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I've been with Primerica for 18 years. The people posting these negative posts never cease to amaze me.

Bottom Line:

Primerica works. You can't pick apart what we do for middle class families. In 18 years I haven't seen another company that does what we do to help families. Maybe our term isn't the cheapest, but whose is? Maybe our mutual funds aren't the top performing but they're pretty close. Who else is selling mutual funds to the middle class for $25 or $50 per month?

When you submit business you get paid...Always have. If you build a business you get paid overrides and bonuses if you're an RVP. Nobody can sit down with me and show me how it doesn't work.

These comments typically are written by people that tried Primerica and didn't make it. Usually because they didn't work like they should have. Some of the harshest and longest comments are written by those that failed at Primerica and went with another company. Typically a company that spends all day every day talking about how bad Primerica is, meanwhile doing everything they can to mimick us; from their incentive trips to even giving rings away to top earners.

I do understand that a lot of your success here depends on working out of a good office that does what's right and focuses on training their representatives. Primerica does have offices that don't make these things a priority so you do see some negative posts written by people that honestly weren't given a fair shake. I don't like it but you can't avoid it. Anyone that says that their company doesn't have that element is either lying or doesn't have real opportunity.

My life has changed dramatically due to Primerica. I also have many financially independent representatives and clients due to this company. It's not perfect but in 18 years I haven't seen anything that is. I do believe that Primerica is the closest though.

Last comment:

The thing about Primerica or ANY real opportunity is that ultimately it's fair. Meaning those that work the hardest are the most successful. When someone doesn't make it here it's because THEY didn't do it...PERIOD!

And that's a tough pill to swallow. For most the best way to deal with it is to go the negative route. It makes them feel better about themselves.

Hope this helpes.

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Primerica apologists will never cease to write their filth. They are RVPs and those paid by RVPs to write LIES on every website that they can find that exposes the Primerica multi-level FRAUD SCAMS.

With anti-America you are a CUSTOMER. You have to buy policies to keep your chances up for a "prize". All this conAmerica garbage about "more than life insurance", "great rates on homeowner loans", "better in Canada", "i'm making money", "I make money for my clients" are lies!! As outlined in my exposes, PAY THE FINE PRIMERICA FRAUD APOLOGISTS!!

READ my exposes, my experience and the exposes and experiences of others. YOU CANNOT MAKE MONEY IN A PYRAMID SCHEME!!! Only those who got in first. You'll be very luck to break even.

Over 99% lose and some have lost several hundered thousand dollars!! PAY THE FINE!! I TOLD YOU IF YOU LIE, YOU OWE ME A FINE TO HELP RECOUP MY LOSSES WHILE I WAS IN A.L. WILLIAMS.

You "cannot make more than your RVP"!!! If you did, the rvp would take your license {it is a closed license} and have your leads! That's how the evil setup works.

The fraud and evildoings go on and on and on. You learn more from the sad experiences of others everyday.


"What rate of return can you get your clients on mutual funds?"

Once you become licensed to offer these products and your name is actually on FINRA.ORG, you'll probably need to know (or at least be able to figure out) that the funds have NO GUARANTEE and that PRIMERICA's choice of fund options are ironically some of the highest-loaded funds out there. Ironic? No, there term is ridiculously high as well.

"How much have you saved your clients in interest on their mortgages? Have you taught their children the rule of 72 so they can simplify matters when comparing investments as they go off into the world themselves?"

Every client I can talk OUT of a not-so-SMART loan, I will save thousands. The rule of 72 is such a kindergarten-level theory, it's pushed hard so the Primericans with no formal training can TRY to explain something that sounds exciting.

"How much of your time do you spend dreaming of a new generation of wealthy, respectful, educated people to inherit this nation when you're gone? Yes, we REALLY DO DREAM THAT BIG... and some of us walk the walk as well."

I really do have this dream as well. That' why I spend countless hours explaining to both Primericans and their potential clients all of the BS they vend. Until you can PROVE any of your products are better, or even have a purpose, I will continue to expose the truth. If I can help one family avoid the trickery of any of Primerica's products, I will have done a good deed.


