss has a boss, and so on until you get to the ceo who messes up the company needs the government to bail it out but still collects bonuses. What about real estate is that a scam they have brokers who hire agents, and split commissons are they a scam ... enough time wasted


I'm not advocating Primerica but there is nothing wrong with MLM. Isn't SOMEONE going to make money off your efforts, especially when you work for someone else?

It sounds to me like you tried Primerica for about twenty minutes and failed miserably. You are a loser, and anyone who puts any credence in your comments is as bad as you.


Who died and made you the EXPERT? Do more research before you bash a company.

Primerica has changed my families life tremendously. Oh and for you information, it doesn't take you 20 years to become rich or financially independent. I guess your already there!

LOL! Right!


I just joined primerica 1 month and half ago and, just got license a week ago, and made my first 1,000 in 1 hour last night yeahhhh