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Stop blaming others about why you can't achieve the things you want. When have you ever known a company to give you all the details about a position before you go through the interview process.

They want to evaluate you because YOU may not be the person for their company. Until you faced the truth nothing will ever change for YOU!!! I'm thrilled that you understand that YOU may NEVER become your own boss. You're the that will always work for people like me.

Not necessarily in my Primerica business. Most people join Primerica to make the money for the things they've always wanted to do. By no means please don't take it personal, because we (Primericans) most certainly don't. Everybody has a part to play.

Perhaps yours is behind the cash register.

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Please understand, RVP is a fancy name for Recruiting Vice President. As long as they're surrounded by other Primerica buffoons, they know very little more about the industry than the newbies.

Primerica is hardly a financial services company. Get that through your head and stop repeating every line they teach you there. They want you to believe you're the Robin Hood of financial services.

Understand that it's a very regulated business. Fiduciary responsibility is always at the forefront of our recommendations, not commission.


If they die after the term expired then they have the side account. As for your other examples that's not the target market.

The issue is not MLM. The issue is who is doing what's best for their clients. It's not about commission it's the mission.

If there's a client situation which is beyound the scope of knowledge there's always the RVP to consult with. That's what you call teamwork.


What if this, what if that

What if they die the day after their term policy expired?

Please explain (and I know you can't because you'll have no answer), how will these planning objectives be accomplished with term insurance?:

Funding an ILIT, key-man insurance, salary continuation, pension maximization.

Real men of Genius:

Here's to you Mr. Primerica financial planner...

You've been trained for 40 hours of rah-rah meetings and now you're a "financial planner"

Real Men of Genius

Here's to you, producer of the FNA.

You can tell people to buy term and invest the difference, but there's no difference when you buy Primerica term.

Get a clue Sparky, you're UNEDUCATED. What training do you have outside MLM training?


Yes you can get the cash value also for more premuim. Nothing in a insurance policy is free. I bet you sell that return of premium stuff also. If they had a whole life and a term at time of claime, how much more would their beneficiary have gotten if they had 100% term? Buy Term And Invest The Difference. It started with A.L. Williams and it continues with us.

Yes we do what's right 100% of the time. No Whole life.

You give me job security.


"I know with whole life you don't get the cash value if you die."

WRONG, JUST FLAT WRONG. Not all permanent policies are like that. Many allow you to accumulate cash value that is IN ADDITION to the death benefit. Of course, the rah rah meetings show you one policy, (probably the same one I saw when I was there) that shows it explode. You know how they go through the option A or option B propaganda? It's all BS. They brainwash you with what you want to hear.

Nonetheless, assuming a policy only paid death benefit, why would a client want to have JUST term, when for the SAME PAYMENT have some of it for their whole life? Remember, life insurance is a unilateral contract of adhesion. (Look that up to understand what I'm talking about). If they don't want it past the 30 year term, they don't have to keep it. But, JUST IN CASE, wouldn't be nice to be able to maintain the coverage after the 30 year term at no additional cost?

Tell me No, I dare you to.


I know with whole life you don't get the cash value if you die. Why pay for what you will never get?

Just another CV agent who knows nothing about the policy he is selling. It is all about giving the most bang for the buck. People with families need massive amounts of coverage. Whole Life just dones't fit.

This is 2008. Come into the present.


You're a buffoon. Again, the reason they say it's your business is so you get the luxury of paying an additional 7.65% in taxes, then the right to pay for their advertising materials. It also gives you the "flexibility" to work when "you" want to. Again, this prevents them from having to pay you.

You OWN nothing. You have one set of primitive, overpriced products, no access to true financial service products found in many full service companies. You're captive (not what self-employed people in our industry are). You can't touch your clients when you finally do leave. So, WHAT DO YOU OWN?

When you tout *buy term and invest the difference*, but your insurance costs more than what I can offer someone for term AND whole life combined, it takes away the integrity of your company. One day, you'll see the light. You'll understand that most companies don't necessarily pay you more for whole life (mine doesn't). You'll understand that MOST people have the need for at least SOME whole life insurance. You'll understand what an ILIT is. You'll understand key-man insurance. You'll understand what salary continuation is. You'll understand what pension maximization is. Until you get a grasp of what any of those things are, admit you know very little about financial planning and for that matter life insurance. You will actually have a securities license. You'll potentially further your education with The American College designations. You''l join NAIFA. You'll see something other than RAH RAH.


You don't get and you will never get it. Go to your job everyday and have the fear of losing it.

You don't understand the concept of building your own business or putting your future in your own hands. Many people come to boards and bash Primerica but they never have anything better to offer.

Yea I know about you cash value guys. Consider the saying "If you can't beat them join them" Your pride is holding you back from a great opportunity.


Being a former Primerica agent I don't nave anything against Primerica. I just have found that there is much more to this industry than you are led to understand. That comes from being in a captive enviroment. I know where many of you are coming from. Primerica gave you a bit of knowledge and you are loyal to the company and your RVP.

Well I have come to the conclusion some people just don't want to hear the truth. The bottom line is this. can you look yourself in the mirror and sell your family and friends the products knowing what you know about cost and fees compared to what they can get outside of PFS? If you can do it (Remember the phrase we do what's right 100% of the time) go NSD. rencently I wa talking to a client and I mentioned AIG, she balked a bit, but I explained that the life division is doing fine. So I just suggested another carrier. Considering Primerica is currently being shopped, what do you tell your clients and recruits? Remember yur staking your long term financial future with the company. So going hence forth I will refrain from posting any information about the Primerica. People just don't want to hear it. (unless of course I get pissed

:grin )

So for all you PFS agents i'll see you across the kitchen table. When you bring your life product I will bring . Free at last, free at last ..thank God i'm free at last. Why be a part-timer and be captive??


I see we still have some people walking around with blinders on!!!!! Take the blinders off and maybe you will see a different perspective of the world.

PFS tells you upfront that it's not for everyone. It's then up to you to make a choice. Sounds like you joined PFS and it did not work out for you. That does happen.

But how many oppertunities or jobs did you take only to let them slip thourgh your fingers or quit after the first week. Seems to me that you didn't give PFS enough time or did not put any effort into making it work. Just like any oppertunity or job, you have to put effort into it if you want to go the distance.

So let me give you some advice.

There is only one person in this world that can make a difference for you and that's YOU! If you put as much effort into making oppertunities work for you as you do in trash talking about them, maybe my tax dollars could be used to help a person who really needs help!


So, the fry guy next to you at the rah-rah meetings plays what part?

You're an IGNORANT buffoon.


If making money is your goal, why are you at Primerica? You can make more outside of Primerica with a better contract, more products and total freedom.

There has to be something more to it. What is it?