The other point it seems people are missing here is that we do alot more than just insurance, for you who are touting the "your term can't do what my term does" flag. What rate of return can you get your clients on mutual funds? How often does your term pay off in acts of war? How much have you saved your clients in interest on their mortgages? Have you taught their children the rule of 72 so they can simplify matters when comparing investments as they go off into the world themselves? How much of your time do you spend dreaming of a new generation of wealthy, respectful, educated people to inherit this nation when you're gone? Yes, we REALLY DO DREAM THAT BIG... and some of us walk the walk as well.

And for those of you who are instead preferring to claim our complete incompetence at the financial end, I would like to point out that part of the joy of my chosen career path is that I'm NOT a financial wiz. I know that. My clients know that. I'm their financial butler. :) I stand as a smiling face they know and trust who has access to a complex web server based information system designed to do all that math and those lovely pie charts for me, and YES, those WERE designed by qualified professionals with years of experience. I have phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, of HUNDREDS of professionals within CITIGROUP, not just pfs, who DID have to earn a degree, and who DO have 30+ years in some cases in the SPECIFIC product or area of concern. What do most financial planners have? A responsibility to convince their client that they PERSONALLY have all the answers, based on a degree that taught information that may or may not still be applicable in today's economic climate.We don't tell people what to do with their money. We offer them a number of options that MATHEMATICALLY ABSOLUTELY WILL help them acheive their goals.

And whoever claimed Chris said SMART was garbage is outright drunk. If you're out there going to houses trying to SELL things, then no, you won't be successful, and yes, your family WILL disown you, and ought to. You're slime. People have a sixth sense to warn them of people who want to take advantage of their relationship. Pressure for success can push people to do that, sadly, and I hate seeing it. But the people who DO make the big money here care less about the money with every penny they earn, because the only way to get a family to entrust to you their financial future is TO BE TRUST WORTHY. If you GENUINELY have their best interest at heart, of course you'll close business. So no, I assure you, chris did not say "it's about selling", and if he did, you misunderstood him. As far as SMART in particular goes, it's only a bad deal if you miss your payments. Missing your payments is ALWAYS A BAD DEAL. It's how you get homeless. That has nothing to do with the loan, or the rate, or any of that nonsense, that's you need to pay your darn bills on time. If you pay bi-weekly, on time, you WILL SAVE MONEY. It simply is a mathematical fact.

In closing... why are these terribly negative repetitive comments never about specific things primerica as a company did wrong? And why are they ONLY posted on sites that allow anonymity? That couldn't be so people can't check and find out that everyone bad mouthing us considers us their competition, could it?



Multi-Level Marketing...

Basically any business you:

A) have to "buy-in" to become a business owner/entrepreneur etc., where you're duped into "owning" a business that you have next to zero freedom in running your operations.

B) A business that doesn't necessarily mandate that you recruit, but compared to other companies in the same line of work, you'll make much less in comparison unless you rely on overrides from your downline.

Basically, if you value the relationships of your friends and family, don't join this company. They'll make you bug your contacts until they disown you. I've seen it happen to many.

One more thing to consider...if you like the premises that Primerica sells, you can make more money selling less expensive products of similar quality, all while earning a salary and you'll never have to "bug" one person to become recruited.


I'm just investigating to see if Primerica is a good company to work for, but James' comment was the only one that made sense. Everyone else, you seem to be giving a whole lot of opinion and not a lot of compared facts to make it easier. Opinions are nice, but tell me, HOW is it like a MLM, and why is it not as good (not just your opinion)?


Seriously, can anyone believe that someone like this is "licensed" to give advice on financial topics?


Does anyone remember A.L. Williams? Google them - they are now called Primerica.


I am not sure about the USA, but here in canada as a broker I can deal with a lot of insurance companies and find the best rates for my clients.

The different types of riders now available are also really amazing now. Primerica isn't the only company anymore that pushes term to families first.

Some clients want to have whole life insurance, what do you say to those clients. I had many clients that I tried selling term to and I was blue in the face explaining why it was wrong ( in Primerica language) and they put me in my place.

We now have a insurance company here that now pays back all premium paid on UL or WL if you pick that rider......

I personally own WL now as a estate plan. I own many properties and when I pass on I don't want my kids to have to endure the taxes on the properties, I also have many investments in many different areas. Not only in seg funds, who will have to pay taxes on that?

I rather have WL as a tax planning purpose for my estate with a rider that pays out my monthly premium.

Another thing, someone mentioned. How fake are we that we after 30 days of being with Primerica can sit at someones table and decide all their finances and what they should do??

I thank God everyday that I did research more into the field before sitting with my first clients. But many don't.

How many are honest to the families?

I know for a fact if I asked a agent who was comming to my house what experinece they have and they told me that 6 months ago they worked at Mc donalds and just sarted I would NOT do any financial work with them!!!

I am sorry but I am sure peoples finances are precious to them and having someone walk off the street pass a exam and next day be able to tell them their entire financial path is WRONG!!



I have a friens who is in Primerica, and has helped many families with their finances. The only best insurance is buy term invest the differences, why ?

should a family need insurance their whole life don't make sence.

Get out of debt invest your money then your family will have money live if you die. term is until you can acheive the others!!


I don't necessarily care about the opportunity aspect of it. I'm concerned with the venomous attacks on permanent products that go on here by freshly recruited greenies ad nauseum . Where exactly are they learning to hate permanent products? You can tell they don't know what the *** they're even talking about.

How come no one in Primerica is concerned that someone completely uneducated is telling people how to handle their finances? They walk in to the kitchen table like they have a clue and some people may believe the agents know what they're talking about and make some seriously flawed decisions. Is that "doing right"?

I left Primerica a few months after I was in it. I was district within a few weeks, and left right after I was blown off by Chris Howard. Shortly after seeing him crowned "MVP of MVPs" in Atlanta, I questioned him about the SMART loan's effectiveness. He admittedly told me that I was probably right about the loan being a horrible decision for ANYONE, but told me we were in the business of recruiting and selling, whether they were the perfect products or not. The company lost all credibility right at that point.

Then, for anyone to come on sites like this and portray me as the devil for offering permanent products, I get a little flustered. I make sure anyone from the general public that reads these boards understands not to take the remarks from the new Primericans too seriously.


Sure Primerica is an opportunity, but today a new person can have ownership form day one and not have to even think about a noncompete within a contract. As a selling agent they can get renewals..

As for the products, that's a main selling point at PFS. Especially when hearing about cash value against BTIV...

The less outlay for products, the more potential money to save and invest. I understand it's sales and PFS agents per contract should sell what products they have, but it's the high and mighty attitude of some of the reps who have no clue about what other products are available with ithe industry.

Currently PFS has the numbers and the system in place, but things are changing by the day.


My experience was applying for a full-time Management Training position in the L.A. Times.

I went for an "interview" at an office and sat through videos and "pep" talks with other applicants and existing "reps".

Now granted I might have been skeptical due to my experience with Amway, but a MLM is still an MLM.. no matter how you color it.

As for that being a "bad" office, any business that does not monitor and respond to protect its public reputation does not stand behind its mission statement.


im sorry I did leave the company and NOT because I coudn't make it.

I had a 6 figure income and was very comfortable.

Why I left I have said many many times, I left due to doing the RIGHT thing for my client, and being with Primerica it wasn't always the RIGHT thing for the client.

I have also said that Primerica was a excellent experience for me and I learned a lot in Primerica. Its a great company to get started in, but that is about it.


I don't argue with what you say. However here are my facts: I live in a market of over 3 million people. we write over 600 life apps per month. 67% have no life insurance. 23% have whole or universal life. 7% own term and the rest have accidental or group.

I hear what you're saying but I don't see it and never have.

My main arguement was not the products as much as it was people's attacks on our opportunity.



The point is others have access to many other companies who can price their Term differently. Have you ever looked at Yes even Primerica rates are there when something is in their price rage.

The comments are mosatly written by people who have tried loooked at Primerica from the inside and the outside. There's a huge difference being outsid compared to being in Primerica. Try to recruit a independent agent into Primerica.

Agents outside Primerica can do everything and more for a client than a Primerica rep.. Yet a primerica agent can't do as much as an independent agent for a client. there's the difference of being captive (PFS) and independent (Access to many different companie)..

Yes today there are term products that guarantee up to even 40 years.

There are also guaranteed Universal life products. Times have changed over the years...